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  1. You may be thinking what does a PS3 Kart Racers have to do with Sacred. Well I will show you... Since the game doesn't allow you to attach objects beyond stickers to the characters body (It wouldn't work sitting in a Kart), the Armor is made of Stickers and there are no Wings but even so I think it turned out quite well.
  2. LordRaviel

    Seraphim Health Regeneration

    Factors that affect HP regen include: Max HP (Including any HP+ on equipment) Vitality Attribute Constitution Skill Regen bonuses given by the above 3 factors will not work in combat unless you have mastered constitution. Combat Arts (Grand Invigoration, Ancient Bark, Goldenglade Touch, etc.) HP regen +X/s mods These generally work all the time in or out of battle
  3. The seraphim build has bargaining so a lot of good equipment can be bought from shops, Scooby has a section on shopping in the guide which gives good tips regarding the use of bargaining. The Shadow Warrior isn't so lucky and will probably have to find the majority of his gear and rely more on Uniques/Set items. As for finding Unique items, like Tinwora's Curse, and set armor, it's random, any enemy will have a chance of dropping them and there are not any specific places where you will have higher chances of finding specific pieces. Generally bosses (particularly optional bosses) have a better drop rate and drop more items as do Elite (Champion) versions of standard enemies but it is still no guarantees.
  4. LordRaviel

    First Video - Killing a Dragon

    Thanks The thing I am least happy with is definitely the current problem with Battle Stance that prevents scrolling down on the details menus when it is active. I made showing the mods difficult and the bonus overview impossible.
  5. LordRaviel

    First Video - Killing a Dragon

    Got my Capture card today and decided to test it out, since the cables and splitters I ordered ae not here yet I was having to play off of the small screen on the capture software, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to play on my TV while recording even if it will have to be in SD. I converted it from 720x480 to 1280x720 so it could be viewed in Youtube HD to preserve some of the quality but it lost a bit in the process. As I said it is nothing special just me running around Souh-East Hissil'ta for a while on Niob before killing the dragon, poor dragon didn't know what hit it. Enjoy
  6. Have you considered the fact that any All Skill+ on the bargaining suit would have been increasing Enhanced perception as well?
  7. LordRaviel

    Shadow Warrior short clip

    I hope not I got a capture card coming in the next few days, I will only be able to play in 480i when I record but I should be fairly good quality. I think I will run through the bosses with my Seraphim first. Only a cheap Easycap USB device, with the necessary cables to view it on my TV while recording it cost me less than £25. Here is a good example of the quality you can get from it:
  8. LordRaviel

    Where'd you go to school?

    Lets see, this will probably be unnecessarily lengthy. Since my dad was in the Navy and worked at the Naval Hospital there I went to St Christopher's First School (MOD) in Gibraltar untill I was 6 (Year 2). Then I moved back to the UK and went to St John's C of E Primary School in Gosport ( for a few months before moving a couple of miles and going to Holbrook Primary School in Bridgemary (Gosport) finished my primary education there at 10/11(Year 6). After went to the nearby Secondary School, Bridgemary Community School (Fun Fact: One of the houses visible in that map is where I still live). In year 10 and 11 I decided to the following GCSEs take Double Science (since it wasn't a compulsory subject ), French, IT and Geography. In adition to the compulsory English Language and Literature, Maths and Religious Education. I got more than sufficient grades to go to 6th form College for 2 years (age 16-18) at St Vincent College. St. Vincent's Main Gate/Clocktower. I believe the front buildings were military barracks at somepoint. I took Physics, Mathematics with Mechanics and Business Studies A Levels and a unit called Diploma in Financial Studies, did well enough in those to take a Batchelors Degree, staying close to home I chose The University of Portsmouth which coincidentally had a a vey interesting course (BSc Econ Hons Economics, Finance and Banking) since it is a city university it is spread out a bit but all my Seminars/Lectures are centered around the Business School. Currently on summer break before starting my 3rd and final year in October and I am just hovering above the 70% needed to get a 1st class Honors. Richmond Building, the Business School itself.
  9. LordRaviel

    An Interesting Idea?

    Started again and took a slightly different skill order, which annoyingly is different again from how I would do it if I were to start over. Got to 15 and all is going well so far. I will try to make 50 if it stil working I may begin to write up a guide an add to it as I progress towards Niob.
  10. LordRaviel

    Big Giveaway (PS3)

    Sadly nay for both the Unyeilding wall is not in my chest which means my Melee High Elf must be using it and someone else has asked for he Quetzal's first strike. Between here and my Gamefaqs topic I have given away about 200 space of items. I think I will leave it there for today, I don't want people posting during the night that I may not be able to trade with due to time differences. I will probably re-open this topic in the next few days to get rid of more stuff.
  11. LordRaviel

    Big Giveaway (PS3)

    Getting something to eat, I don't want a backlog of requests when I return
  12. LordRaviel

    Big Giveaway (PS3)

    Someone elsewhere has already asked for the Dyshea's Hunter the other two are ok.
  13. LordRaviel

    Big Giveaway (PS3)

    Trading is easier at level 1, I am 4 so any level 1-14.
  14. LordRaviel

    Big Giveaway (PS3)

    Levels? I guess Helmet of the Seraish 80 Shoulders of Law 61 Endijian's Wings 75 Endijian's Relics 75 Kernforce's Cutlass 62 In which case all are ok
  15. LordRaviel

    Big Giveaway (PS3)

    Ready now, I'll send an invite.