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  1. Thanks a lot for your time! Really helpful. And yeah, the poisoning seems to have really low damage to me as well. Was confused with the silver mod since both radius and spread speed are what GOW needs to be effective and sadly you can only choose one.
  2. Thanks. One more thing to ask you, since you're a very experienced DM player, which modifications would you take for Gust of Wind? I swear all of them looks amazingly interesting and I am confused a bit.
  3. Yeah that was my point as well. As far as I searched, Draagen set is focused on Elemental Magic, but his appearance kinda make it low for me. I like Kha Beleth set a lot, looks badass for me, especially on special mount. Would you think it is fit for an Elemental Magic build?
  4. After losing a hardcore Temple Guardian at level 77 (sadly), I've decided to give an Elementalist DM a try. I will use Gust of Wind as a main offensive spell (Elemental Magic main aspect) with Familiar and Runes of Protection as buffs. Since DM has a lot of amazing sets (not refering to appearance but bonuses they provide), I am so confused which set to focus on. My choices so far are: -Draagen's Legacy -Auspicious Power -Chaoskampf -Kha-Beleth's Sovereignity Any help and tips will be more than appreciated!
  5. Should I extract the zip file or just delete the file from inside the Winrar program? I did found the folder called batteries while exploring the file but didn't extracted it yet.
  6. Hello! So I created my new TG as I said and I encountered a weird bug/interaction between batteries and pistols. The explanation is: When I switch between weapon slots or when I enter/exit caves or portals, my pistols seems to miss all the shots with the bullets hitting the ground (being fired from like the ankle level). The only fix for this is to remove the battery item equipped and then put it back. Anyone has a permanent fix for this or some idea? It starts to be frustrating having to put in/put out the battery all the time.
  7. Soure Warden Focus to be then Thanks for replying!
  8. Thing is I don't have a Lore/Focus skill on Source Warden to modify the Untouchable Force if I go Ancient Magic. Is it effective without the modifications?
  9. Greetings! I want to create a new triple aspect hybrid Temple Guardian and I'm stuck at the last skill. I will use the following spells: Devout Guardian - T-Energy Shroud (buff), Combat Alert (second buff), Battle Extension Lost Fusion - Furious Emblazer (main offensive combat art) Source Warden - Untouchable Force (3rd buff after Concentration mastery), Icy Ember, Charged Grid Here's my skill build so far: 2 - Armor Lore 3 - Tactics Lore 5 - Devout Guard. Focus 8 - Constitution 12 - Lost Fusion Focus 18 - Ranged Weapons 25 - Lost Fusion Lore 35 - Conce
  10. CTRL + CA works just fine, like others mentioned already but what seems to have a bigger impact (at least for my Shadow Warrior) is SHIFT + CA. When I use it like this my toon doesn't move at all and triggers the animation standing (even though enemies are far away). This being the only negative side, you do nothing if the enemies are not close to you since it will swirl the weapon into the air. PS: I am using both Community Patch 1.60 and EE Mod 3.0 as well.
  11. No, for me there wasn't any quest marker on the Catacombs. It only appeared and remained on that tiny island until I would eventually finish the game and for every character I played since then, the quest from the Undead Legion where you have to kill the 3 Liches and collect the magic pearls (or some jewels) triggered this. Couldn't managed to find a way to access it even now.
  12. It happened to me as well, 5-6 months ago. (you can see here). For me, it started after I killed the 3 Liches from the Undead Legion chain quest. (and it was not the only time this happened during this quest, even on different characters). I believe this is most probably a bug, since I didn't found too much info about it on the internet. Now started using EE mod (2.4 and now updated to 3.0) and this stopped happening, I can finish the Undead Legion without this random quest marker to appear on that island.
  13. What boss do you refer to? You mean the Grunwald Dragon or another boss I never knew about?
  14. Thanks! The Cursed Forest is more likely an experience-farm location for me (those constructs with the superspawn are always juicy) and I feel like those champion demonic eyes quickly kill me, even though I have Armor Lore, Constitution and Toughness all mastered. Also pumping up Vitality each level since the start. Now having around 16.000 HP and 10.000 resistance but I still feel squishy without a %Lifeleech source. Does this apply to 1 star quests as well? Or just 3-4+ stars ones like in the vanilla version? I don't mean vanilla 1 or 2 star-quests doesn't have the chance to t
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