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  1. Thert

    Community Patch

    Good, but I didn't test again. Got it from somewhere else.
  2. Thert

    [REL] Diablo 2 Fallen

    - Is Speed Lore better in this conversion-mod? Because I read about the Druid's Wolf using speed lore and that it was good, but I don't find any details. Of course I don't mean mandatory or overpowered, but not as redundant as in Normal Sacred 2; => when it fits to the class, just like you expressed it for the Werewolf: Taking enemies one by one with good speed, while the werebear is capable of gathering some mobs for Area of Effect. - Is Armor and Big Hits still the strongest here, as in Normal Sacred 2? (see Damage recieved formulas for enemy and player) because in d2 that wasn't the case at all (the flat reduction was very low) (well.. bigger hits "stunned" instead), so I wonder if that was changed anywhere. And I sincerely find it dictating the playstyle. Thank you
  3. Thert

    Community Patch

    Hi.. Download not working: File not accessible/not there?
  4. Thert

    How to edit global.res with s2rw

    Hi I noticed a typo: it works with this: S2rw.v1.7.exe globalEn_texts.txt En+ For anyone wondering/reading, if it doesn't work yet: In order to create the modified res-file put the globalEn_texts.txt (or your Language, for instance It for italy, see in the readme.txt) to the system file, then use the command line that I corrected starting in /system folder. After you created the new file, replace the global.res in the language folder with it (rename it before, and of course make backups if you wish)
  5. Thert

    How do you change the name of a CA?

    Ah yea I found that help in the other thread after some searching. nice Edit4: Question: Do I also find the System messages here? or where? (the joke ones you get in the "code-intro-screen", which also appears when you open the ingame command line. edit: I didn't find any of those messages there... for instance: "the past tempts us <...>" Edit3: Okay I could make it change the ingame now, below is only old information/question, maybe of use for someone reading later: BTW . update: ---- Should I post these question into the other thread? (You might merge them if you want.)
  6. Thert

    How do you change the name of a CA?

    First of all Thanks, the topic contains alot. feedback: Add S2RW to the modding tools or download section? http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/files/category/78-fallen-angel-tools/# old: how do I know which is the tooltip name, and which is the rune name? (I found 4 entries with the same name). edit: okay I looked at the ones top and bottom, so.. solved. I tried this one: I did what you proposed, but still getting the message. I have digital fallen angel. However works in the system folder edit nvm works
  7. 'Sup, how do I change the name of a Combat Art? I'm assuming not only the Combat Art Tab, but also the Rune, and the Gear are affected, certainly some global. Thanks
  8. Thanks, yes helpful!. I know I wasn't too clear, the question was the sum of all sentences. Your understanding was correct. My point is that it was better if a) the enemy - simplified - has all 5 armor types at the same value -> then having your damage concentrated would net the most damage. And if b) you haven't converted all your damage and the enemy has a certain amount of multi armor..., the unconverted damage would be the most concentrated damage - so to say a pure variant, however you achieve it (at high level you have almost full conversion, and there are random existing conversions which make it almost full, so that would work too, the thread was about the physical indeed). ps: A CA-based conversion would be another topic... since it dictates your element and overwrites your current conversion (or adds but turns it into a single conversion)... this exists for instance on Ravaged Impact (Dryad), b2mod. Thanks. About the manner of physical new items: Basically the already existing "stones" will increase the respective secondary effect chance% (in addition to their conversion), while the physical one doesn't, so a generic addition would be one that - well... - increases the physical secondary effect chance. That would be the main point from my perspective. But since there are also elemental weapons, or weapons that have any% of physical + any% of elemental... just making a generic physical stone variant that would convert that %elemental to physical (on top of the "default" secondary chance amplifier) would be the balanced generic answer. (if physical wasn't too strong then, after all taking the initial design of the game) Nothing else to add or to ask from my side. thanks for the answers.
  9. Hidiho, without going into too much detail - I have read the damage conversion and know the armor formula etc - I'm wondering, why I always read the recommendation to convert Damage on weapons...(?) And why is there no Physical Buff-stone (to socket into instead of Larvae for isntance) (?) SO usually it's recommended to either concentrate on Poison, Ice, Magic, Fire - Or have one of them in each weapon slot (if you want). However when you look at the armor formula... And looking at Conversion will reduce your physical damage by at least 50% (depending on which level your stone is), this will almost remove my physical damage to a decent armored enemy. (Because If I have only 33% physical on my weapon left... that will be reduced much more than just to 1/3 damage, thanks to the armor formula... So the goal should be to have only one sort of damage on your current attack!(?) Correct me If I am wrong, from that I conclude following viable ways to play a weapon user without looking at any specific gear: - I could rather let only the physical on the weapon (no stone-sockets) and concentrate on +physical% on my gear (and then 'Chance for open wounds' via modifications on CAs) - Or I could convert the weapon and then only concentrate on that element (for instance +%poison damage) (and then skip 'Chance for open wounds' via modifications on CAs and look for the other ones if I can...) - Or I could have one conversion in each weapon slot and concentrate on +all damage% (and then skip specific 'Chance for <specific secondary effect here>' via modifications on CAs) I'm just wondering the pure physical variant is not mentioned (not explicitly) - Anything to comment to that? Thanks alot
  10. Thert

    Veteran returns and feels like a noob

    Good point, every skill has its uses.
  11. Thert

    Veteran returns and feels like a noob

    That's a nice story , certainly an adventure. and welcome "back" (I'm new here). FYI: I also played the games you mentioned and tried some other games in my past . I have good experience, but still am not too versed in many things, so take it with a grain of salt: I'd get only 1 adventure skill on each character to improve his "progressing" (unless you have gear from other chars already)... To improve the power of the character (more strength => result in more experience & more gear too...), I'd take another skill (either offensively or defensively - a good defense allows you to be more offensively..). Also once you have gear, you'd appreciate a "useful" skill here. A 2nd focus will be the more useful the more your level raises. I personally would not do EP on top of bargaining. I'm only using it on one character. But then again of course acquiring gear in a monsterlevel-scaling game, is certainly very important. I hope this gave you some inspiration. To put it into a nutshell: What ever floats your goat^_^ you can't ever have enough skills in this game, and that makes it interesting. If I could I would always do all 3 aspects fully, (edit: but that's just me) haha. . Have fun! - - - If you play the addon, you might aswell use the CM patch, I read it has been recommended here already, just adding my recommendation. Maybe the shared stash can be used there from your current save game (don't know - but I think it's never bad IF you had some chars and items back when you played, - to ask for a few "starter" items in the forums via a shared stash... OR OF COURSE (only) your current progress gear). FYI: I'm currently playing the vanilla sacred2 for retro reasons (on the latest patch), and I'm trying/doing the modding.
  12. Thert

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Hi Dimitrius, In the standard game, tested this ingame now for both Types (Spell in a weapon-dominated-aspect; and Weapon-Based-CA in a Spell-dominated-Aspect): a) Dust Devil: On my Dryad I could test: As far spell in ia weapon-aspect goes: DD's Damage is affected by the aspect Lore Skill: Tactic's Lore. b) Spectral Hand: On a test Shadow Warrior I could test: As far as the weapon-based "Spell-Aspects" go: I didn't have experience here, but for YOU I tested the Shadow Warrior's SH: Astral Lord Lore will increase both aspects of the damage... - its spell damage (without weapon equipped) - its weapon based bonus damage (so the additional damage) the additional damage is increased by the Lore. (I certainly calculated both seperated damage parts and checked each's new values after increasing the Lore skill) FYI Tactic*s Lore won't increase the CA's Damage. in other words works completely like a Spell despite being weapon based and allows for a spell-caster-build of what the lore skills offer. So with all due Respect I'd like to summarize: The default game design works just well here (as intended) (again without a word about balance). very respectfully Thert
  13. Thert

    Speedlore for weapon user?

    http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Speed_Lore Buffs AW, DEF, runspeed I know it's percentage based. -> AW%, DEF%, runspeed% That means it will buff the internal AW bonus of my CAs: Reveged Impact and Darting Assault alot. In general I also do like the movement speed buff for a ranged class (that also can make use of AW% and Def% alot, since we stat dexterity quite decently) (and if you do not take riding) however the reality is I think, equipment is sufficient here later? At least in the run-speed department? So while I like the ability in general, I have my doubts about its special "worth" which is the speed % (coming with the mastery level particularly increased). If it matters: Assuming a weapon skill (like "ranged weapons") . But the flat AW value here is quite low.. Thanks
  14. G'day, I'm seeing in the mod d2 the necro is a modded inquisitor. How do you change its face to your liking? in general:) I want to make him blue eyes and blond hair... I know you have to use Photoshop (or of course similiar) to paint .tga (targa) files. Anything else that's important? Thanks
  15. Thert

    [REL] Diablo 2 Fallen

    Yes I have that.