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  1. I dont get how I deserve such a treatment :)
  2. so I came across one of youre members from this site I aksked him if he had any sacred gold clips and he threw this into my face :: iFLAME for 1 dag siden @lord of sacred gold Please pay a little attention while reading comments and replying! Which part of my comment lead you to believe I have video clips of gameplay? I never claimed that. I'm just a big fan and longtime player of this forgotten gem of a game. while I don't do video uploads, I'm an active member of the "Dark Matters" forum - the largest existing Sacred database and the home to the guys who made the Sacred wikis! But you probably know all these being "lord of sacred gold" and all!!
  3. I am taking a break from sacred gold I return someday ;)
  4. the demon has problems with dragons she needs to get close to the drogon for her combat art to fire at the dragon, it was not so good but im sticking with the choice now
  5. now the demon I startet the demon a wrong way so used an editering program to correct it befor I had to delete and start over
  6. well I skipped my break contuning on with wood elf
  7. mabey I dont know FECAL MATTER! about her but it toke 19 clips to finnish first campaign and she only got near 300 damage why would any think she is bad ass lol
  8. so I had to choose the celestian light and level that up more than I did with the rotating blades but im correcting it now, the first dragon she had to die 3 times before she defeted the dragon I had my suspicers about that fight before it happend
  9. so im working on her now had to do a bit of speedrun to catch up to where she was before and I have to save game ofter for it crashes from time to time
  10. need only upload few more clips he is ready for underworld campaign now
  11. im closer to complete campaign with dwarf now im at dark elf area I post it here when its done I had some problems I run 4 campaigns but somehow the savegames got mixed up I manage to export all characters and two of them just have to start the quest over again as same as my dwarf are doing now it was only my wood elf who did not get mixed up into all that mess
  12. I had copy'ed my game sacred gold so I had it twice so I could run two campaigns now I mad a 3rd copy and there will be a suprise on the 3rd campaign
  13. I knew this wood elf would be a challenge for me and she dont do well with dragons (YET)
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