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  1. Hey quick information: I just noticed certain enemies in Garema Embalmed Forest territory, I think they're called Skull Ripper in English, actually wield the sword of the gladiators XMAS set! I noticed because I tried out a build around chance that enemies die on sight and when they died, they dropped the sword every single time! I don't know if that works with things like BMs whirlwind too yet. But now there's a quick way to farm them And it works every day, not just on Christmas xD Some speculation (would probably fit more into isle of thoughts, but I don't want to create two topics for the same theme): Maybe the X-MAS sets were originally sets exclusively for enemies and the skull ripper actually utilizes all three set items but can only drop the sword? Maybe that's their way of increasing certain enemies stats on higher difficulties without changing the level, so e.g. a max level skull ripper on niobium would still be more challenging than a max level skull ripper on platinum? And maybe they just made them drop at the starting isle to give us a hint about that?
  2. Hey Yep. First of all, here's what I think about guides: So although I have quite some experience with lots of different Inquisior builds in Niob, I would never tell you how to play the game. I did that once, it was a huge mistake. However I think it's okay if I answer some of your questions that could save you from frustration, but I won't give any recommendations about what or what not to do. One last thing before we start, this is assuming that you play only with the latest CM patch and no other mods. I won't answer that question, however here are four tips that are somewhat related to your build: 1. You get a total of 911 skill points to spend if you wanna reach lvl200, which is enough for all ten skills mastery and additionally getting one of those skills at maxlvl (level 200) and one at level 111. If you wanna get 4 skills at maxlvl, you will have enough skillpoints left for a 5th skill mastery and 32 points left (not including the other 5 skill choice points) 2. You'll have to ask yourself: strong at what? Do you want to be able to bosshunt and sacrifice mass kill speed for that or vice versa? Or do you want both? 3. If you want the same char to be a trader and a blacksmith, you won't have enough gold to do either of those at an effective level. Both is really pricey and all my traders and blacksmiths have been contantly out of money in the past. You could however give him all of your found valuables left to spare and sell them, although that's a lot of work 4. Your attribute points increase as a percentage of your base attribute points on every levelup and the Survival Bonus gives a percentage bonus to that value (after levelup bonus, but before armor boni and stuff). Those increases of your attributes matter way more than the attribute points you're spending. The inquisitor with a base value of 22 has the second to last amount of base Willpower of every character class with the Dryad coming in last with 20, however the Dryad has the amazing Goldenglade Touch which can give HUUGE amounts of Willpower boost. This makes the inquisitor, lacking any way for a good Willpower boost, the worst character for using lightsabers (and the shadow warrior the best, with a base Willpower of 26 (highest in the game) AND the Grim Resilience buff for Willpower boost.) Which does no mean you should not do it, he is definitely able to, but it will be a lot harder to pull off than with other chars. What is worth noting is that the inquisitor has a pretty high Dexterity base value of 27, making Pole weapons a popular choice. I only wrote that because one does not normally think about that, choose whatever you like, he can do anything except 1h+shield, however some things are way harder to pull off than other. Yes, it's possible to do a pure magic caster, but I found it insanely hard and not very satisfying. Yes or no, depending on the rest of your build. Some possible things that help in the AV/DV check from most to least effective per category: CAs: -Soul Reaver buff, but that won't help you at bossfighting. -Paralyzing dread and Frenetic Fervor work great together, if you want to mod them that way. -all of his weapon based CAs give a boost to AV, but only for the CA -dislodged spirit (via dexterity debuff) Skills: -the correct Weapon Lore to your Weapon (including dual wield, which replaces the wepon lores of your wepon, so the only reason to skill both is for the item modifiers that are unlocked by one of those skills) -Speed Lore -Combat Reflexes does NOT give you AV (I believed that for a long time when I was inexperienced) Gear: -chance that opponents cannot evade Attack gear -anything with AV -chance for double hit, critical hit, open wounds, deep wounds etc. do NOT work, they only trigger after the AV/DV check has been successfull and afaik the double hit even needs to go through a second AV/DV check (correct me if I'm wrong) (btw AV = Attack value, DV=Defense value) As I already explained, the inquisitor has very low Willpower in General. His base value for Vitality is 23, which is mediocre when compared to other characters, but absolutely horrible when compared to the damage you receive especially when you keep in mind that the inquisitor does not have a protective buff and cannot wear shields. So you will always be weak at both, no matter where you spend your attribute points. What matters more are your skill, armor and relic choices. For me there are basically two ways he can build his defenses: The more standard one is the Armor Lore/Toughness/Constitution/LL(% and flat value) synergy. If I do that, I mostly dump all of my points into vitality. It is also possible to try to not even get hit in the first place, I did that multiple times with the Reverse Polarity buff and stacking lots and lots of DV (he has high Dexterity) and spell resistance. Combine that with his high debuff potential and you got yourself a build. It works, but not great, however if you manage to pull it off, it frees you your attribute points, which means you could (more or less) safely spend everything on Willpower if you like. And on top of that you're truly invincible and not just very very tough. However there are some downsides. Just remeber that this is luck based, all it takes is one hit in niob and you're dead. And this totally eliminates his damage of enraged player potential. And then you probably want to skill armor lore just for the regtimes, which would be a waste you'd need to take. Try to find your own way. I won't answer that question. OK. I've done lots and lots of pure spellcaster Inquisitors, and this is definitely not easy but I don't go with people who say that this disqualifies him as a beginners char because it is a great learning experience. However I assume that you're searching for an easy and reliable build and you only chose inquisitor because he has both blacksmithing and bargaining? Then take a look at this sword, this inspired my today (in terms of level, killing speed and fun) most successfull melee inquisitor.
  3. That's the spirit <3 Yeah, I'm probably like 15 years late xD But I was like eight when the game came out, and I could only play on my uncles PC. To be fair, he probably only allowed me to play because I was leveling his chars xD
  4. Oh man, there you're offline for just a couple of days and then this happens wow, did catch me by surprise! Yeah same This looks so cool, seems like we have some talented people here. My avatar is a cutout of one of my math exams... doesn't get any scarier than that! Ok ok, jokes aside, I'll search for something more fitting xD
  5. Haven't had much time the last couple days, but I saw your reply, thanks <3 I have some trouble again: I downloaded v1.9.0. There are now binaries, just a library, and in order to build the .exe it says in the readme file to download and extract the gplex scanner and gppg parser generators into the external folder. Luckily, there are links to the version Norbyte's tool needs: https://gplex.codeplex.com/releases/view/129748 https://gppg.codeplex.com/releases/view/129749 In fact, Norbytes rebuild_parser.bat seems to look for two specific binaries, gplex.exe and gppg.exe (I'm using notepad++, no worries): external\gppg\binaries\gplex.exe /out:LSLib\LS\Story\Osiris.lex.cs LSLib\LS\Story\Osiris.lex external\gppg\binaries\gppg.exe /out:LSLib\LS\Story\Osiris.yy.cs LSLib\LS\Story\Osiris.yy pause Unfortunately when I downloaded from those links, there are no binaries again, but after extracting it includes the sourcecode.zip files which contain a generateall.bat file, which doesn't do anything after running. I've looked into the script and it looks like this: REM generate resource resX file and copy to destination csc GenerateResource.cs GenerateResource.exe move Content.resx ..\IncludeResources del GenerateResource.exe REM generate a fresh copy of parser.cs gppg /gplex /nolines gplex.y move parser.cs ..\GPLEX REM generate a fresh copy of Scanner.cs gplex gplex.lex move Scanner.cs ..\GPLEX if not exist GplexBuffers.cs goto finish move GplexBuffers.cs ..\GPLEX :finish REM Ended To me it looks like it's supposed to be run after the gppg.exe / gplex.exe are already built, to generate some additional files while maintaining the correct file and folder structure. There are also .pdf files which are supposed to explain how gplex and gppg work, they have an installing section included, but e.g. for installing gppg it says the following: However there are no .exe files in the bin folder, in fact the bin file isn't even included in the downloaded .zip archive, only the gplex sourcecode.zip file has a bin folder after extracting and it contains two empty folders, Debug and Release. Actually, the whole folder structure is completely different than what it says in the .pdf files for both gplex and gppg. I'm so confused right now. Am I supposed to build them from the source code via #C? Because I have zero experience with any C languages or parsing. That's my thought process, hopefully it's not too embarrassing for you EDIT I just remembered the .pdf files were not included, I downloaded them separately. I think from the same website, but not sure anymore.
  6. The conversion works for skeletons and animations but when I try to import anything that includes meshes I get an error: But as you said, was worth a try
  7. uhmmm... didn't know this exists seems like I got too excited... after going through the idle and movement animations, I wanted to test the results and as it turns out the plugin doesn't support exporting to .GR2, only importing. I didn't realise - it litterally says in the title ".GR2 reader", not writer. I should have known better, seems like I've overseen a misunderstanding: well the importing was already partially solved( although the Reader plugin improves and simplifies the process by miles <3). But the exporting has been an unsolved issue ever since, so I'm back to the old problem, the only known way by me to export as .GR2 files is a leaked plugin for 3dsmax. I think there is only one way left... going through the plugin line by line and trying to reverse the process. I'm really not an experienced programmer, I've done a bunch of sorting algorithms and some mathematical stuff for my university in python and some mods for factorio and scrap mechanic in lua, but that's it. This might take a while and it's very likely that it might not even work. I'm so glad you say this, I was a little bit worried that the moderators (including you) wouldn't like me talking about this stuff. I would say for the community to become more open-minded about modding was quite an achievement by you all then. my opinion always has been that there will always be people who try to do immoral stuff but if I hold my everything back, I'm doing more damage than if I shared them and risking that people do bad things with it. This holds on for pretty much anythiny, being it about sharing solutions in school and university or being it about sharing tools for modding video games. Anyways, I'm really glad that we can talk openly about this. Well I'm thankfull for anything you can offer, being it useless or the best thing ever <3 Wow, that's just - wow. I hope to interpret the outspoken and the non-outspoken correctly. Well I wasn't judging when I wrote that, these prices were the reason I was thinking about doing the same. It's just frustrating, I wonder wether there'll be ever an official im- and exporter for private usage. Maybe if enough people request it?
  8. Importing worked great so far! Both Sacred 1 and 2 files keep their meshes, submeshes, bones, UV-mapping, everything works! I'm so excited to show you the results! EDIT actually it's getting really late, I'll continue the rotating and scaling tomorrow. If I can sleep upon so exciting news haha. Again, thank you so much! This person, jayn23, is a genius!
  9. uhmm... I'm feeling a little bit stupid right now. tried now for the last hour to install noesis both via python and sourcecode, via python it says that I should install oracle jre 1.6 or later, via source code it says it can't find the module "javabridge". I've created an oracle account (I'm now anakin skywalker, jedi temple 8, coruscant lol) and installed the latest version jre1.8.0_261, still doesn't work. I don't know what the issue is, uhm help? EDIT this line is the problem: from pkg_resources import resource_filename import javabridge as jb EDIT2 oh man, apparently I can't install the latest version of javabridge, I have absolutely no idea why. but pip install javabridge==1.0.16 worked. Probably my python is outdated? I have 3.7.4. Now finally it worked. I've been literally trying this for two hours now, five minutes after I asked for help I find the solution lol. But I can finally test the plugin, thank you very much, I'm soo excited about when I finally see anducar in sacred2
  10. Oh this is great news! I'm gonna test this immediately! <3
  11. Here's an update (I hope it's okay): Using the grnreader98 method gives you the skeleton, the bones, but it doesn't give you the mesh. BUT I found another way: converting the .GR2 file to .obj via evegrtoobj gives you the mesh, but not the bones. So combining these two works for both Sacred 1 and Sacred 2 files However if you want to apply the texture, unfortunatley something really messes things up. In another thread, @Inspired explained why (he's been a great source of information for me so far <3) Additionally some models are split into different section, like e.g. the Carnach (called "firedemon" in the gamefiles) is split into lower body, upper body, his wings and his sword while the .obj conversion merges it all together. Well, almost all, his swords model is on a different file. This is not much of a problem though if you want to make your own texture, but it is still annoying. However there is a problem, I need to think about how to export everything back into the game, since if I export it as .obj, it remains the mesh and looses the skeleton and vice versa for .smd. I don't know how to overcome this yet.
  12. I think that I understand now a little bit better. Pesmontis made his version of grnreader98 specifically for sacred 2's .GR2 files to be edited in 3ds max. It might just not work correctly on converted Sacred 1 files, since the Sacred 2 .GR2 files seem to hold much more information than just models and animations judging by the files sizes. However I also tried to convert and load Sacred 2 models in blender, here the problem is that I don't get any Polygons from the .smd, just a loose skeleton without any connections. And no, this is definitely not an issue whichs? whose? reason is my lack of experience with blender, it has to lay somewhere within the file conversion process. I guess without the maxscripts it just doesn't work, so either I need somebody to write a new version of grnreader for blender, which is like way too much to ask for, or it might be possible to convert maxscripts into some python scripts blender can use. I have some small experience in programming in lua and python, however this seems a little bit too much of a task to me, BUT since this is a more general problem and less about Sacred 2, chances are there that somebody has already done this. I'll keep you updated. There are two more things I wondered: why do so many people seem to have access to 3ds max? It's soo expensive. Do you all use leaked pirates or are you all getting the free students version? Or do you actually pay for this? I really wish there was a reliable method so that everybody can get access to the Sacred 2 graphics with blender and alter them for free. This brings me to the second question: Do you not want this to happen? Because I mean there's a reason the developers did not want us to have access to those files. My personal philosophy is completely different and Ascaron entertainment doesn't even exist anymore, but I can imagine out of respect for their work you don't want to distribute the tools people like Pesmontis developed for giving access to that work too far because you can't control what people do with them? Because people who want to redistribute other peoples work as their own would first need to get access to 3ds max and it creates some sort of safety paywall? Let me be clear: I don't want to offend anybody, I do realise people have spent their free time on writing tutorials and creating tools for 3ds max and it's amazing, and I also do realise that I can't expect anyone to help me, some random dude, with what he has in mind. But if you don't want me to be able to modell Sacred 2s .GR2 files in blender, then I'd respect that, but I'd like to know. It's also possible (although unlikely) that I find out how to do it in blender on my own and it would be a bad thing then if I shared my method. Actually there's a third question, since this has become less about the shapeshift CA (I've given up on that) and more about loading Sacred 2 files in blender, should I make another thread or can I stay here?
  13. ok I've somewhat given up on the idea since the shapeshift won't be possible for the inquisitor anyways, but just out of curiosity I've tried to look at the model in blender and maybe rotate it. So the data converting chain is pretty crazy: .pak->sacred_tex_extractor->.grn->grannyviewer2->.GR2->Pesmontis' grnreader98->.smd + ASCII .fbx (+ a bunch of Maxscripts) smd->Source Engine Plugin->Import ASCII .fbx->Autodesk FBX Converter x64 2013->binary .fbx->Import now for the .fbx file everything works fine, but for the .smd, I get - honestly I don't know what it is, looks like nothing but a straight line of bones without any model. I'm still learning these things, but I don't really know what I could've done wrong.
  14. That's an awesome idea. I'm a fan <3 Hmm hard to judge. On the one hand, the souls, the minions and the glowing orb of the buff are blue, on the other hand the Saraki set is green as well as the other underworld aspect Shadow Warriors Astral Lord and the inquisitor already has a kinda blue-ish Aspect with Astute Supremacy. If you choose blue, then can you probably make the Saraki set blue as well?
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