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    I love sacred 2 and want to be a part of sacredwiki team, but for some reason I cant access to the page.
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  1. Sorry for late reply as I had to leave home for few days because of work purposes.I appreciate all the input, guys... helps a ton for me and I'm sure for others. Happy holidays, fellow Ancarians cheers.
  2. thank you,Mr Delta I do like cooking and love food. I am from India, so I do have some interesting food recipes in my pocket, which I will love to share in the future.
  3. The wiki page is up. YAY !!! schot, whoever you are man, awesome job, and thank you guys as well so efficient. I love it <3<3
  4. oh thank you for the quick reply and your nice words and welcoming me to the community is very much appreciated... I will try to keep in touch as much as possible. cheers !
  5. is the wiki page still down? it says "permission error" in my browser. Sorry for re-post, as I am not very tech savvy in these sort of matters.
  6. Oh thank god. I am very new to sacred 2 as I found out about the game recently and enjoying... I wanted to access the wiki but couldn't so I made a profile here just now ( hello everyone!!). I thought I am banned for some reason, I guess not. keep up the good work guys, it is one of the best information page I have ever accessed.
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