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  1. Are you fricking kidding me? It looks like this build is gonna work after all ... WHAT?!! AHAHAHAHHAAH !!! Anyways, time to turn up the trash-o-meter and go down to thrown down city ... the force is strong in this one. And by this one, I mean this build (especially the "hellmouth" part of the build ... the demon !! pay attention !! ) ... And by force, I mean brute, physical force, the kind that project metric tons of newton and dish out ... well ..; metrics ton of damage too. When it works at least .... AND IT IS STARTING TOO AHAHAHHAHAH!! Oups ... sorry, forgetting one thing: Welcome to a new episode of my new build messers and messertes ... "THE HELLMOUTH RUSH" BUILD!! Now, I haven't played as much as I wanted lately ... but ... I am past level 18 now. So far my skills consists of: Divine Devotion of course ( pay attention! ) Malevolant Champion Focus Bargaining Astrad Lord focus Death Warrior Focus (well all the focus in fact ... it's my turn to have to pay attention !! ) And finally Blacksmith!! Of course, we're dealing with the basic (anti) catholic kind of build here, meaning max devotion ... possibly for the rest of all time. And when I mean max devotion, I just don't mean in skill points spent, I mean ... MAX DEVOTION, as in proper relics, items and socketable jewelry. Which is where bargaining and blacksmith comes into play: Bargaining to find the right kind of jewelry and blacksmith to be able to socket it. Though I am starting to realize there's a way to exploit the game to go past that ... but I don't like cheating the game (just breaking it with original ways to deal metrics ton of damage ). By that, I mean by using only blacksmith and not bargaining. All the focus are necessary for a simple reason : To boost the HELL (duh!) of Hellish demon!!! Augmenting guidon is of course my primary focus at the moment, tough I am not sure if I am going to pick the lore skill yet. Death Warrior has got not only the minotaur but rousing command as well and finally astral lord has the shivering aura. Mods: Augmenting guidon: basically boosting attack speed and health regen. I am still unsure about further boosting Attack/Defense values or extra aura size. I am at the Atck/Def option to test it at the moment. Strangely enough, it seems the sakkara demon ,due to being so huge, is in fact more often in the aura of the guidon than not. Unexpected but good news ! Rousing command, ditto, there is a choice I am not sure about ... tough I did of course picked the option to boost everyone in my party (and yes! It seems to work on the demon just fine! Same as the guidon) And for Astral lord shivering aura, I only got the mod to reduce the armor of opposing forces so far. And even at low levels, its influence is already being felt. I am going to throw more runes into it soon. I am still lacking monies to buy and socket stuff atm tough ... but with the relics alone and two worn necklace-> My divine devotion is still at a respectable 38 ... at level 18. Or it was at level 18, I am playing at taking small breaks to write this. However, so far, this build is brilliant!! Not easy, especially early game, but brilliant and really fun! I am laughing a lot while playing to be honest. And seeing my sakkara demon whack the opposition into oblivion while being booster by my CA's ... what a sight to behold. Also, the minotaur is starting to "increase its intelligence" it seems ... or rather movement speed ( again, it's my turn to pay attention!). And with the rousing command + to movement speed, both it and the demon are getting much faster to whacking distance of the monsters. Add to this that, for some unknown reason, when I start to have raised minions from the dead ... well ... it seems to really enrage them and make them even more agressive! And when you're fighting in tight corridors or rooms ... AHAHAHAHAHH!! ... "They never stood a chance!" said my shadow warrior with a grinning and sadistic smile. The force is indeed strong in this one ... as in the wacking everything into a million pieces ... and it's not even at its full potential yet. AHAHAHHA! Of course, this will need to be confirmed by reaching niobum, but it's looking very good so far. MOAR TO COME !!!
  2. Thank you very much! I should also probably add two things about the build: First, I intend to add good strong defense to my toon to help between sakarra demon cooldown and second, the biggest problem I have at the moment is with the artificial intelligence, or lack thereof, of the minions, not just the sakarra demon but all minions in general. Though, in that front, there are exceptions, especially the Sublime Guardian for Seraphim. Also, perhaps mentioned before, I did and will go back at some point to my "Drow" High elf build. And I am doing this build mainly to test the minions of various char in EE. And I am also noticing another trend, higher levels combined with faster movement and attack speed results in a much more agressive, less stupid looking minion. I am hoping the augmentin guidon, rousing command +to speed will help there. Another thing of note, with the minotaur as an example, is that some minions CA seems to mess up their behavior. The minotaur often wander around like a bloody idiot, sometimes AWAY from monster ... then manage a stomp and then ... BOOM !!!! You have a very ,VERY ANGRY minotaur on steroid, hell bent on whacking every monster he can find Proper casting of augmenting guidon seems to help too. Even stranger, I never, ever had any problem with reanimated corpse who, on the other hand, are so visibly angry at being dead that they do their best to whack as many monster as they can
  3. Okay, I have a first report on my new shadow warrior messer and messertes ... and after having played, extensively, with my beloved Seraphim I thought it was high time I made a small trip to the dark side ... of sacred 2 Enhanced Edition Now, I do remember seeing flix mentioning the he wanted to make the divine spells worthy for those who invested in it. And since I am the kind of guy who forgot almost all the time to use the Inspiration/Reflect Divine spell. I decided to make a very, very devout SHADOW WARRIOR!! The idea first came to me while playing another build, my "Dark elf" (kuddos to the brave seraphim who posted the mod btw ). And since she was on the "dark path", I decided to pick up the Sakkara demon to see what's what. And yeah ... while sure you can summon it all the time, he's pretty damn effective .... when handled properly. However, I really, really wanted to push the limit on this and, after exploring the different classes and their CA, I opted for the shadow warrior. Basically, the idea is simple: Have you sakkara demon there as often as possible and boost it to the 9 hells with all available CA. Also, since my "drow" was made with the explicit intent of testing the "minion auras" (permanent buffs), this shadow warrior built seemed like a natural continuation of the idea. So, for skills: - Divine devotion is obviously a priority here ... and my shadow warrior is not just devout ... HE'S A FANATIC!! ie: I will always max that skill pure and simple, and of course, I will socket the crap out my equipment to push it as far as possible - Bargaining: I currently use this option to have easier access to jewelry that might give some more additional points - The rest will be mostly focused on Combat arts, specifically the kind that not only boost my demons but also give access to more minions to support the Demon. - And of course, the usual defense skills: At least armor, perhaps more to survive more easily during Demonic Cooldown. And while I am still in bronze and only relatively low level, I have a hunch this might work. Granted, it will need confirmation but it is surprisingly effective. I am also genuilely impress with the Minotaur in this build: During cooldown, he helps a ton especially with his stun stomp ... however when the Demon is there, said stomp become even more dangerous. I can see especially in the few bosses fight that I had so far. It had always went like this: I maneuver both my Minotaur and Demon on the Boss. They all start whacking on each other and ... soon after ... the minotaur manages to stun the boss. They double team on them and soon after .... the Boss melt down quite literally and very quickly AHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! For CA, the first one I am currently modding is the augmenting guidon ... confirmed that it works on my giant pal ahahahah! Then, there is the rousing command which also allows to boost minion. And of course, ditto for the rousing command. I intend to add things like either killing blow or shivering aura with mods to reduce the armor rating of the opposition, and make my demon whack on them even harder!! I have yet to reach that point. But, so far, when the Demon is here, it's ... wow! AAHAHAAHHHAH!!! Friendly tip: SHIFT+Click on a monster to direct your minions More to come later
  4. I currently have a 'Dark' elf on the side (kuddos to the creator of the mod btw ), and, while playing her, I had ... a possibly bad idea for a build. I am about start now ... let me just say that, while it won't be THE core skill of the build, it's quite possible that bargaining might nonetheless be instrumental. Now, I'll go start that game and try to open the hellmouth 'Buffy' style ... guess on which side EDIT: this is probably NOT gonna work but who knows?
  5. Here's the playlist of what I have so far. Mostly, it is elemental lords runs and bosses fight (with a 'grunwald's run' with Fire dragon boss fight at the end -> so you can see how confusing this can get )
  6. thanks very much flix! trying now ;)
  7. I am starting to think that the Lightning lord is not necessarly overpowered per say, but broken due to a strange bug. I wanted to do a lightning lord run and guess what happened? I dragged down to near 50-60% after trying a few things, and in the span of a mere few seconds ... he regenerated his entire life!! Case in point in the following video at the end : I am wondering if this might not be due to a bug where when you stack him with "%Max hitpoint reduction" (deadly wound, weaken from magic damage etc ....) it creates an unexpected event where he does not just regenerate the % that the debuff inflicted but a huge fraction of his life instead, and if you stack up those things ... he insta regenerate. I am not sure and could be wrong though.
  8. All right then I've just done some basic video: Like a Grunwald's run complete with Dragon Kill at the end ... the quality of the videos are very poor though and I have to redo the 'cryophoenix' in Ice due to a freezing bug (perma stuff for the rest of time ... or rather ... until reload bug ). For the moment, I am using the Expert touch build with the variant in the last posts but will of course do the same with the 'classical' build EDIT: First video posted, more to come. Question: Is there a way to reduce the display of youtube videos in darkmatters? It's a big huge for my taste. In the meanwhile, starting with some of the elemental lords fights and other bosses run
  9. Thank you very much Now, one of the last thing to do, would be for me to create and post videos to show how she handles 'live'. I was hoping to get some recommendations of specific places, mobs or boss fights to show ;)
  10. Thanks !! And I've just release Ezraelle now ... she's itching to share her adventures with many more gamers ;)
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is a save of the two versions of the Gatling Mentalist build of which I talk about in these threads: I've posted them here in case people want to have a go at how the build handles at niobum, Enjoy! ;)
  12. Gatling Mentalist builds View File This is a save of the two versions of the Gatling Mentalist build of which I talk about in these threads: I've posted them here in case people want to have a go at how the build handles at niobum, Enjoy! ;)µ Now, to give you a demo, a few videos (apologies for really bad quality, I will soon have a second computer to record more properly, and sorted out this OBS stuff ) I will upload and put the links to the video gradually in here: Standard mob fight on Christmas Island: Submitter Daedalus Submitted 09/20/2020 Category Fallen Angel Seraphim Builds
  13. All righty then, I made a copy of my character and used editor to make the Expert touch version of the build, which uses combat discipline in lieu of Shield skill. I had to make a few adjustments in the combos since expert touch messes things up on that front. Still, I believe I've come to a current working version for 'Expert touch'. Some things of note first, apart from what said above, the absence of shield skill is (relatively) noticeable. Your defenses will still be good but you need to take a bit of extra care especially with bosses during divine shield downtime. Second of all, the presence of combat discipline makes the build much, much more agressive. And third, you don't necessarily need a fourth combat art in a combo with this build (especially since there are some many seraphim aura in Alternate spells EE). In fact, one of the combat only has a single combat art in it ,taking advantage of the -10% regen time of the skill. (I believe you know which one). Combo 1: Sonic Vortex to Flaring Nova to baneful Smite : After a few tests, I ended up with this one to update its equivalent above. Basically, it has all the slow down mod as well as stun and crowd control in general. Combo 2: Just radiant pillar in there With Expert touch combined with combat discipline, you can easily get in the 'super spam range'. Combo 3: assailing sommersault to Archangel's wrath to Baneful Smite Combo 4: The same 'Dashing Divinity' combo as above with both temp buffs. is the opener in combat. Just quickly spam as many as necessary. If monsters gets too close, fire to push monsters away or for a chance to stun. The baneful smite will further make sure that they are slowed down if still there (which means getting dragged by one of your many pillars will take them out of commissions for a rather long time). is the finisher along with slot 3 that has just as above. You can use both to quickly get in contact distance, a chance to stun by jumping twice on them, and finish them quickly with . The part of the combo will take care of stragglers. And that's more or less how I play this build in 'Expert touch' with just one skill replaced compared as above. The rest of what I said in my initial post still applies, mod, items and everything. For those who may want to test, is there a way to share savefiles? I know I sometimes want to have one for other builds posted by players there. I am thinking of maybe doing the same myself if possible.
  14. Just a couple of notes: I am making a few more tests with this build: First, I am testing some different options with skills (mainly replacing shield with either combat discipline or energy shield). For the combat discipline, it obviously mean a bit of fine tuning for combos, but I am getting surprisingly good results so far ... but more on CA regen than damage so far (the additional damage I get from combat discipline is not really noticable at the moment ... but the combo usage however changes the build a bit, and makes it a bit easier to handle, and perhaps a bit more effective on some stuff ... but far less defensive). I have also resetted the quests in niobum for my original build and will try both my current EE settings (mostly super spawn) and will try the mod for higher difficulty after. I will add an alternate combo section later for combat discipline/expert touch later. Stay tuned!
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