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  1. I didn't encountered this problem (playing on a laptop currently too) but I have read about it in the past. My suggestions and the best ones I know so far, are these: 1. Try to hit the monsters while using CTRL + left click. It may work this way and fix the issue afterwards (no need to attack via CTRL click after) 2. Try to hit the monsters from different angles, locations, terrain etc. Sometimes, the terrain can be an "invisible barrier" in front of the attacks, though it mainly affects ranged attacks 3. Try using a weapon based combat art (for your Seraphim I suggest Soul Hammer or Pelting Strikes) to see if it hits this way 4. Backup your saves and uninstall and reinstall your Community Patch (if you have it installed). If none of these works, I'm afraid I don't know the source of the problem and I have to admit it's pretty unusual. But I hope some of these things do help you in any way.
  2. Does it need to start a new campaign for the changes to apply or I can continue the current one(s)?
  3. I might be wrong but I have a glimpse that I recently got a +Alchemy yellow relic from a random drop. This was a few days ago so I don't remember correctly though, I might be mistaken or not. Edit: I searched the Google just now and it seems that Alchemy relics aren't in the game, so I probably remembered wrong.
  4. I can play the game with an integrated GPU on medium settings or below. I can play with the v-sync on but when large groups of enemies shows up or when lots of spells are thrown, it lags. Not that much but it can be frustrating. I'll try to rollback the driver version though when I'll be on my laptop later on.
  5. Greetings! I played Sacred 2 on my laptop for a few months with the v-sync off (since I want more performance) and the game felt very good in terms of fps and performance. However, yesterday I had a Windows update that updated my graphic card (an integrated Intel Iris 5100) driver too and the game went crazy right after. As showed in the attached file below, I encounter this strange graphic issue ONLY when I have the v-sync off. No matter if I play on lowest or highest details, this thing only occurs when I have the v-sync set to off. Once I enable it, it's all gone. Any solutions or suggestions to get rid of this issue? I kinda want to play the game with the v-sync off because it lags my game a lot since the specs of my laptop aren't that good for gaming. PS: Sorry for the bad quality of the file
  6. Yeah, that makes sense now. I also got confused a little when I saw that I have 2 different named potions of Undead Death in my inventory
  7. Recently I've been wandering randomly in the lands of Ancaria when a Kobold dropped me this strange item (at least for me since I never encountered it before) At the first sight it is a strong Potion of Undead Death, but I see it has a kinda unique name. Anyone else encountered it? I find it pretty awesome to be honest even though it's just a potion I guess it will have a place in my shared stash soon EDIT: I googled it and it seems that's just a Strong Potion of Undead Death. I was confused by its name since I got some potions of Undead Death dropped after a quest but they aren't sharing the name with these. I have like 10 like these called "Strong Potion of Undead Death" and one called "Maelstrom of Hell" for some reason
  8. Yeah, pretty much CM patch fixed it. One question I have. I see you mentioned some mods in the post, EE, D2F and Addendum. EE is Enhanced Edition but what are the other two? Asking because I might give them a try
  9. I have finished the Cursed Forest chain quest four times after my return to Sacred 2 (March 2020) so far and I had no problem playing the game afterwards. I completed it on Silver, Gold and Platinum as well and everything went fine. I only have CM 1.60 installed without anymore patches and as I said, it worked just fine for me. EDIT: Sorry for the late reply, I ain't been active so far in the last time since I had a busy schedule, I hope I still helped you somehow
  10. Thanks for the info! Your idea sounds good and the flexibility in the build makes it even better
  11. I do have the CM-Patch 1.60 but I don't remember exactly if I got a clover drop yet Also, that Voodoo Dryad you showed above is awesome, now I beg my old Voodoo Dryad I had some time ago didn't became so squishy at Niobium and the damage I was doing was so low lol Seems like you learn something new everyday
  12. It makes sense, it's well written Personally, the best way to gain valuables for a non EP toon is by doing 4+ star quests, that's how I completed some of my Seraphim sets. But outside of these quests I only got an all class unique jewel from time to time and nothing else. For my EP Dryad the items drops frequently, even from some random Kobolds, I even got a lot of Dryad specific uniques such as Death Pipe (3 times), Aura of Death (2 times), Shaman's Mask (2 times), some unique Dryad boots that I forgot their name (4 times lol), along with some unique all-class ranged weapons that are actually very good such as Poison Star (3 times), Star of Astaroth (1 time), Dragonbone Swiftbow (4 times), Bull's Eye (2 times) and Molotov Cocktail (1 time). All these only on Gold difficulty. I just started Platinum and I noticed another increase in the drop frequently. I only left the starting island and reached Sloeford and I already got 2 uniques (a ring and an amulet) and a piece from the Detheya set. I start to find EP and even Bargaining a valuable skill that has to be added in most of our builds since you'll eventually have a very strong gear.
  13. I don't have an alchemy character yet. I may indeed try one on another Dryad since it kills faster than anyone in my opinion. Also, what enemies drops the four leaf clover trophy? I ain't paid much attention to trophies since I didn't use Alchemy yet. I may go farm some of those to fill up the shared stash for the future characters.
  14. I believe it all comes to luck (along with find valuables modifiers). Today I managed to test 2 different toons. Both level 100-ish, a level 108 Dryad and an old level 105 Seraphim (that I actually lost since I died lol, but it was worth it in the end). Seraphim without any general skills and Dryad with 108 points in Perception. Both 10 runs at the Guardians (50 bosses in total with the egg). The Dryad was raining sets and uniques (got a Star of Astaroth as I said along with a piece from the Mormorin Mutation set) while the Seraphim only got a few set relics and some all-class sets and uniques. That being said, my theory is that your map explored, survival bonus and find valuables modifiers actually have a HUGE impact, rather than minor that some players believes for the legendary drops (got my first one today after only 100-120 guardians killed with 65% map explored, 90% SB and around 100% find valuables).
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