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  1. DarkWolfNine

    All time scary films?

    I'm not sure. I agree that the concept was well done. Maybe I'll have to go check it out again. Maybe it was just over hyped for me, and I had to high expectations. (I also found that child actress pretty annoying.) But what can ya do? - It just wasn't one that just missed for me. - I didn't like the The VVitch either. (Unrelated, I know.) Muhauauah. DarkWolfNine
  2. operation -> game https://shop.hasbro.com/en-us/product/classic-operation-game:03B9FF5E-5056-9047-F5FF-D57592C4E2FE
  3. DarkWolfNine

    Hello everyone and nice too meet ye all

    Welcome Zhurong! Glad to to meet you. - I agree with others when they say we all have played Sacred for hours and hours a day. Enjoy this awesome community! DarkWolfNine
  4. DarkWolfNine

    Hey everyone

    LOL. You're funny. But I get obsessing over things. (I don't have OCD... okay. I do.) RE: Outer Worlds; - I'm so glad it is highly recommended. - I never did end up playing Fallout New Vegas (I should some time). I LOVE Firefly! I will definitely pick up Outer Worlds sometime. (I recently FINALLY got to playing Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm enjoying it. I do think some of the GUI in the menus are counter-intuitive, but that is just me over-analyzing. ) Oooh.. Good profession! I am usually really good about catching my own bugs (did I mention OCD?), BUT when I don't, I am very thankful for someone in your profession whom I can count on to catch something I might have missed, or a scenario I didn't think of. Unfortunately we recently had to furlough some employees to get through this hard time, and the person we had doing that, was furloughed. So now I get to kick myself if I miss something when we release an update! Hopefully this COVID will slow down. Being in Washington state though... We are one of the states that are on the high end. At least I'm in Eastern WA. Anyhow! I got winded again. Thank you for the Outer Worlds info, I really appreciate it! Talk to you soon, Christopher aka DarkWolfNine P.S. GOGO! You can't run out of poutines yet. You need to ration them and make sure you have enough to offer some to all of the new friends that join the community!
  5. berries -> antioxidants
  6. DarkWolfNine

    Hey everyone

    LMFAO! That is definitely some Apocalypse food! Love it!
  7. DarkWolfNine

    Hey everyone

    Thanks Jayce! I really appreciate it! As for winter has finished.... It snowed last week (only overnight and melted throughout the day.. But happy first day of Spring for us! :) ) I wish we could go out and play, (Dumb COVID-19 virus!) But I'm glad to be back absolutely! - Some good sausages are always enjoyed. Looking forward to them! :D
  8. DarkWolfNine

    Hey everyone

    It definitely is not healthy. (I was being very sarcastic) But it is very delicious. (Just don't eat them every day!)
  9. exhilaration -> roller coaster
  10. DarkWolfNine

    Hey everyone

    Thanks Timotheus! - I appreciate it. A definite pleasure to be here with all of these great people.. Thank you gogo! I love a great poutine! And if this COVID stuff settles by July, I'll be heading back up to Canada to be best man at my friend's wedding, giving me chances to get some more of that heart healthy goodness! DarkWolfNine
  11. DarkWolfNine

    All time scary films?

    Thanks Dax! - I'll have to checkout Hellraiser! (I have a lot of time, now that we just went to a "stay at home" order for WA State!) - Thanks for the source info. Good to know about the acting. - Especially with those older movies. Great acting can carry movies, if they had to. heh.