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  1. Thert

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Not sure if my my point was understood: The point was basically what I quoted in my previous post (from flix, from page1) ... the point was that you improve for instance the Aspect of the Capricious Hunter (Dryad), with the idea of improving weapons and perhaps a Weapon-Based Character Build: Capricious Hunter and Tactics Lore improve that aspect. The idea is that both Skills also improve the CAs. (Well the Focus as always only the possible level and regeneration) Now I.e. if you change the DD-CA to be a spell... half of the CAs' Damage in the Aspect are improved by Tactics Lore (here: Ravaged Impact and Darting Assault), and then this Dust-CA is not (just modifiers are being enabled by the skills...). You would need to take ANOTHER skill to improve damage for ONLY THIS ONE CA... while maybe you would want a Skill that improves your general direction (your whole build idea), for instance: A certain weapon skill. (...) (Instead it should be improved by Tactics Lore - which is "responsible" for the Damage in this Aspect). ^ that's the main point. (And Ascaron adressed that point even though their balance here and there wasn't correct.) Then I said in addition to that, that Sacred 2 has a weird personal design in separating the Spells into three Aspects: While I agree with your overall design goal... (Of course a spell should be improved by spell damage factors like Ancient Lore and stuff and I weapon based attacks should be improved by the correspondant factors)... it would change up Sacred2 too much, and doesn't fit into its original design (the design Goal of Ascaron was to have the choice of either improving 1 aspect, or 2, or 3) and all skills would improve the CAs in the Aspect, improving their Damage (or other Values). Without having to use an Extra skill just to increase only ONE CA of that aspect (as talked about earlier). I understand. So the design goal maybe (looking at already existing CM patches and people playing it) should be that people wouldn't have to start from scratch,IMO... Just like in a real game. It's not a Beta phase or something, but a set game. I personally don't have the time to relevel characters to the point where I am now. That being said it's totally fun of course (but as always that should be personal choice) = just as a design goal suggestion. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - Some final notes in general (that can apply to everything in the future) The people I know generally like the original game. But not the bugs in it. So a community patch should not change the original game too much, but rather improve it (the improvement is everything I read in previous CM patches, from adding a Multiplayer Isle, to buffing weak Builds, to adding alternatives, to adding new Items, to fixing mounting-up (just examples)). Otherwise it's a turn off and rather a previous version will be played. I totally respect and appreciate modifications of any kind, but those that do change it up... (not pointing at this one, but to write it one time...) ought label it as seperate modification or a modification that alters alot... (the extreme would be a so called Total Conversion Mod), which ought to be totally optional to say a Bug-Fix-and-Include-MP-features-and-many-optional-items=the earlier CM-patches Modification. The key word is optionality Thanks for reading.
  2. Thert

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    really great improvements. Unbelievable work Just two things I disagree with, and I read Flix' statement here: I agree with this argument. I wouldn't want to play a version where I need another skill just to improve that one CA even though we won't buff and use the other CAs of the Aspect and not really utilize the skill (normally in a spellcaster build).... Also vice versa, it wouldn't be fun if just one of your weapon based aspect CAs is a spell and doesn't profit fully or needs an extra skill (like Ancient Lore) ... So... this is just not so cool, imo. The changes are really honorful and sound well thought out, but in Sacred2 everything the developers decided originally has reasons, too, and the designs should be treated with a bit of tolerance against (your/our) common rpg-knowledge. Just wanted to add my two cents now, after having read through the first page long ago already. -- 2nd: I generally want to express disagree with having to... remake chars. It's a turn off. And I don't think I have to go into detail here.. (I also know you don't have if you don't want the extra stuff...) Just letting that stand here one time. -- and now back to fanboy mode. I hope you see my two cents as appreciation and taking time to write out my thoughts fully. Thanks for the patch. Keep it up!
  3. aha nice,,, , but what if I want to make this option active in a modification of the game by default? So that it becomes game play of the mod (similar to an MMO)
  4. Thert

    Modding Area of Effect on Spells

    Thanks for looking. And will all the other entries work with that spellclass? It's impossible for me to see the enemy stats being influenced ingame to test it. Edit: This doesn't work at all: It will make my Combat Arts not show up at all (everything is blank and empty) ingame.
  5. G'day or evening. Two ways I want to present first: A) I save my game. I log out to change options, I log back in. Position is the one I saved. "Success" <- that's what I want. B) I save my game. I log out to go offline / stop playing. (Sacred 2 is closed now) I log back in. Position is reset ... bad <- I want A) even when I do wayB. The distances in Sacred 2 are very far. Sometimes I just want to play for not-so-long. (And If I want a "save spot" I can still press F12) Since You can certainly have your position saved, as seen in A), ... => ... how can I enable that in way B) ? (that should be possible for modifications if you plan to make the game more like an MMO and not like Diablo). Climate Help by Answering: This would enable not having to alt-tab only and let the pc on when going to work. I'm just trying to reduce the world carbon dioxide emissions with this modification: When using less CPU power, the PC can throttle down and reduce power consumption, resulting in a greener environment. Thanks PS: okay, nice way,,, but what if I want to make this option active in a mod by default?
  6. Thert

    Modding Area of Effect on Spells

    Oh, so you can not add more entries? So... where can I change the support for it? I tested it on dr_vo_quaelen but wanted to make dr_vo_verderbensfluch an Area of Effect spell (very slightly). its spell class is spellClass = "cSpellDrFluchDesVerderbens", what are the requirements to change the spellClass? is there a .txt for the spellClass? ps, fyi, not sure what sends a notification: I also send you a question in the other thread(s). Edaphnic Lances etc
  7. Looking at the new Area of Effect composal.. Would you like to tell me, how do you add Area of Effect to a Spell? I looked at an existing Area of Effect Spell entry1 = {"et_range_area", 200, 0, 0, 4 }, so I added an entry to a spell that I want to have Area of Effect on: entry8 = {"et_range_area", 200, 1, 0, 4 }, However that doesn't seem to work (the previous entry is 7) and it's a Debuff Spell. I tested vs normal sized mobs. What am I doing wrong?
  8. FYI I can't send you message? Was about underwear patch.. By the way: In my current patch (2.12) I play I changed respawnTimeStandard respawnTimeStandard = 900 --to 1800 do you know if that is still applicable in the most modern patch and the CM patch?
  9. FYI I edited the post, not sure when was the last update I clicked edit and what you read. What about B)
  10. Thanks for the answer, 3 notes: A), B), C) A) okidoki. And you told me in your other thread, you changed it "back from 3 to 2 meters" and confirmed me, so allow me to be confused: "et_range_area", 300, 1, 5, 4 }, to "et_range_area", 200, 1, 5, 4 }, is what I asked and you said "yes" to. so you were just using an easier language? B) is it really "increased to" ? Contrary, from all the other entries I read the modifier does add its value , so it would be 50 + 200 = 250, or not? that would then be +400% (+200 = "400% increase"). Just making sure we're on the same boat (language). 3) Well, you confirming it there, it's added. Ye I didn't figure out those things, comes with time and ingame experience when I'm more capable of testing it myself ingame. so? C) Wait ... From your own words the formula is WP = 20 + 30 * X ;;X = level. when you put in X = 100, => WP equals 3020 ?! (I also read such high values in a guide, but still thought it's a bit lower, because at CA200 it would be 6020) in your words it had to be 20 + 3 per level. FYI these were my values: entry7 = {"et_addattr_willpower", 75, 100, 4, 41 }, so when I put in 200, 300 the values ingame got astronomically high. Don't mind about this, I'm aware I want to try a certain version of the game atm. (anything else is the same, almost) edit: I rechecked with a level 1 char: @CA1 it's +50 WP, at CA2 it's +80WP. Maybe it should be "et_addattr_willpower", 200, 30, 4, 41 }, to be that 20+3*level I was just stumbling across these "weird" things, is the main reason for this thread. Sorry for the unnecessary work. Thanks for clarifying. - - ps: Don't treat this as priority, the questions A,B,C are more important to me, but I tested the following change ingame (after reading the wiki) L o L entry9 = {"et_range_area", 350, 1, 5, 4 }, --and 300 after reading your Enhanced Spells thread. And funny enough it didn't hit that many targets, just 2 out of a 4 man group. Again this is just old stuff my earlier interpretion (to quote you) from the WIKI, I understand what You said here and asked in A) for details. So just some fun fact.
  11. Thert

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    incredibly nice. That sounds extremely useful. How did you solve that? is it this one:) ? ? +3/10 per Giftlevel (which is too few when it doesn't level with you properly - no divine divinity skill - even with skill it wouldnt suffice, omg - first time looking at this) Edit: NVM I tested that.... found out what this formula means for each CA level (= divine gift level)... default values are really low. ------------------------------------------------------------------- -- some Feedback might as well: I personally strongly disagree with removing that movement ability. It might not be overly used in Sacred2 (considering the engine), but it's still a world-game where you appreciate to be able to sometimes jump over stuff that is blocking you (or a river), in addition a ranged class having some kind of escape spell is always appropriate (you can also use it in a Combo escape+cast attack OR heal etc); the rooting on escape Imo was a good design by Ascaron. (not talking about its balance). - A modification could have been to summon a very short timed decoy when fleeing (or when arriving), to make it viable. - Or if you really wanted that new trap - reminding of Sacred 1 , I would have suggested Converging DD with FF (casting DD where you leave and/or where you land, possibly as modification to cast it when landing/leaving in addition). Those fit together. You can then also just use FF on your current position to cast DD like usually. (balance of course would need to decrease the power a bit) Generally replacing/removing existing skills that some players might fancy and possibly being part of the reason they play the game, I'd consider a strong modification rather than only an enhancement, Imo. -- end of feedback/constructive criticism Scoll!
  12. PS: I have a question regarding this topic: How do I change the name of given CA? (WHen I implement it somewhere else (and probably changing it)) I ought to adapt its name (AKA RPG).
  13. Thert

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    May I ask how you did that? is that in the spell.txt the,inside the: mgr.defineSpell( "dr_nm_wucherwurzel", { entry9 = {"et_range_area", 200, 1, 5, 4 }, ? 200 equals 2 meters? or is it correlated to the entry with the area value 50... and you put the modifier from 400% to 600%? This might be wrong but I just recently read these values in the wiki. Thanks for clarifying.
  14. Hi there, I'm new in this wiki and forum. I looked through the wikipedia of the Dryad and noticed some things: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&amp;returnto=Sacred+2:Tangled+Vine I can't edit it myself, but I don't even know this 100%, hence I decided to first create a post here (before editing it by not being 100% sure): it says The spell.txt entry is about 1/10 of that. I am assuming the person who wrote the entry misinterpreted the spell.txt entry (where 400 ^= 40%) Apart from that modifications are fine. The starting Damage value is NOT correct (?). - - - By the way this is similiar for Edaphic_Lances The starting Damage is outdated. It is much higher. - - - for Goldenglade_Touch it says this seems to be oudated too (?), again spell.txt says a different value, and ingame... per wiki it would be +3020 Willpower at CA100. (without Nature Lore) -- Regarding Capricious Hunter for Darting_Assault similiar to Entangled Vine, the Area of Effect-Modification is outdated(?) (different from spell.txt using lower values) Scoll.
  15. Thert

    Editing soundprofile.txt

    Hey! I wondered how to change the sound of one of my CAs. I read the second comment about adding an entry to the optionscustom.txt, I wondered which entry I have to add... and how to find the entry... 0) To actually only change the sound of a single CA, you need to open the soundprofile.txt as described in the topic. in the \scripts\client folder. 1) I found the Hero_Dryad Section, look for "Hero Dryad" , but finding the CA is not so easy. 2) You have to find the appropriate german name as described here: Or more directly here is the direct list of spellname "translations": 3) Here the name of the CA Sinister Predator is "Projektilfokus" (pronouncing it sounds beautiful), with that I could find this, in the soundprofile.txt (in the client folder of the sacred root) profilename = "FX Dryad Projektilfokus", fx = 188, mindistancefactor = 80, maxdistancefactor = 100, event1 = { event = "FX_CAST", resource = 2717 }; event2 = { event = "FX_STAGE0", resource = 2718 }; -- changed to resource = 00 "stage0" is the ongoing effect after having cast it. Then it will look like this event2 = { event = "FX_STAGE0", resource = 0000 }; instead of 00, you can choose any of another CA or any other sound, by finding its resource. You could replace it with one of the High Elf Buff sounds (if you want) as described in the topic. You can hear its default sound here (to test): <your sacred 2 root AKA normal install path>\Sacred 2\pak\soundlq.zip\fx\spells\dr Heads up: These are .Ogg files, you can for instance open them with Foobar2000. Closing words: Note: 1) was not necessary to find, but still useful regarding your hero. To repeat: As pointed out in the topic, yes always make a backup of the files you change, optimally in a dedicated data folder where you store your notes about your changes - just as an easy organizing tip. You need to do the backup anyways. Tip2: You can use "--" to comment, and perhaps copy the original code within your changed.txt to quicker revert single entries later on. I hope this example is helpful to someone! As the other ones were to me. Thanks for this topic. PS: Question Time How do I find the "Resurrection Monolith" entry?