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    I want to join because this is one of the best page where I can find everything about Sacred Gold and I want to contribute to this.
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    Sacred, StarCraft
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  1. Hi everyone. I start this topic to ask for some help from peoples who knows much more about Sacred 2 and Diablo 2 because, I want to make a popular discord server for this games. I know almost everything about Sacred Underworld I spend so many years by playing it but about the others not to much and this is why I need help. Also to make the community bigger and maybe in time to make this discord official DarkMetters but this only if everyone will approve it^^. So everyone is welcome to join ^^just let me to know if you want to join just to the discord or to help as well :D.
  2. Amm I just tried Sacred 2 but never finished :D. For me Sacred Gold is somehow better I like it more. I have Sacred 2 on steam but missing the feeling for me :D. Also if you know any more place where are Sacred players share this discord and lets try to make it how active as we can :D.
  3. Hi everyone! I just made a Discord channelfor this community and I hope everyone will join. Also I made Admin and Moderator roles for DarkMatters team and for Wiki Team and Contributors. I wish this will help everyone to talk with each others more frequently and get more help and answers for every question. Also this is only for Admins mention me on discord for admin roles and tell me who else is from team to add the roles ty. I wish you will like it ^^.
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