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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. So the problem does not occur when I play singleplayer or have no dedicated server at all running. I also did it the other way around: Starting the dedicated server, starting Sacred 2, experiencing minimizes, then shutting down the server and trying to start a game. Though then I still experienced the minimizes. Once I let the computer run for a while, these symptoms see to disappear. Looks like there is something else steeling the focus of Sacred or causing it to minimize. Though I do not experience this with other programs... still, thanks for the hint. I will investigate this further.
  2. Hi guys, after searching a lot and not finding anything I'm asking directly: Could it be that the CM causes Sacred 2 to minimize constantly? Actually, I experience this now a lot. I am playing with my girldfriend via LAN and run a dedicated server (s2sgs.exe) on the same machine I am playing with. There it always minimizes in the main menu, though once I finally joined the server it does not minimze anymore. But until I manage to click fast enough it probably minimizes 5-10 times For my girldfriend it's the other way around: It minimizes while playing. Luckily not that frequent. With both play Sacre 2 Gold from GOG. And before installing the CM we never experience such issues. Does anyone of you know about this? Can you help us fixing it? Greetings Myrtanim
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