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  1. NihilithFR

    Remember me :)

    We were young. I may give a look at sacred 2 if I can install both the game the cm patch on linux. Gonna browse the fdm forum to see if any did it before. Glad to see the fellowship is still here. Maybe I play some S1 also. After years of poe and some grim dawn, I have a feeling this may feel weird. Anyway keep up the good work bros.
  2. NihilithFR

    Remember me :)

    Hi there, Nihilith, back from wherever ! Greetings from an old friend. Glad to see some of my guides are still there on sacred 1 wiki lol Don't really know if oldtimers are still here, but anyway. Gogo, Schot, titi, if any around here, great greets from france :)