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    If a direct attack in a combo kills your target outright, then a rest of the chain may not execute. I.E. If you have Wrath as the starter and it kills your target, if you have other direct attacks in that combo, then they will likely not excute. Celestial Light and Flaring nova will always work together in a combo..I recommend Celestial light be the leading attack, since it wil let you target the area you want..and Flaring will excute around you afterwards. If you do Flaring nova followed bu Celestial Light..the light may not target properly. Certain skills work together in combination better than others Regardless, the damage boost from Combat Disciple to combat arts modifies them regardless if they are in a combo or not.
  2. Cygnus


    Not a problem per se, more a clarification. "Tank" is not the most suitable word, your defense rating is going to be low since the majory comes from a high leveled Battle Tactics buff and/or a Shield lore and shield; also without combat reflexes you have very little evasion and ability to not be critically hit. If archangel is one shoting champion and boss creatures...then it is something I certainly would like to see in action. Last I knew Wrath usually missed if used in melee range, unless that has been fixed. Withouth Tactics Lore..Ranged weapon and BFG will be ineffective. Combat Displine would be a better choice for damage in this build..since it relies mostly on casting.
  3. Each weapon only has 1 possbile elemental slot. Some weapons do not do pure physical damage, like Ice Flash..a large part of it's base damage is Ice. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacre...28One-Handed%29 You could but an ice crystal in it to further increase the % of the base weapon damage is considered Ice..or use anything else you want. Again weapons will only have 1 damage type slot. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacred_2:Forging The reason for the ability to switch to and elemental weapon damage is to let players capitalize on a foe's armor weakness for maximum damage potential. Example..that fire creatures are likely going to be very resistant to fire...but vulnerable to ice.
  4. Cygnus


    The best I can tell, like another posted, the turtle champion shield relfects melee and range weapon Combat Arts. Spells do not appear to be reflected and normal attacks seem to not be reflected either.
  5. Cygnus

    S2 has turned me lazy.

    Inventory Tetris. I so despise this inadvertant mini-game within games. Unfortunately all too common in an RPG games action or otherwise, players are forced to spent large amounts of time managing inventory. The phase was coined with the game Tetris and players having to manupluate inventory items to get everything to fit. But that is a little off topic... The only problem I have with socketing in Sacred 2 you could remove Blacksmith arts from sockets, now it seems once a Blacksmith enhancement is put into a socket, it seems to stay there forever...I find it uncool and would like to remove the smith arts from sockets when I want.
  6. Cygnus

    Looking for some opinions...

    Hard for me to comment...my latest Seraphim is a Sacred 2 version of how I played in the original Sacred. Tactics Exalted Focus Dual Wield Armor Lore Combat Reflexes Constitution Celestial Magic Lore Celestial Magic Focus Concentration Spell Resistance (optional with another skill) The premise is Celestial magic is a stong complent offensively and defensively. Hallowed Restoration can not only provide incredible healing it can also make you temporarily immune to damage over time as well and reducing negative effect times of certain effects. Radiant Pillar aside from adding supplimental, sustained area damage, can also be modified to reduce foe attack rating while inside the pillar. Cleansing may only do damage to Undead and T-Energy creatures...it can however be modified to constantly reduce the attack speed of any foe within its radius. My recommendations. Perhaps add Celestial Magic Lore..that alone even without focus can modifed Restoration and Pillar to be very useful to you. Reverse Technology dabbling can also be useful for Divine protection and Flaring Nova. Avoidance is the primary defense of a Seraphim.
  7. Cygnus

    Crystal Skin: The Gold Mods

    Yes Slyph, that is Selene portrayed by Kate Beckinsale
  8. Cygnus

    Crystal Skin: The Gold Mods

    For me it is a matter of style. Hit and run. I would rather cast less and do more damage each time and stay mobile instead of being stationary and repeatedly casting.
  9. I have the Steam version. Works fine, but the updates can take time to happen.
  10. Cygnus

    Crystal Skin: The Gold Mods

    I use Glacial Thorns as my primary universal damage spell so went with Frosty Breeze mod for Cystal Skin to get the extra damage.
  11. If Ascaron guilty of anything with their Sacred titles it is simply being over ambitious. In my view not a bad thing at all, but with it comes with a tradeoff many little bugs and what not that takes time to iron out.
  12. I spotted this tidbit as I was surfing my regular sites. Dire news indeed... Today the German game developer and publisher Ascaron announced to have filed for insolvency on April 14 at the local court Bielefeld. The Guetersloh insolvency lawyer Dr. Frank M. Welsch is authorized as provisional liquidator. Ascaron wants to take the chance to save the company and as many jobs as possible. The executive board has already started negotiations with several well-known potential buyers which are now continued together with the provisional liquidator. Ascaron executives thank their employees and all Sacred 2 fans. Simultaneously Ascaron and Deep Silver announce that Sacred 2 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 will be released as scheduled. Deep Silver confirmed May 29 as release date. Currently the developers are working on a Sacred 2 PC add-on as well as on the successor Sacred 3. The legal steps Ascaron has taken this week were necessary after the development of Sacred 2 had been considerably delayed within the last four years.
  13. Best birthday wishes Dobster!
  14. Best birthday wishes to you Gogo.
  15. Cygnus

    Indy's anime thread

    No much to add..except music wise. I think Indy mention looking for music for Ghost in the Shell. Yoko Kanno is a popular composer and has done many soundtracks for anime. Inner Universe - sung by Origa Rise - sung by Origa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bOhI-P6de4...feature=related Tank! Battle Frontier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADIWb6Lrszo Moon - sung by Gabriela Robin