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  1. Zematus737

    Character permanently paralyzed

    Nah, it definitely was paralysis, as you could potion yourself indefinitely and still not be able to move. Or even gate yourself to the nearest portal to escape death, but still be paralyzed there in town while not being subject to any stun attack. Anyway, I have played for another 7 hours and have yet to experience the paralysis again. I experienced a number of changes, but others will have to confirm if they see results as well. 1) I disabled hardware mouse cursor in the menu settings. 2) I finally chose a weapon specialization skill, which elevated my base attack speed dramatically. Went back to polearms, as I experienced the same bug with the warhammer. From time to time the same 3 skill combo (was only 2 skill combo before) often fails to complete beyond the first skill, but I never see a paralysis again. (edit: remembered a nice trick with holding Ctrl and right-click will help every skill in the combo to activate most of the time) 3) One time (before these other changes) I was able to get out of it by deactivating the active buff (Grim Resilience) and leaping out of it with Belligerent Vault. I am playing with the CM 160 patch, extra textures resources, the font patch, fog mod, and camera tweaks. And can anyone tell me how to edit a previous post?
  2. Zematus737

    Character permanently paralyzed

    Have no idea if anyone was interested in more information. I've experienced 3 freeze ups like this on my new Shadow Warrior using Demonic Blow and Scything Sweep in a combo and I am always stuck while surrounded by enemies, so it becomes a frantic affair to teleport myself out once the confusion sets in. Terrain probably plays a major factor, as it's after an animation that moves him over to a different target/angle when the 2nd combo begins. Also have combat execution speed at 100% atm. Was using a polearm. Trying a warhammer out for a bit.
  3. OMG. Simple and clean. The text file works perfectly. My wife no longer thinks I need to go to the eye doctor.
  4. Zematus737

    Community Patch

    Registered to download. Thank you very much. I missed this game quite a bit and couldn't get it to run. In the process of patching, but I trust it will get me in. o7 Take care