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  1. NOTE: I might want to copy and paste this comment later on in my reports for my toons (feel free to delete or move if you feel it's better). it's been a while since I've done them Yep seraphim I am about to try this again. For some strange reason doing this before the fight, I'll think that as a sign of good luck I am amping up the defense a lot more though, and I am also going to add the sopor aethernis armor, the one that reduce damage over time because the magic attack that this dude has is quickling ticking away my magic/divine shield This is also where a weakness of my toon shows up, apart from magic and fire damage (from archangel's wrath), I am lacking in damage type variance ... heck I might even have to pop the BFG for this one ... which I usually never do . The only time I did it was my first encounter with the fire lord and even then, after that and ancient magic mastery, it was the only time I actually did Also cranking up the bass for this one to psyche me up ->
  2. thanks flix !! I wasn't sure what was happening but, yeah, poison damage seems likely ... of course it is the only type I can't really access easily or use well at all at that but I'll find something
  3. A small question: What are the lightning lord weaknesses? it seems that no attack that I have seems to work against him (on top of me having a good deal of ancient magic ... at mastery! though I believe one of the change to EE was to give enough damage mitigation to reinforce that you need to use a specific attack ... I am just no sure which one I should use here). Also, what are the attacks he is using? it seems he has damage over time magic ... but it is SOOO devastating. A single casting is enough to blast the overwhelming majority of my divine shield ... combined with his resistance, I'll fully admit it is the first time I am at a loss on how to defeat a monster :O (I'll try something with poison ... but my access to this type of damage is REALLY limited).
  4. I am going to make myself a couscous later on today. Hopefully, I won't forget to take a screenshot and post it here ;)
  5. Taking a break from the usual posting style for this report because of ... well ... reasons. It happened ... Her majesty Divania the first (and only ahahah!) is getting royally piffed of being constantly hammered down by monsters. And this can make her somewhat ... difficult to be around at times lol Also maybe why I had to take a couple of days off from the annoying ... I mean ... the SUPERBLY DIVINE seraphim that is Divania. And all of that is just an elaborate way of saying that she picked the reprisal mod on her most DASHING dashing alacrity CA ... okay that was way too redundant. I never tried this before but it seems to work surprisingly well with the current (and only) combat combo that I am using (Archangel's wrath to Baneful smite). I am also trying to ascertain whether or not it works with reflection, like from the forens divine gift. I am constantly shifting from "it doesn't work it seems" to "it seems to wokr" ... well. Also, after being pilled on all the time and as she is starting to get some cash, guess what our royal majesty has decided to do? ... I'll give you a hint: she's named DIVAnia ... so yeah ... she went shopping (another convoluted way of explaining stuff on the character, namely that she picked up the bargaining skill ). Also, that is the first time I've picked this skill since starting Sacred 2 again on account of preferring "real" skills that are usable directly in combat (and thinking I can find whatever objects I need with time) ... that being said, it is quite useful ... so useful that apparently Divania want to pick up the blacksmithing skill next ... more shinies in her armor and everything. I wonder how someone like her could dirty her hands with such menial work but okay .... Divania: IT'S NOT BLACKSMITHING !!! dang !!! It is the most HOLY art of that divine human creation called .... FASHION !!! Narrator: Okay, time for me to skedaddle ... her 'majesty' is in a mood again ;)
  6. Hum ... I am a bit confused whether that thread is solely focusing on the diablo mod or if it also about sacred 2 too in general. Which reminds me, Seraphim has a "splash" damage modifier in archangel's wrath. My highest level seraphim is using it with great success ... not to mention as a mostly pure caster build, it gives her access to weapon based damage attack and item modifiers What I am not sure with those modifier (+%chance to hit more than one enemy) is whether the + to combat art range helps there or not. It might seems that it does (again based on my high level serphim) but I am not sure. Maybe someone here will confirm
  7. All right, first episode done and posted by editing the first thread ;) EDIT : And the state of the build so far ....
  8. Reserved for future writing ( I am going to basically edit this post and update it as I go along, I found recently that doing thing in very small chunks at the start help building the necessary habit to do that ). Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, please meet my new Seraphim ... DIVANIA!! Does she look divine ? ;) Divania: Yes mortal, I know. Your syncophant attitude is much appreciated ... now go fetch me some ambrosia if you please! Daedalus : Ookkkkay ... we're off to a weird start. "Hear me fair ladies and gentlemen of ancaria, and let me tell you the tell of the most magnificent, radiant and fairest lady of all the lands ... I give you the most sublime ... DIVANIA!!! On to a quest to rid Ancaria of all Evil !! Divania: Thank you peon, thank you. But those clothes are unacceptable!! And getting rid of Evil?!! That sounds like a lot of work!! .... Work better suited to sycopanth like you!! Daedalus; I see we're off to a bad start. Divania: And I have much better thing to do than vanquish evil ... like say ... FINDING BETTER CLOTHES AND GARMENT !! THOSE ARE UNACCEPTABLE !!! Daedalus: Oh hell !! ... *think for a while until a light bulb turns on above his head* .... wait, I have on VERY good authority that vanquishing evil brings LOOOADDS of gold (more ambrosia for you!). Not to mention .... NEW GEAR!! BETTER GEAR !! .... even .... MORE *FASHIONABLE!!* GEAR !!! ... If you kill enough monsters of the right variety, yes? Divania: Hum ... You are right I guess peon. And anyways, I suppose that, while I am there, I might as well show some of the dreadeste creature of the land the might of none other than .... MEEEEEE !!! Daedalus: "And get those more fashoniable clothes I suppose ...." *HUM!!* Divania: What did you say, peasant? Daedalus: Nothing most divine, nothing ... good luck on your questS (plural!). Divania: Wha? More than one? *thinks about the latest ancaria fashio* FINE!! LET'S DO IT !!! ****Some time later**** Divania: These lands are soooo ... dirty !!! The dust and the mud and .... ****later after that**** Divania: Killing those monsters is hard work, dang! ****Even later**** Divania: I'VE BROKEN A NAIL !!! That's completely ... UNACCEPTABLE!! MUST I DO EVERYTHING MYSELF, GRRRR!!! What do you want, mongrel? You're a champion? you're think you're so though?!! COME HERE FORENS WORK SOME FOR A CHANGE!!! *Bammmm!!! Divine gift activated!!.... after a while, a pile of bodies is all around divania, having suffered some kind of ... divine inflected, compulsory "auto-kill"* ( yeah, she even refuse to take part in the fight in a very active way ... soo tiring* Divania: Much better but ... ouch it hurts a lot !!! and .... Daedalus: Yep ... I am guessing forens will wait a good while before deigning to help you again. Divania: That's unacceptable !!! Must I do everything .... MYSELF!!! You there !!! Lowborn rune master for which I've just done a favor .... COME HERE!! *A bit later on, the diva ... sorry ... Divania is no longer fighting alone* Divania: Yes peon!! A simple bodyguard for someone as radiant as me is simply no enough. I need ... A SUBLIME GUARDIAN INSTEAD!! Daedalus: have fun with her ... fighting monsters with here I mean ... Divania: Hum !! Daedalus: I mean ... Letting the bodyguard ... sorry ... SUBLIME GUARDIAN do the work instead of you. Divania: Hehehe ... *More to come soon, I need to play her a little more, but I intend to do this on a regular basis now, assuming people find it fun to follow ;) * Divania: dang !! This is hard work ... not to mention painful !! *pop a bottle of red ambrosia* ... hum ... much better! *See you in the next episode * EPISODE 2: "How to properly train and motivate a bodyguard" Divania: HUM !! " ... I mean ... a SUBLIME guardian" Narrator : And so it came that Divinia ... Divania: HUM! Narrator: Sorry ... our most SUBLIME and RADIANT Divania, came to hire a no less SUBLIME guardian. Divania: Not as sublime as me but I'll let it slide this time puny mortal. Narrator: hum! ... And so she brought along her new valiant sidekick ... *Much Later* Divania: This guardian seems quite the Diva, dang!! I have trouble motivating her to fight properly ... GRRRRR!!! Narrator: Hehehe. Divania: You find that funny? *suddent chilly silence* What could I do to properly motivate her? Ah yes, I know, lemme try this ... *Later on, sublime guardian got assigned to hotkey 7, and after trying to recast when she doesn't fight properly, came to the following conclusion ....* Divania: It is subtantially better .... but ... NOT ENOUGH dang !!! Ezraelle: Hum ... Sister, how about you listen to your fellow seraphim for a change? Divania: Listen to a cherubim? Ezraelle: That cherubim,as you say, is currently kicking ass in niobum, just saying ... also ... I am using a sublime guardian too and it has been a VERY long time since I had any complaint about her performance. Divania: Why would I listen to you, 'sister' ... 'LITTLE sister' at that? ... AND WHY DOESN'T THAT FRICKING GUARDIAN PULL OUT HER WEIGHT:)!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!! Ezraelle: hummmm .... *thinks a little about how to properly counsel her sister* ... how about you show her your true DIVINE nature? Maybe that would work? Here try this, it works wonders for me ... *And then later on, THIS happened* COMBO 1: Archangel's Wrath + baneful smite. Cast it now and then, watch results ... Divania: Ahhhhhh !!! This is SOOOOO much better !! Thank you LITTLE sister!! Ezraelle: Euh ... well ... you're welcome sister. "And the lesson of the day, if you want your bodyguard ... I mean ... SUBLIME guardian to work properly for you, it can help by Launching attack now and then to ... you know ... make a point that it IS time to kick ass and take names." Divania: AHAHAHAH !! And speaking of motivating the staff ... Forens ... COME HERE !! We need to talk !!! Narrator: is that a really good idea to talk to the gods like that I wonder? Divania: Of course it is ... I just need to write a proper contract to motivate him ... that and ... SHINY BAUBLES !! Yes!! True story !!! *Divine devotion skill picked, a few +to that skill relics added* Divania: It is not yet perfect but ... oh ... so much better. Diamonds and jewels REALLY are a girl best friend !!! Narrator: Okkkkayyy ... I think we'll stop here for that episode ... See you in the next folks
  9. thanks for the replies guys Now, small question: What would be the best way for me to check the installation of the CM patch? Because apart from that, I have no real bugs to report since installing it. ( Also, I might be bit proud somehow to be one of the few ones to "have a nunchaku". )
  10. Hey there flix Remember the issue with my seraphim you found? The one with lightsaber being called a "nunchaku". I believe I may have found the source of the issue: It's in the orc region with the mission where I think you have to escort the son of an orc leader to "thoughen up". Here is the reward for the quest; The characteristics for the "nunchaku" are pretty spot on by the way ... practically the same type of bonuses I had on my initial one (the "essence nunchaku"). Hopefully, that helps (granted it's just a typo issue but I like to contribute ;) ).
  11. Honestly, it has been pretty nice so far. And the change to buff "pets" makes me want to do a build based around just that to be honest ;)
  12. All right, been playing a few hours in the new 2.4 version So, first of all, the transition has been pretty smooth !! I couldn't resist trying the new version with my ezraelle And so far ... not a single bug !! yeah !! I am still early in trying the new version but, already, I did notice a couple of things: 1. First of all, the buff "pets" seems like ... like they spent some time training to the pittbull's arena, they are so much more aggressive I wasn't really complaining with the sublime guardian, and it is still much better in the new version. Just, maybe, she could use her pelting strikes more but that's about it The dragon's pet from the eponymous mage class however ... oh wow !!! Now, there's a pitbull if I ever saw one. The change has been pretty impressive so far. I was like ... ouch! That's gonna hurt for you monsters, héhéhé. 2. Not a lot of change I can see so far for items, though there seems to be a slightly better drop rate on rings and amulets for skills (though I still find too many with skills I don't use but thats okay ). 3. The biggest change for my (future arch) angel has been for the baneful smite ... especially since I am using the chain lightning mod First, much more damage overall for single targets and it chains a lot more and it, also, much more visible ... pretty fireworks!!! I haven't been able to test the new quests yet but I am closing in on that new magic elemental lord All in all, I am more than pretty satisfied with the changes so far, keep up the good work!
  13. Now that you mention it, it's actually quite possible. it was before my crash with sacred 2 where I had to reinstall the whole thing though. Still ... I think it might be a good opportunity to double check my own install ... especially with the Enhanced Edition version 3.0 of a new toon of mine which should be coming soon ;) Though, I'd like to, at least, finish niobum with my Seraph first of course
  14. I think that might be the source of the problem : NGCLF_CHAINWEAPONMorningStar,1Scourge,1Nunchaku,1 Maybe that helps answer your question .. but the names I see there seems to do just that For future reference, is it okay next time we discuss things like this that I post my response in the Enhanced Edition thread? For clarity purposes and so you have a single place to look for when trying to see things that needs to be done? EDIT: I might also need to check my version of community patch since I've installed it quite some time ago, a bit before I did EEdition 3.0, just as a side note and for clarity purposes ;)
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