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  1. First of all I'm impressed by the replies of the people here and the responsiveness, cheers to all! Great forum:) Indeed , perhaps we could all come up with our own story to it , contributing and making sure it's in tune with the legacy of the game, which could also be the foundation of an upcoming Sacred game (hopefully there will be one) , I just don't really recognise Sacred 3 as part of the Sacred 1 and 2 legacy , and it's sad that the same thing happened with the game Gothic when they made Gothic 4 ... But this is totally offtopic! However for this we would need to read some books on it, so there are some books on german about Sacred, and the SacredWiki is rich in lore, I wonder if the german books have an english translation ... And yes, the author names are english too.. There has got to be an english version of those books.. Hmm..
  2. Does anyone know where could I find and purchase a book about Sacred? I mean it's storyline, plot, and the entire universe of the game, the concept behind it all for me , as an avid book reader, to indulge in. Searches online were fruitless, I hope some of the veterans here might have a clue..
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