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  1. I tried a lot of things to run the lobby emulator on Linux and found this solution in the end: Install Mono Copy the lobby emulator into a directory Download the source code and the mono version from https://system.data.sqlite.org/index.html/doc/trunk/www/downloads.wiki Compile the SQLite interop libary (on Linux) following the guide I found on http://blog.wezeku.com/2016/10/09/using-system-data-sqlite-under-linux-and-mono/ Copy the compiled sqlite interop libraries (SQLite.Interop.dll, libSQLite.Interop.so) into the server emulator directory Replace System.Data.SQLite.dll in the lobby directory with the Mono version downloaded earlier Run the lobby with the command: mono S2Lobby.exe I did this all on the Linux server and so far it seems to work well. So there is no need to run a Windows server anymore, both the lobby emulator and the game servers run fine using wine and mono. If you find a nice way to replace sqlite with mysql or postgresql, please share. I don't have much time to experiment with that at the moment.
  2. I also wanted to test it with the CM Patch for Sacred 2 Gold, so I made this to enable the buttons on the multiplayer screen: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0kawzl5zkn99pwh/Sacred 2-CM-OpenNet-UI.7z?dl=1 It's for CM Patch 1.60 and if you unpack it into the game directory, it will create this file: Sacred 2 Gold\pak\Windows\OutGameMenu\Internet.xml
  3. Hey, long time lurker here. I just had to sign up to post a huge THANK YOU for this. I agree that this is the best thing that happened for the game in the last few years. I also tried it and it really works. One thing I noticed when I had some problems trying the compiled exe in your download. It looks like the version in the bin directory was compiled with a different port. Instead of 6800 as is in the source code and the readme file, the exe is compiled with port 7365 for the lobby. That's why I didn't get it to work at first. When I compiled it myself it worked immediately and then I used ILSpy to look at the exe you included and it showed this: After I set the port in default options to 7365, the included exe worked as well as the version I compiled myself. I can't wait for a community hosted lobby to appear. And this should answer one of your questions, xrystal, when I checked the included files with some anti virus programs, I noticed that the version information in the exe states it's public domain. Right click on the exe and check the properties, on the details tab is this: After looking at the included source code, I wonder what the almost 200 unknown payloads are used for. It's great the only very few are needed to make the lobby work, but what are the other payloads for? I'll post more information here if I find out more, for now I want to experiement with some of the unknown payloads, send them to the game or gameserver and maybe there are hidden functions that deal with some of them in interesting or useful ways.