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  1. Holy smokes! That is a lot of employees. As long as you're staying safe as well! - I do get to work from home during this, fortunately. Although I tend to put more hours in (partially because I am working from home, and the lack of employees - 40% furloughed) . These are crazy times indeed. DarkWolfNine
  2. I am really looking forward to it! (Unfortunately, I haven't had the dedicated time to give it a proper start), I have only had time for some less involved games for quick sessions. I'm hoping that will change soon. Work is slowly killing me. So much work piled on due to the furloughed employees. Thank you for the deeper explanation of the battles! I really appreciate it I haven't ever tried Rogue Galaxy.. I'll have to look into it. Thank you! (I have FF7 on so many systems, it's a bit obscene. lol. ) But I'm glad you mentioned it for others! -DarkWolfNine
  3. You are correct on Sacred 1! - I live in the US, and I made sure I imported my copies of S1 and S1 Underworld from EU so I would get the uncensored version!!! I have my discs/cases still, along with my EU (imported) Sacred 2 box, and expansion/boxes!! I don't think I have more than the games and their original boxes/contents. - I didn't know there were books, or guide books, etc. (Not that I needed them, but they'd be sweet to have today for my collection!) DarkWolfNine
  4. Seraphimaia, This should help! (the link in the download has an encoded character (the exclamation point) Same link as above, but with the fixed character: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXw7Xsgdss6gmsbQSt78rfkx1ap I hope this helps! DarkWolfNine
  5. Castlevania -> Alucard (Castlevania - Symphony of the Night. Great game! The Netflix show is great too!)
  6. 90 hours in, eh? Wow! I have something to look forward to! - It is sad that it isn't the full game/story, but I'm sure we have a lot of games (and life .... chores, errands, work... sigh. heh) to fill the gap. I was a bit concerned reading how the battles have changed. I was a little bit hesitant to hear that. But reading this gave me a bit of hope, in that I will not hate it.. Thank you! DarkWolfNine
  7. I finally finished Horizon Zero Dawn (sans the level expansion Frozen Wilds.. I'll wait for that one to go on sale). But I Platinum'd it! Yay! Right after that I installed FF VII Remake! I haven't started it yet tho'. It was very tempting as I had the discs sitting there taunting me while I was working on Horizon Zero Dawn. But that is next up! I'm not sure if it will happen, but maybe The Outer Worlds might go on sale? I would like to play that one. (Per someone's very high recommendation! ) Maybe I should fire up my PS3 and check out New Vegas. Hmm. We'll see. This quarantine ha
  8. That's awesome gogo! Wow! 250 per month? That's amazing. (Can you see other things. For instance, how much time new users (or any user) is logged in or on the site?) Hopefully the lurkers will come out from under those rocks! - The other Wolf! The male wolf? The child wolf? The wolf in training? (XD XD XD XD) j/k DarkWolfNine
  9. I'm not sure. I agree that the concept was well done. Maybe I'll have to go check it out again. Maybe it was just over hyped for me, and I had to high expectations. (I also found that child actress pretty annoying.) But what can ya do? - It just wasn't one that just missed for me. - I didn't like the The VVitch either. (Unrelated, I know.) Muhauauah. DarkWolfNine
  10. operation -> game https://shop.hasbro.com/en-us/product/classic-operation-game:03B9FF5E-5056-9047-F5FF-D57592C4E2FE
  11. Welcome Zhurong! Glad to to meet you. - I agree with others when they say we all have played Sacred for hours and hours a day. Enjoy this awesome community! DarkWolfNine
  12. LOL. You're funny. But I get obsessing over things. (I don't have OCD... okay. I do.) RE: Outer Worlds; - I'm so glad it is highly recommended. - I never did end up playing Fallout New Vegas (I should some time). I LOVE Firefly! I will definitely pick up Outer Worlds sometime. (I recently FINALLY got to playing Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm enjoying it. I do think some of the GUI in the menus are counter-intuitive, but that is just me over-analyzing. ) Oooh.. Good profession! I am usually really good about catching my own bugs (did I mention OCD?), BUT when I don't, I am very thankful for someo
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