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  1. Hi! Is this offer still available? Will the keys work in Hungary? I have a UK Gold Edition. Thanks, t.
  2. How many runes can I use?

    Yes, you can have 200 per CA.
  3. You should try lowering some of your graphics settings: Texture Quality - minimal Shadow Details - medium (or lower) PhysX Effects (if you have an nVidia card), Grass Details, Anti-Aliasing, Weather effects - disable them all.
  4. I've just captured this an hour ago on closed net (EU/HC): I doubt it would work only for me and not for anyone else.
  5. I forgot to mention that more than likely it works only in Free Play mode and not in Campaign.
  6. As for the Forest Guardian the only thing you have to do is entering the nearby cave as quick as possible after you killed it. This works well on Closed Net, it can be forced to spawn "infinite" times. Great target of farming the the three-slot set items (any class). Other respawning boss I know is the dragon in the cave of Girvym island. Just use the portal behind it to leave the cave immediately – it puts you in front of the entrance – and you can kill it again.
  7. Yet another tricky magic staff build (plan)

    Why take this pick ?It gives me three (gold) slots which makes the character more versatile. Yes. The "remote" staff-attack works with Ruthless Mutilation only. Other Combat Arts (right clicks) work as they would work with Dual Wield, e.g. Callous Execution attacks with both weapons. Still the weapon type or the base damage doesn't matter in the left hand, however other attributes like %LL and all the forged stuff may comes in handy. Hard to answer this question, I should rethink the whole character – for example I wouldn't pick Bargaining and Blacksmith either and that would be a completely different build. Maybe get rid of Nefarious Netherworld Focus too and pick Concentration + Astute Supremacy Focus instead and you can use Reverse Polarity as a second buff. I'm satisfed with Dolor, enemies die fast anyway so no need to stun them. --- @Larvi: Nice! You are luckier than me.
  8. Yet another tricky magic staff build (plan)

    Nope, as far as I know.
  9. Yet another tricky magic staff build (plan)

    Ilgard's Sermon Ta Nnk's Plate Cowl of Catharsis Ilgard's Judgement Ilgard's Compliance a yellow belt Insignia of Pain (I'm going to swap it with Pantaloons of Catharsis but the one I have is part of my bargaining suite) The Wayfarer amulet and rings Nloavae's Mystery in right hand (will swap with Keeper of Knowledge) Tom Felde's Thunderous Voice in left hand (will swap with Raging Ire) Different gear for bosskilling (66% all channel, 100% physical damage mitigation): Insignia of Deference a yellow shoulder plate another Cowl of Catharsis Saraki's Demise Of course I have a complete suite for shopping, one for prebuffing Purifying Chastisement and I'm building one for visibility range (~370% atm but it's far from finished state).
  10. Yet another tricky magic staff build (plan)

    The Dislodged Spirit severly decreases their HP and other attributes. You may noticed that I cast something three times before I start beating them: that's a Dislodged Spirit + Mortifying Pillory combo. I'm wearing the Cowl of Catharsis too, I'll post details of my gear later. Good luck with your variant.
  11. I think neither visibility range nor attack range affects the spawn rate. Maybe I am totally wrong but my assumption: All mobs are in place right from the server start, they are very simple objects, they do nothing but stand or walk along waypoints, todays CPUs can handle ten thousands of such objects without strain. They are only consuming more resources when something awakes/interacts them. I suppose the vicinity (or attack) of the players activates them and triggers their real-time AI (still they have rather primitive AI... actually the Doom from '93 had smarter monsters ) and their behavior is controlled by the game client. The server (s2gs) holds only basic information: their presence and location on a given area, maybe HP, and a respawn timer. So the client's point of view it seems that the monsters will appear when the player gets there, in fact, the server only passes them to the client, they are already there. Hitting a few dozen monsters at the same time doesn't seem to me so resource-consuming.
  12. Yet another tricky magic staff build (plan)

    After a long break I continue developing the toon. Need those level 200 whet bs-arts (+52.5% dmg) for my present and future caster chars. Still killing masses is the best experience-gaining method for this character, I'm taking round trips between the swamp/jungle/dryads regions. 100k kills within four days (lots of shopping included) is not bad imho. In the meantime I started hunting a few useful things (Kal'dur's Legacy, Keeper of Knowledge etc.) but no luck yet. I hope the Guardians will drop me the stuff sometime. Btw although the char is not optimized for bosskilling he has the potential. (Sorry for stretching the vid, my display has 1280x1024 resolution but I think widescreen is more common now.)
  13. Seraphim & Staff Lore & Pelting Strikes

    I have a three-aspect build (@level 51 atm) based on staff lore + pelting and she is awesome. - yes the it has 360 degree angle - yes it has very long range (not unlimited though) after the first close-range hit Cons: - the attack-animation is rather slow, no instant multiple hits similar to Darting Assault or Ruthless Mutilation - only 4 hits It doesn't look very impressive at first sight... and indeed it is not impressive at all. But if we pick Dual Wield too things start to get interesting: - 6 hits insted of 4 (+50%) - faster animation (+20-30% estimated) Dashing Alacrity makes it even faster but still it's not suitable for mass-destruction by itself. What turns it really awesome is our favourite 'regen per hit' property. Six sure hits with RPH allows you much-much longer regen time for other (non-weapon based) combat arts which scale up quite well per level. Just put Pelting Strikes into a combo after Radiant Pillar or Flaring Nova (or both if you have Combat Discipline) and enjoy the show.
  14. I don't know whether it is working on consoles too but the quickest way getting the non-aspect set items for all classes (like that XTM armor) by farming the Forest Guardian since he respawns every time you enter/exit the cave near him.