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  1. I am sure they have their own stuff to do already, considering all the mods they release and update. Also, I got a bit of help a while ago with the default settings of some mods to ease access to the multiplayer by bringing a previously patched out button - that one for opennet - back in ;) Had a quick look into the database table for raw numbers, did not really kept track: the account table has currently a bit more than 4k entries. Considering that some people might have created multiple accounts like me for testing, forgot their credentials or had a quick look but found no one to pla
  2. Hello. Sorry, for all the confusion. Let me try to at least clear that as far as possible. To be fully honest: For the most time I actively avoided here, Discord and other similar platforms. I noticed I don't find the time and motivation to do the support I'm actually supposed to do for my own infrastructure. That is on one hand codewise a few much needed improvements to the stability of the lobby, and on the other hand rather ordinary support on questions which are asked either repeatedly or are indeed unique but instead would require quite a bit of time on my side to be answered sa
  3. Of course a VPN does work, as it will always for all games which have a LAN mode. It is just an entirely different technology and the reason you don't have issues with your firewall with it is that all traffic is tunneled through it. But good you found a solution which works for you and also good to know you had the same game versions and it was just network configuration ;)
  4. Hello hellfest, sorry for my late response. Have you succeeded in the meantime? If not, ensure your games have identical files. I know it sounds trivial, but even tiny differences can cause such issues and some mod enablers/disables are not able to reset cleanly. If you have bought the game on steam, you can use its "verify files" function to ensure the files are really the same. Since you host the servers at home, have you also ensured to use the public ip as the server IP? Since you already wrote you opened the ports and firewall is fine, I would check if they are also forwarded corr
  5. Hey @manon370, thanks for reporting the issue, I could reproduce it. It was something on the server side, just can't pin down what exactly caused it. You should be able now to connect again to all the servers and I hope it wont happen again soon.
  6. Hey @n33k33, if you host your own server at home and register it to the open net lobby, it is not enough just to have the gameservers port open on your host. It also needs to be open on your router and you have to setup portforwarding from your router to your host which runs the gameserver. Otherwise, your servers appears in the lobby, but is not accessible from the outside world. Important is also, that the gameserver starts with an option "-externalip" which has to be your WAN IP (you can figure that one out for example by looking at https://www.whatismyip.com/). With many ISPs it changes ev
  7. Hey @SGTW, I saw and answered your post in the german board already, but since it might be interesting for other people, too, I will do it here aswell: Since there is no function for it ingame, you are not able to change your password. However, creating other accounts is possible and since your characters are stored locally, you may use them with another new account without issues or disadvantages. While it would be possible, from a technical perspective, to create a website to reset passwords, I dont think it is a good idea for the following reasons: On the one hand, players are all
  8. Me too ;) Sacred1 uses TinCat2 instead of TinCat3 for the lobby related functionallity. Technically, it would probably be a lot of work and even more if it turns out they differ a lot. For Sacred2 we had the great luck cocomed did the tremendous task of reverse engineering it. But in general, the same method of replacing the servers would work there too if someone would figure out the code first. I really wonder what information is out there about TinCat2? I mean, aside from the things, a quick internet search returns. I tried to contact someone from instancefour which wrote that network l
  9. Hey @IsBrainAFK, thank you for spreading the word ;) Yes, the lobby works for other regions, too - it's a shared one globaly. I used a list I found in some other forum which included the names and ports of the different regions and created the subdomains accordingly, so while some players might have different ports or subdomains in their own configs by default and might be on one side of the world or another, they'll still all join the same lobby on sacred2.net. When it started to work I was happy to crosspost these instructions into said german thread you linked (btw. back then Sacr
  10. Hey @Andrasael, pretty short term solution but should do it for now: I mirrored the file NegativeOne shared to my server - that should not be blocked in your region, hopefully ;) With that fix you will see the OpenNet button in the multiplayer menu again which will allow you to play (assuming your CM Patch is 160 Hotfix on game version 2.65.1, older versions may work with self hosted servers, but I am not sure about it as I never tested it).
  11. More a mediocre workarround than a solution, but the behavior you desire is already ingame, just inconvenient and a bit limited: If you hold down left CTRL while attacking with LMB, your Char will not move while doing his attack. I don't know how that looks in WOW, but if that works good enough for you, you could write a little Macro or something like that to simulate a permanent keypress on the left CTRL key while playing. You would have to bind a function to start/stop that macro however to a shortcut, because pressing CTRL also quick sells stuff in your inventory if you click on something t
  12. Because I am organizing my private projects time very poorley - again, even though I know how lame that sounds in repetition after such a long time, I can only say sorry for that. Instead of getting stuff just done somehow, I tend to do various things at once and cling to completing neglectible details, which in the end, especially since the everyday life started to consume more and more of my time, just led to way too many things staying unfinished and even sometimes got out of my mind and sight, like those instructions I wanted to prepare for you. So instead of other awkward promises - I jus
  13. That's pretty impressive. I have seen a few interesting models trained by coworkers for instance to read rust and dirt covered product numbers stamped into industrial products from bad quality images of these or detecting and categorizing street signs in real time and determined those to be actually good examples of practical and useful applications of this whole "black magic" ai-topic in real life, but creating details almost out of nothing in the context of a wonderful computer game makes me think this might be an even better personal favorite example for non-academic, actually graspable qua
  14. Hi, sorry to keep you waiting, I will try to get this done tomorrow, for real. I already have a windows virtual machine prepared, but am still thinking about how to best display the port forwarding and firewall rules, because my home network, especially with an example lobby from inside virtual box will not be really representative to a typical network at home. The currently hosted lobby runs on a dedicated server hence networking is way easier there than at home, but I still want to get it explained/visualizied somehow understandable.
  15. Hello GhostTula, just to be clear, do you want to host a gameserver on your system or a complete lobby? And is your operating system Windows or Linux? I think I will not be able to explain that understandable through a translator, but I could try to record a small video to show you how if I know what exactly you want. Привет GhostTula, для ясности, вы хотите разместить игровой сервер в своей системе или целое лобби? А у вас операционная система Windows или Linux? Думаю, я не смогу объяснить это понятно через переводчика, но я мог бы попытаться записать небольшое видео, чтобы показать

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