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  1. So, for some reason Microsoft did away with BC voting... and replaced it with a overly simple suggestion box. At least we got Sacred 2 up to 2,113 votes before the end! In the end I am really not sure how they choose BC titles. The voting didn't seem influence Microsoft's decision making for which titles will be released and when. I imagine it just comes down to publisher? If so Sacred 2 might be SOL.
  2. Hello! I recently purchased an Xbox One S and have been enjoying some backward compatible games such as Oblivion and Red Dead Redemption and thought why the hell Sacred 2 hasn't been added yet. Loading it up on my still working PS3 was just painfully slow and ugly. (Still can't stand the screen tearing!) So I added my vote to the official feedback thread and thought this would be a good place to drum up some more votes. Head over to here and make your vote count!
  3. Potion Stacks

    Well, tried all those files and the skin xml file in the pak folder. I managed to make every potion take up "0" blocks instead of "1" in the inventory, essentially making them invisible and take up no room, but then they become unusable and un-purchasable. I did stumble across the code for the player chest and shared chest though. I managed to create three more tabs of inventory in the chest but they ended up just being duplicates of the shared chest. The code can be found in the skin-xml.zip file in the pak folder under windows=>chestinventory.xml. Maybe somebody with a little more knowledge could figure out how to change the new tabs into 2nd and 3rd shared chests?
  4. Potion Stacks

    I thought of a great but simple mod. Increase the stack count of potions to unlimited instead of 20. And make Runes stackable. I have searched through the drop.txt and balance.txt but didn't see anything that might be the setting. Anybody have any ideas where to look? Thanks, Kirii
  5. I have a "small" request for anyone who has the UK version of Ice & Blood Add on. I purchased the German version of the expansion when it was released and have been enjoying it but unable to read it I know I can switch the text language by replacing the global.res file with that of an English region but then any new text used in the add on will be left blank. So, could anybody who has the UK version of Ice & Blood send me the (I am guessing) 3mb global.res file located in the Sacred -> Locale -> en_UK folder? It is a small file and in no way contains any personal information Thanks for any help! Kirii
  6. Well, I tried it. It updated my sacred2.exe with a new securom but unfortunately I was still blocked by a 'too many activations within timeframe' error. Once they raise my limit again I will try again. Edit: I can confirm the workaround works. I have restarted the game multiple times now and have had not problems. ps. As I don't speak German I have copied the global.res file from a en_UK install to my de_DE install and can confirm the text will be changed to English. The only problem is anything added with the addon, ie. Dragonmage CA tooltips, will be blank. Does anyone know where I can get English translations, or even explanations in German that I could google translate, of the Dragonmage CAs?
  7. I have also purchased the addon in German and was trying to run it in Windows 7. I was getting the same errors and eventually ran out of activations. I sent a complete story to Securom with screen shots, etc. and I received an email this morning with instructions on how to get it working. At the end of the email was this link. https://support.securom.com/pop_sacred2.html It seems they have updated their troubleshooting page about the same time the sent me an email because I had checked this page earlier while troubleshooting and the workaround wasn't there. I am going to try it right now to see if it works and will let you guys know! Here is a copy of the steps in case you are link lazy.