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  1. Hi folks, I have a doubt in whats the best way to to go in attacking enemies. When you hover your mouse over one you can see ( for instance ) something like this : (Where it says last opponent). So what I understand from that Last opponent info is that the wolf has only physical armor, which means any other type of damage from my weapons will cause more damage than simply hit him with a sowrd with only physical damage. Sometimes some enemies have mostly, let's say, Ice armor, which I understand I should avoid hitting them with an ice weapon since that will diminish the amount of damage I can inflict on the enemies. Am I correct on this assumptions?
  2. I have a doubt regarding ( and I know this is a subjective topic but please bear wth me ) what is in your opinion to play sacred 2. In my case, I have Sacred 2 Gold installed and on top of it the CP 1.60. But todat I have been going through the mods and I want to know what is what tou folks think is the "perfect" set up. I think my game as it is is awesome, but I wanted to know your opinion since maybe I am missing something nice.
  3. Nice info. It would be nice to know if weapons do actually slowdown enemies as well. Ill try to forge some ice weapons and test this tonight.
  4. Hi folks, Simple question. Does ice have the effect as in Diablo games where enemies get slowed down/immobilized when successfully hit with a ice damage?
  5. Thanks so much for this warm welcome. I am very happy to have found this site and keep this awesome and underated game alive.
  6. Thanks so much for your answer. Just to clarify, when you say "IRC the leeching is also done when you hit your enemy with another weapon" means if I am dual weilding and one weapon has the "Life Leech +X" but the other one does not, even then both weapons leefh life from the opponent. Right?
  7. Hi folks, first of all, I am getting more and more into this game and also into this site and I ( I know I am repeating myself ) but want to thank you again for all your work. I have to say that I am a native Spanish speaker with a good level of English so If I find some spare time and you need a translation contribution to it, please let me know and Ill try to do it. I am a developer as well. Well, getting to the actual point of my question, in my game I got a weapon that states "Life leech +4" as one of its attributes. I do not see any skill in the game specifically related to "Life leech". Am I understand that this is a generic skill that simply "applies" to any character? I am playing as an Inquisitor, and I dont have any other weapon or armor piece with this attribute so my current level of "Life Leech" is 4 when using this weapon, right? And if so, what does "4" stands for? Do I get +4 of life from my foes when I actually hit them? Or is it a porcentage of life from the max points of such foe? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello folks, I am playing as an inquisitor, and I was reading that it was very useful to take the "Bargaining" skill a few points above your current level. So I have been trying to assing points to that skill at every level update. But the problem is the game is not allowing me to add more points to that skill than to my level. For instance, I was at level 19 about to gain level 20. Once I did I tried to add the three skill points to bargaining but the game only allowed me to assing one and then it greyed out the "up" arrow so both my char level and my bargaining level was 20. Why is that? Am I missing something?
  9. Hi all, This is my first post on your site and first of all I want to thank you for creating a point of contact for people who love this game so much as I do. Having said that, I have a doubt regarding the bonus calculation I would like to address here. Reading through dual wielding skill here : http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Dual_wield#:~:text=español • français-,Dual wield,effects from other weapon skills. I can see this being said ( and I quote ) : "Dual Wield does not stack with Sword Weapons or Hafted Weapons. Example: Let's say you have picked dual wield and sword lore skills and you're using two weapons in one slot. In that case, your sword lore skill will only apply to any attribute marked as "Modifier: Sword lore" on any weapon you find. It will not improve the attack speed or the attack value any further." Should I understand from the above that having both Dual wield and ( for instance ) Sword Weapons as bonus makes no sense in a character? In my game I am playing as an Inquisitor. I have Dual Wield already but I am hesitant to get any weapon skill because of this. Thanks in advance!
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