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  1. Starling

    Sacred Underworld 16:9. Thoughts.

    Hello! Thanks for answer! Today I have a big progress in my work, I will show later! About free camera: I have some addresses, maybe its can help, but it works for Sacred Vault's "Sacred.exe", not for 2.28
  2. Starling

    Sacred Underworld 16:9. Thoughts.

    Thanks! You right, that window extended to the right, it is only way, I think. Also I think, a centering a interface easily, than correcting model's coordinates. That's why I'm not did it in video. It doesn't matter now. My plan is including three steps: 1. Increase resolution (done); 2. Correct model coordinates; 3. Correct interface I have think about centering image and trying to "increase sides", but a few fast attempts was failed.
  3. Hi, community! I trying change resolution of Sacred for a long time, but it haven't any completely results. That is my one of best tries to convert image. A ground and objects looks good, but all 3D models is invisible, because they are all out of the screen. They have wrong coordinates relative to the world. Maybe, somebody have any thoughts? Or somebody understands nuances of DirectX graphics? All fresh thoughts are will be helpful!
  4. Flix, thank you for you feedback, nice job! We are glad that you liked the mod!
  5. Hello there, I'm Starling, one of Sacred ReBorn's developer team. My hard and long way of modding Sacred 1 begins at 2013, when I saw the one german player. He did cool tricks on a server, and I wanted to do same things. A lot of time was spent on for learning and trace Sacred, and a real result was reached in 2018, after my return from army, lol. With my friend MetaL we started improve original Sacred and we have what we have now: Sacred ReBorn mod! We are don't stop and will continue create a new features to our work! Hope you enjoy it!