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  1. For all of you still stuck with Lathor to this day, I bring good news: Flix just helped me remove this NPC! Basically, you have to edit the creatures.txt file in the scripts/server/ folder in order to remove the LUA code that defines him. Search for and then remove this text from the file: mgr.createCreature { id = 1687, itemtype_id = 11067, name = "Human_Story_Lathor", behaviour = "questCreatures", dangerclass = 5, groupmaxcount = 1, elite_creature_id = 1687, probabilityforelite = 0.000000, rank = 50, tenergy_creature_id = 1687, template_creature_id = 1374, livesremaining = 0, unconscioustime = 20, palettebits = "1111111111111111", monstertype = 0, faction_id = 12, equipset_id = 349, modelscale = 1.150000, rise_from_ground = 0, has_corpse = 1, has_soul = 1, can_strafe = 0, } Do this while the game is closed! Then save the file and open the game again. The game won't be able to find this NPC definition and therefore won't load it. Tadaaa! Lathor is finally gone. Note however that its quest, "Salesman of Death", will still appear on the map as a souvenir at its starting position, in front of Lothar's house in Badawi. I guess it's a minor inconvenience. Also, Flix pointed out that if you have not started this quest yet, you should install the Community Patch first. Then, the quest won't be buggy. Enjoy!
  2. Well, that was good thinking, I didn't thought of it. It kinda works, in the sense of Lathor having disappeared, which is awesome! That leaves however the silver circle on the map where the beginning of his quest is supposed to be, in front of his house in the Badawi village. But that's no big deal. Thank you very much for your help, and what you do for this community. I've been checking out your mods, I'll probably end up installing the music mod! I'll go explain the solution in the other topic.
  3. Yes, "Salesman of Death", that's the one! And yes, I do have the Community Patch installed: on the main menu, it is written "CM-Patch 0160" at the bottom, and I do have v2.65.2 (Sacred 2 Gold via Steam). But I installed it after I had the bug. So maybe it fixed it for the players that did not start the quest yet? By the way, I did some poking around in the scripts files to try to fix the bug. Here is what I did (I put it in a spoiler because maybe I should have posted it in the thread specific to the bug?):
  4. Thank you very much to the both of you, @flix and @gogoblender! Glad to see this forum is still active after so many years. Sacred 2 is a really enjoyable game. I will try to search the game files according to your hints, and if I find something interesting, I'll post it here and in the original thread. FYI, I didn't change the difficulty: I just took the Lathor quest, but right after I decided to follow another quest that was closer, and boom, the Lathor quest was bugged, as described in the thread I posted.
  5. Hello all! I don't know if anyone is still active in this forum, but here it goes. I'm trying to solve the bug described here: Where you have a NPC that you were supposed to escort somewhere, but due to some fu**ery, he is still following the player around. This NPC's name is Lathor. So I naively tried to use the creatures.txt file in order to be able to edit the faction.txt file, make my Seraphim and the NPC enemies so I can kill him. I added the following faction relation to the faction.txt file: mgr.addFactionRelation { id1 = 1, id2 = 12, f1name = "FACTION_INVALID", f2name = "FACTION_HUMAN", relation = "FRT_ENEMY", } id1 is supposed to be the Seraphim, and id12 is supposed to represent humans. I indeed found out in the creatures.txt file that Lathor, the NPC I'm trying to kill, is a human. However, my edits don't work and I am still unable to kill this NPC. Does anybody have a clue why? Should I edit more files to be able to kill a NPC? I already tried this but it didn't work either: Thank you for your help
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