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  1. The hero which got the item dropped was an unskilled testcharacter from the forum, it was a dryad. This means the toon was created before EE. Could that be an infuence? The item in question dropped after upgrading to 3.0 though.
  2. Seems we posted simultaneaously
  3. Yes as I said a white ring with poison damage, but only for the game session I found the ring in. The next time I loaded the game it had correct pickup sound.
  4. From time to time I search for new solutions for the .gr2 exporter problem. It seems that even with using Sacred2's granny.dll, the latest importers and exporters are not compatible, and I've tested a few, so the most chances come probably with plugins made for older games. I found an importer/exporter for Neverwinter Nights 2 by someone named FreshLook: https://github.com/Arbos/nwn2mdk/releases The tool searches for NWN2's granny2.dll. If I knew the folder structure of NWN2, specifically where it's granny2.dll is located, then I could probably make it using Sacred 2's granny2.dll and maybe
  5. Can you give us a link pls?
  6. 60s is already pretty long so it's probably intended and not a bug. But only Flix knowsxD Here's how to change it: Unzip the file. In EE version, open scripts\shared\spells.txt. Search for "se_cm_bekehrung". In the section tokens, look for entry0 = {"et_duration_sec", 6000, 0, 0, 8 }, The first number, 6000, means 60 seconds duration at level one. The second number, 0, is the scaling with CA level. Change it to your liking. If you e.g. want +0.6 seconds duration per CA level so that the duration is doubled at CA level 100, it would look like this: entry0 = {"et_duration_sec
  7. I always find these things interesting. I think I've read a thread somewhere where somebody travelled to normally inaccessible places via a special mount trick. He or she or they found out some interesting things, one was that when he searched for this island in the bluestone lake you can see on the map, there was actually nothing there. I couldn't find the thread anymore but I think that it was right during or short after the CM patch development days, I know that because they talked about a lot of leftover dev places that got removed with the CM patch, e.g. there were a bunch of questgi
  8. Np Wish I'd found the icy skull death FX for the crystal region creatures as well, they don't seem to have particle scripts EDIT: That just gave me an idea: Does somebody have a folder with the original Fallen Angel particle scripts? I could then run my code on them and check which ones have been added with Ice&Blood. Maybe I find some that I've missed.
  9. To-do-list: copy all reverse engineered FX into this topic sort them into the correct spoilers (skip the Casting FX and Spell FX spoilers for now) add all particle scripts with a corresponding FX name in the merged list add all FX names without a corresponding particle script in the merged list add screenshots to all open FX names/ particle scripts and descriptions to all open screenshots sort all spoilers alphabetically (by the FX name) find out which ones are Casting FX or Spell FX and sort them into the correct spoilers find a better sorting s
  10. Ignore this post or delete it pls
  11. Thanks, I did not know that Yeah, that's why I tried every FX both as casting and effect FX. Unfortunately I did that simultaneously so I don't know exactly which is which - half the work, but missing some information. If you know some FX which have that property, you can tell me and I'll edit it in
  12. This does not list: Vanilla Boss FX (excluding Traps) Vanilla Hero FX Standard FX: Yet unknown on which routine they work. Casting FX: These FX only work on the spell casting routine (fxTypeCast, fxTypeCastSpecial) Spell FX: These FX only work on the spell effects routine (fxTypeSpell) Hidden FX: These FX are built into the spellclass and/or eiStateName (mostly spellclass). Nearly all spellclasses with spellcontroltype = "eCAtype_a_effect_attack_ray" have that property. Auto-trigger FX: These FX are triggered automatically on certain
  13. I revived several new FX: FX_AREAFIRE1 FX_BLOOD FX_BLOODDROPS1 --audio only FX_BLUE1 --I think I have tested this earlier and it crashed my game. now that I found a spellclass that works with nearly all FX, cSpellHeFeuerball, it works perfectly fine. FX_BOOST --auto-trigger FX for consumables. NOT force-triggerable. FX_DEATH_BLOODSKULL FX_DEATH_EOD_SERVANT1 --looks absolutely amazing FX_DEATH_EOD_SERVANT2 FX_ENTZUENDEN_C FX_ENTZUENDEN FX_FEDERNLASSEN --the feathers are pretty big FX_FIRE1 FX_FLYINGBATS FX_GEN_S
  14. @jwiz, @Flix Spotted another spelling mistake: 1245762801 Meglacarwens Vermächtnis If not Maegalcarwen, then at least Megalcarwen pls EDIT: and another one. Old: 0133204698 Was steht denn nun in diesem Brief... bla bla bla... hm... hm... AH! Hier:<br>"Es geht darum, möglichst viele Eier zu sammeln!”<br><br>Ach was! So weit war ich auch schon. Oh, das geht's weiter:<br>"Viele Eier bedeuten Reichtum!"<br><br>Was das nun wieder zu bedeuten hat?! Da vorne läuft gerade einer von ihnen in diese Höhle. Ich sollte ihm folgen. Vielleicht finde
  15. Just noticed, I forgot these lines for balance.txt: ForgeSlot_BronceFactor = 1000, ForgeSlot_SilverFactor = 1070, ForgeSlot_GoldFactor = 1150, Afaik those values must match the other two lines I gave in order to work. I'll edit that in. This however leads to the answer to the following question: I general, for any number that sets the value of some bonus you always divide by 10, whether it being in spells.txt, blueprint.txt or balance.txt. So ForgeSlot_SilverFactor = 1070 means 107% which is a 7% improvement, so the value is SlotSilverPercentageImprovement = 7. All value
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