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  1. It would be the same with coop (or? honstely I never checked :)), but having the buttons might in my opinion still be a good idea: As you see with for example the not anymore updated community patch, it might be difficult to get the buttons back into the game later on. In the case anything about the situation changes in the distant future, like it did with the OpenNet, it might pass a long time again until someone could add another button to specific modifications. I think it's a bit of a trade of, to keep options which may be useful at some point of the cost of beeing useless right now. But since vanilla has those buttons anyway, at least everybody would have the same interface again... ;)
  2. Yeah, that looks just like it used to be, perfect, thank you very much
  3. Good idea, if it works in the other direction that would mean you could just host it there or you would at least know it is that one pc which denies your connection ;) Some other random ideas, if non of the previously mentioned works: Do you have an active VPN? Some people I know have networks to their university or workplace open, which depending on configuration may block access to the local network. Or have you for example one pc connected via wired lan and the other wireless? Some routers may have these networks separated by default. What are your computers local ip addresses? In most home networks (again, not all, but most), they should only differ in the last digit, if they are really in the same network.
  4. Your list of steps seems fine to me. But error code 10 now, not 61 anymore? I dont know this one, are there any more infos about it? In this old thread here they were discussing about Avast, which would fit to the assumption of an issue with an antivirus software. If you have one running, please see if you can tempory turn it of for testing. Otherwise, if it still will not run, I would check that you both... - are actually able to start the game in singleplayer (to ensure no one has a broken installation which causes the issue) - that you both have the same game version (I.e., both downloaded the same version of the cm patch) - if you have bought it on steam, verify your game files to be sure, you have no version differences because of file errors occured on downloading Also, you can open the commandline (Press Windows+R keys, enter "cmd.exe") and use the telnet command on the client pc like this: "telnet IP_OF_HOST 7011" to verify that your client computer is allowed to actually connect to the host pc (success is either an empty console screen or something like "Escape char is ^", failure would be indicated by a message like "connect failed/refused"). If this command succeeds, the client should also be able to connect to a server, if it does not, it is related to a firewall for sure.
  5. Oh hey @Flix, thanks for remembering my request , yes, if it is really no big trouble for you, it would be great if you could do that as it will ease the access to the multiplayer lobby for players using these mods. At least for the Enhanced Edition I have servers running there (which I of course would need to update as soon as your updated mod releases ;)). D2F I have currently not hosted, but since that might change or someone could just host these themself via the same lobby, it would probably be nice to use this opportunity to restore the button there, too.
  6. Hi @jedijimi, yes, that error is related to ports. If you are both in the same network you are correct that you should be able to play the multiplayer over "LAN", thus not needing the stuff I posted in the linked thread about actual online playing via "Open Net". Please check if the system hosting your server has an active firewall - you would have to allow sacred2.exe or the dedicated s2gs.exe there. For testing purposes, you can also just deactivate the firewall on the host (prefered solution would of course be to allow only the sacred2 gameserver ;)). Also, some Antivirus- software tends to bring it's own firewall, if you have one installed on the host it's worth to look into the control panel there, too. By default your game should be accessible over port 7011 or whichever you have selected instead. Are you on windows 10? These instructions should do it for you (first link I found, but looks fine ;)), on step 5. select "UDP" and the local port "7011" if your issues are related to the windows firewall. You will probably need to restart the game/server before these changed rules apply.
  7. Hi @r00ster, yes, all old lobby addresses known to me redirect now to the same, globally shared lobby. Everyone installing a fresh copy of sacred2 should afaik get an address like *.sacred2.net for his default confiugration and thus should find this one without further doing. Therefore, server ports and lobby addresses are not mentioned in the opening post anymore, I did not want to make it looking more complicated than it currently is, just scares away people So you had the test servers as your lobby defined previously? May I ask, which address they are? I did not even knew those The location of the lobby does not matter technically. For the servers however, from your location for example latency while playing of course might be a bit worse, the current EU servers are all hosted in germany. Makes hammering the spacebar in tense boss fights occasinally even more of a duty for you... But if someone in the US or another popular location not covered has a server with a bit computing power unused laying arround and wants to provide a few servers from there, I would gladly help setting them up. Right now the majority of servers run inside docker containers on the same linux server which also provides the lobby. A few are running separated on a second server I use for testing and beeing able to confirm myself, that it is actually possible to connect servers from outside to it whenever someone has issues with that (according to the server logs and also a bit discussion here and there with some people, hosting their own servers at home seems to be a bit too involved in general, because of port redirects and NAT and whatever complicates the network at home ;)), but that one is also located in germany.
  8. Hey, just want to ask since it has been a while, do you think there is a possibillity of getting the email notifications back at some point? Or is it still not possible to solve the speed issue otherwise or would it be too much of a hassle to fix? I really miss these wonderful notifications which spared me from checking things myself, you start to notice how great things are once they are gone...
  9. Hi @Ellie, sorry for my late reply, I didn't noticed your post earlier: I am not sure about the EEserver, but could reproduce the issue on another game mode and just restarted the whole stack of servers and lobby which seems to solve it for me. For your other issue: Error 61 means your server is not accessible by the outside world, which usually means the ports used by your server are not accessible over the internet.
  10. Hi @ameaeth, thank you very much for reporting this super-weird bug, which I would never have noticed because every few days I just login and join a server to see if they are still reachable, but didn't actually played recently which would have reaveled something like that to me. I was able to reproduce it just as you said, but have no idea what might have caused it as nothing special happened on the server side in the meanwhile. The servers have been running for a pretty long time, maybe I should schedule a restart once every month or something. The lobby has some minor hickups every few weeks, but usually recovers automatically in a few minutes without me needing to do anything. The servers always register to the lobby again each time it restarts but dont need to be restarted themselves which means they have been up for a few months already, maybe they were not intended for such a long lifespan... ;) Anyway, like always with complicated issues - a simple reboot solves them all (at least for quite a while). All servers are up and running and should provide the hostile ancarian environment again you all are used to and love to mow down
  11. Most of them should be back now, I'll check in detail this evening. I had to restart most of the servers on thursday and some did not came up again which I unfortunatly did not notice.
  12. That option is still work in progess, to be more precise ;) But thanks for the idea, I think the server startup itself is pretty fast, so that might be an interesting idea to consider/test, too. For those suicidal (or invincible?) of you, cm patched servers now have additional variants running in HC mode (free/campagin), plus one of each difficulty in free HC mode for vanilla. For now, these 15 servers more in total should be fine in terms of ressources. That's nice, thanks Also, great mobile gets some love, almost every of my characters these days is planned and constructed by searching that wiki...
  13. Fyi, if you encounter a bug or have feature requests of any kind, you can of course post them here, but also in case you are used to github, you could as well put those directly in it's related issue section. I track every known bug or possible improvements in the usual feature branch workflow manner there. Not only, to keep it transparent and easy to get into it or to get a quick overview of "construction sites" in case somebody is interested in joing the codeing, but even more as a reliable reminder to myself about what I actually wanted to do every now and then*... As you can see there are a few things I still want to change and most of them are related to server side infrastructure, I.e. easier deploy and better monitoring of server health and status. Quality-of-life stuff for hosting in general. For the client side, the currently rather static server list (docker .env file) is sometimes not optimal. Because for example, due to most players playing with new characters, at some peek times at weekends the bronze or silver campagin servers were either full or not usable for everyone because the single server beeing active for a selected difficulty was not of their alignment (for example having a shadow char but everyone else plays light and thus "blocks" the campaign server for shadow players). Accordingly, the thing I am working on right now is a small daemon which will start additional instances of server configurations on demand saving me from having to keep more servers open than actually needed by default, but still being able to have more room whenever needed. Since this is technically optional and I dont want to pollute the lobby code more than neccassary with my additional requirements, that daemon will run in a separate process. As a nice side effect, because I need a communication layer between those two and feel like a separete database will fullfill that purpose better than a direct api, it will most likely be possible to use that additional database to provide an external list of servers on some web page as well with the same list of servers as ingame but viewable in your browser. *btw. now working on it again, I finally did the small change from the text config file to a xml file - just to notice that the .config files for .NET applications really lack flexibillity and even if they are an improvement I still don't really like them, but well, better than before at least...
  14. So, full 'story': Almost half a year ago now, as soon as this all started to look like 'it might just work...' (when cocomed posted his source code and Negative One his bugfixes), I made an initial offer on a domain trading platform to the owner of the original sacred2 lobby. I am used to simply buy any cheap, random domain which fits my purpose and is registered fast if I happen to need one. The occassion never occured to me that I felt compelled to go after a very specfic one already belonging to someone else. And well, nothing much of relevance happened for quite a while. But somehow, a few weeks ago, I got an email alert stating that my offer had been accepted. And today (or yesterday, appearently me typing this took too long :)), after going through a mindshattering slow process of waiting, reading, waiting, writing and constantly hoping for an answer or event to happen and please not abort the whole transfer to my registrar it is finally completed successfully. Yes! Why is this wonderful? Having control of the sacred2.net domain which is embedded by default into the games config files allows me to make a lobby instance way more accessible to the average player who does not know about the forums, obscure titled threads like this one or did not even want to mess with configfiles of his brand new game. But nethertheless 'out of the box' a clean sacred2 installation running without any modifications will be provided now with the emulated lobby the technically same way like with the original one back then. No one will be spared I know none of this is about lobby coding itself (after all, I am still in debt of at least some small promised & postponed improvements to the lobby ;)), but yet I think in the meanwhile getting some more players to actually know about this and giving those who just want to play together a nice playground will have it's purpose, too. It would be kind of a waste to just tinker on this in some dark forums corner with only a few enthusiasts experimenting with it while it could be already out there doing it's job good enough for most ;) For those who are already using my s2cm domain, nothing changes, because sacred2.net redirects now to the same servers. Whoever has a mod installed, which is the only minor nuisance remaining, might still need that additional file for the OpenNet button. But that is the only client side hassle remaining at all now and I guess if the modders see this working reliable enough they might be willing to enable the multiplayer buttons in their next releases by default again if asked kindly. The opening post has been updated, title and thread tags, too, to make it a bit more appealing to actual players and easier to find for them. After all, since you have already been so nice to pin this, it might catch a few eyes more that way. Seems like this also has reset thread following, whoops. As far as I have been able to gather the list of subdomains, eu.sacred2.net:6800 es.sacred2.net:6810 ru.sacred2.net:6820 ee.sacred2.net:6850 us.sacred2.net:6900 should be all combinations of ports and domain this needs to cover to work for everyone. Please write me if some country specific url is missing. I will try to do a few minor improvements, especially to documentation soon, but aside from that, I will probably just play for a while and will meet you all on the servers, I suppose... ;)
  15. Hey, just a little update on a short notice as I just got the email notificiation I have been waiting for a very long time: Of course after all this time it had to happen of all things on a monday morning! But this evening when I am back from work I should be able to finally get it ready and update quite a bit of outdated information. After that domain is configured then, no one will need to change a URL in his config files anymore, it will just work because that domain I finally got registered is the original offical lobby address, which will very soon point to the emulated one. It is all coming back together, horray!
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