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    because I found a mini portal near bluestonbury that I apparently accessed once but cant anymore and I want to know how to get there again
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    sorry Sacred 2, but... HL1
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  1. Yeah, I've been at it this past weekend... enough to completely ignore the forum and your comment. Since the post, I killed the Octagolamus, a couple of dragons, a demon and talked to the other dragon that sent me to the swamps. I activated the portal and went back to visit the rest of the Seraphim and Dragon Islands since I had left some parts unexplored. Busy couple of days. While I have you here, I have some more questions before continuing (I've binged this game and in 3 weeks since May 10th, I've clocked in 3 days and 16 hours of gameplay, or 88 hours in 21 days, so I'm taking a little break): 1. I'm at level 30, how safe is it to visit the Crystal Plane and the Blood Forest? I don't see those being a part of the main quest, but should I wait to reach a certain level before heading there? I've already been to and completed the Northland, if that's anything. 2. A quest bugged for me, "Heavy Burden". I killed all the spiders, came back to Skook's Corner, talked to Tallin, completed the quest (or so I thought), but the grey circle persisted. Now, when clicking on it while on the map, I get a waypoint that sends me to the middle of the Dragon Sea, just south of the Seraphim Arena, and doesn't appear as completed in the journal (picture showing waypoints in map and incomplete quest in journal). Thank God it's not an essential quest, but any ways to get rid of the grey circle in the middle of Artamark? It doesn't bother me... that much. 3. Is there an official DarkMatters Discord to ask these kind of meaningless questions? Because if there is I can't find it. Don't get me wrong I like it here and I will contribute more as soon as Sacred 2 stops being the center of my attention, but I don't know I feel kind of dumb making a post about a question that could be cleared up quickly in a groupchat. If there isn't it's alright but I have to ask. That'd be all for now, and thanks for the kind words!
  2. I'm dumb and can't read. Disregard this post. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Grotto_of_Death Talk to Ogan Kandimiro Go to the cave Go in cave Retrieve amulet Return to Odan Kandimiro I'm having trouble with step 4 of retrieving amulet. The wiki's notes say "Make sure that you're headed for a cave on the west side of Ruka, not in the center of town." but even when doing that amulet is nowhere to be seen. If I had to guess, I went into the cave before getting the quest and opened one of these treasure chests that were supposed to give me the amulet? Really confused here. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. I know you for sure, countless hours spent reading your posts. thanks for the warm welcome!
  4. It's been resolved but I thank you nonetheless for the welcome. Last Epoch looks interesting, but is it promising?
  5. My name is Lucas but I type it with a v to look edgy/Roman. I love fantasy in all its forms, if you couldn't tell by my online last name, but LotR is a big part in my life as well. Books, TV shows, movies, video games, you name it, I enjoy it. My history with the Sacred franchise is one that has probably already been experienced so I'll try to keep it short: played the first game as a kid leaving childhood (age 12), played the second as a teenager (age 16). So it has been with me and helped me pass the time through my development years. Although I'm just now joining the forum, I'd come here and read posts all the time when I was playing (2008-2010), but I didn't have a motive to post. I do now because, and I'm pasting the reason I gave when I was registering "I found a mini portal near bluestonbury that I apparently accessed once but cant anymore and I want to know how to get there again". I'll explain: quarantine got me so fraked up I started my first Sacred 2 campaign in 10 years. I said to myself to not touch it again because I get carried away and end up spending 52 hours surveying the map and doing sidequests, and not proceed much with the main storyline... which is what happened. For example I replayed and finished the first Sacred a few years ago and I have just under 80 hours for it on Steam. As for Sacred 2, I'm currently in Act II after 52 hours of gameplay. Slow player, I know. I have a love/hate relationship with non-linear games like these for a reason. I love exploring all of the regions but I hate looking at the time and realised I spent 6 hours doing it. Now that we're all caught up, during my scouting I found Bluestonbury, in north eastern Tyr Lisia, just north western of the Bluestone Lake. I went to the docks and it portaled me a little bit east. Upon inspection I realise there's another portal even more east of that last one, but is not reachable by land (or at least I couldn't find a way): I have a faint memory that near Thylysium I found some portals, one of them landing me there, and as I saw how far away I was from before, I portaled back and forgot about it. "Meh, I'll go back later." But now I don't know how. I don't think I even remember going there in my first few playthroughs. Now that I think of it, I don't know if I should've made the post about what I just wrote under "General Discussion (PC)" or "Guides, Maps, Walkthroughs and Videos". But it tied into my introduction! Anyway, care to help a veteran gamer but newbie forum member? Thanks in advance!
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