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  1. Thanks for report! Buy horse dialog is not centered on all resolutions, it's my mistake. So it's valuable comment!
  2. Thanks! It doesn't matter. The language will be add in next version of the mod and new players will can turn on French via settings.cfg, without renaming global.res
  3. Hello! Ooops! I guess you are choose French language in settings.cfg, but the mod doesn't support it! Can you send me your global.res? I will add it in next version! And thanks for report about quest arrow!
  4. Hello there! I am glad to inform you that the new version of the mod is available for download! The interface is finalized and multires added! But on big resolutions may be a little problems with textures (more info in change logs!). You can download mod in our topic or group on vk.com!
  5. Good news, we did it! Sacred ReBorn Multi Resolution is in pre-alpha stage now! There is some screenshots in 1920x1080
  6. That is old sick of the game (especially on laptops) :\ We will try decide it in future... Can you tell configuration of your PC? Sometimes helps change compatibility on older versions of windows, or change priority in Task Manager...
  7. Hello! Thanks for your feedback! Yes, I know about this problem. I guess your graphics card or monitor doesn't support 1366x768. You can try add new resolution in graphics card's application. Otherwise, need some wait, I am still working on this problem!
  8. I think I can add border, but need some time. So in next update I will move inventory to the center. Already tried and we have some success ;) Just wait...
  9. I think I will not change inventory position in nearby updates, because it no have left border and it will be looks not great. I will show later how it can be look.
  10. Hey! Sacred ReBorn 3.0 is ready with beta version of HD and available to download! It's test version, but it works! You can find link in our topic!
  11. Hello! Finally, Sacred 1 HD is real. After posting a first topic (SACRED UNDERWORLD 16:9. THOUGHTS.), 10 days have passed and I found the right values for the correct rendering of the picture, lol. More than one year was spent for searching I decide do it in 1366x768 because it is nearby resolution to 1024x768, and it not require changes for height. On 1920x1080 monitor while FULLSCREEN: 1 the picture is stretched proportionally, but there is a slight loss of quality and appears a little black stripes vertically. Now it is demo only, there is a lot of work ahead.
  12. Thank you for answer! I found necessary values recently and could center image, but in world only. In menu all models stretched out in horizont, but I think it will be fixed in near time!
  13. Hello! Thanks for answer! Today I have a big progress in my work, I will show later! About free camera: I have some addresses, maybe its can help, but it works for Sacred Vault's "Sacred.exe", not for 2.28
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