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  1. Hello again !:) Ok, I have reached the 50th level. Also, I have passed to silver, I ve finished the bronze by beating the bosses in that level. By doing what RuDDicK showed, I ve managed to unblock Fadalmar's axe with only two Fadalmar's rings,that fire weapon helped me so much. Thank you again, RuDDicK! Few questions : 1. So now, I'm playing again the game ? In silver, yes, with much stronger enemies, but do I play again? Are there other quests ? Other bosses? 2. My stash is really full with runes and some amulets/rings. I really don t have empty spaces for deposit ( I wanted to show you a picture of what my stash look like, but I don't know how to upload it here ). What should I do ? What do you recommend to invest in ? Explosive Charge helped me a lot, Sudden Furry, PD and Testosterone. 3. I have around 90 skill points undistributed. Should I start to put points in the skills ? Do you have any recommandations ? Ok, I think I'll get the "Blade Combat" since I've reached 50, but in what should I invest more? 4. The Battle Fog combat art - in the hacked game that I used to play a while ago, before I bought this version from Steam, when I use Battle Fog, the enemies remained in the fog, and I could beat them. Now they are moving freely, as though that fog is useless : they see me, they fight me , etc. Could it be a bug of the game or should I upgrade to a higher level ?( now I'm on 8 ) Thank you very much, I hope I'm not boring you with my questions.
  2. I'm on 36th level now. I've read runes for all the techniques and spells, even if I don't use them all. I think I'll sell my Bahamut Blade, since I bought another poison blade with higher characteristics and also 2 free socket. My stash is getting smaller and smaller ... I think I'll keep the Fadalmar's blade for a while. Ok, I'll do that 4xHH combo, it sounds ..hard. Thank you, all, very much . I'll search for other topics around, I don't want to bother you too much, although I have many questions...and I'm only at 36th, bronze, on Ancaria....
  3. Hello to all, Rings with higher stats? All I get from quests/battles/visits on shops - are rings with max +2 stats ( + 2 to Dexterity, like). I didn't find until now( 36 th level) not one ring with higher stats. Also, I'm still getting rare items, obviously not for DE, but for all other characters :)). I've got also Fadalmar's Axe and yes, like you said, it has min 10 Axe Lore. Also, Ettol'Rahc Longbow, with min 10 Ranged Combat. Stashing them, but I'm full and it doesn't show any sign of getting ahead with it... One more question please : I keep stashing runes, I have heard that if I read them, the game will give me less. I have around 60 runes( DE and others), and around 30 amulets and rings. Should I keep them ( runes), or read them and increase my CA ? Thank you for your answers, I hope I'll get it... PS : earlier in the game, I wear some boots with "Die on sight 4%". I went to Silver Creek, the goblins were falling from their feet ! Magnificent :)
  4. Hello Thank you for your reply and I'm glad to be here ! I will look for the Ufos Hero Editor, but it's ok to modify it even if the game is bought and played within Steam ? Regarding the video, I thank you for your reply RuDDicK, but I don't understand. No offence, it's my first ever forum post, but for this game it's worth it. Sorry ! I'll need three rings of Bahamut to socket ? I play right now Sacred 1, I'm on Arcania with an Dark Elf and I'm on the 30th level. Sensing my frustration for not been able to play with the Bahamut Blade :), the game also gave me D'Brae'Sineltei's Swift Claws, so I guess I made peace with it for now :). I guess I cannot play right now with the BB, I have stashed it, although I think that, when I'll get to the 50'th level, my stats will be much higher and I will no longer need this specific blade. Maybe I'll get another one until then... Thank you very much and.. sorry for my english !
  5. Hello, I have started to play Sacred a while ago and now I have just reached level 30. I opted for Ballistics Skill ( until now I have : Dual Wield, Weapon Lore, Concentration, Trap Lore, Constitution and Armor ). Playing around Braverock Castle, I have found out the "Dark Path of Bathamut" blade...but it requires Minimum Blade Combat 4. Pfff....is there ANY, ANY way to equip this item without the Blade Combat Skill ? ( rings, amuletes, etc...) Alternatively, I can load the game just before reaching the 30th level , opt for Blade Combat and hoping that I will get the sword again. Is it worth it to skip the Ballistics for 20 more levels, until I reach level 50, only to get now the Blade Combat Skill and use this blade ? Thanks in advance !
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