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  1. I'm in my school studies, last week I was taking my scientific baccalaureate . But I really want to get better in english, so don't hesitate to tell me if I make mistakes
  2. Hi, Yes I'm sorry, because of my lack in english, I'm not really present on the forum. I explained to gogoblender that even if I translate enlish pages to french ones, I'm not very sure of the quality of my english expression (you probably can note it right now^^). So, my contributions will only be translations...otherwise it would mean that I would have made strides in english (besides I'm not sure of the tense construction of this sentence ). But I keep hope that one day I will be able to speak correctly english Anyway, I do my best for that ... and I still have time ^^ 6klone EDIT : erf ! 15 minutes to write it ! And I also need time to speak english