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  1. Lindor

    Cool fx

    Uhmm I recolored all the files in the gradient and symbols folder blue, still no change. maybe it's not even in the fx folder?
  2. Lindor

    Cool fx

    Ahh. But what's wierd is that there are hex colors, even in the unaltered script, and they're even green, but changing them doesn't do anything. EDIT: these are the four hex colors that aren't 00000000:
  3. Lindor

    Cool fx

    Thx for the explanation, I'm already understanding more The current FX I want to alter is FX_SKELETON_ROOT. I think you used it quite extensively in D2 Fallen. Above FX would have been more fitting, but I couldn't find them. I want to make the FX blue. Tried Copy-pasting the dislodged spirit particle script, it had no effect, so I'm guessing it's one of the hardcoded-linked. In the particle script it says "material particles/multi/multi_fx_liane.tga". There exists a "multi_fx_liane.dds" in graphics01/hq/particles/multi but it's neither a .tga file nor does it contain any coloring, only a s
  4. Is it possible to learn this power?
  5. Lindor

    Cool fx

    Thanks. Thats a good advice but FX_INQ_SEELENRAUB only has its two main FX, there is no other variant and I was hoping to get an Area of Effect CA (was using raging nimbus spellclass and -controltype). It's also not FX_INQ_SEELENRAEUBER which has some more variants, already tested that one. Guess I simply need to test all the FX.
  6. Lindor

    Cool fx

    Ok using the worldobject.txt spreadsheet, I can tell that it's not spawned via worldobject.txt. In the sector there are only "Kisten" or "Fässer" spawned. And two magic hiding places.
  7. S2EE 2.4 Worldobjects.rxr spreadsheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pKsHcr2o1lKd3YAF5zG8BqnJfYVmyVqc/view?usp=sharing
  8. Lindor

    Cool fx

    Hmm since nobody replied I think I'll try to find it out myself. I guess it's spawned via worldobjects.txt. Unfortunately objects there only have exact coordinates and no sectors. Is there a way to "translate" sectors into coordinates? EDIT: nevermind, I didn't look into the actual worldobjects.t but at an old testing file of me where I copied certain worldobjects and tried to backtrace what they are. turns out I edited the sector coordinates out. :facepalm: Guess it's too late and I can't think anymore
  9. S2EE Spells.txt spreadsheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OxEOdg-ubLc1Zb5OJJrIJSB8vyqf-3A7/view?usp=sharing EDIT: Only the spells, not the tokens
  10. Ah yeah forgot about him Maybe it has something to do with the language? I don't see how but thats the only difference between my game and your game.
  11. The day I've had another thought which is if I knew the lua api for sacred 2, specifically how to get the heroes charlvl, then I could easily define the zrareexpectations in blueprint.txt by a function that returns zero if the character outleveled it. But as I said, it's not so bad if doesn't stop dropping. Honestly I don't even think that I want that.
  12. Because he?she?it?'s the only boss/miniboss without a quest associated with. Dragons don't count because while most of them don't have a quest (S2EE gives the T-Energy dragon a quest), they have an achievement. Btw tested it and he doesn't spawn for me either, whether I first create a character and then install S2EE or vice versa.
  13. Would be cool if it stopped dropping, but it's not so bad if it still drops. The important parts are that in each item tier everything has the same minimum level requirement to unlock it with character progression and what dimitrius says. I've read somewhere that the game is more likely to drop items that you actually need because of a smart loot system. I guess the answer to the question of whether outleveled items would stop dropping could be found there. It's probably somewhere in the dlls, which I have not much experience with yet.
  14. Hey skilled modders and artists Can somebody make me a mod that retextures a Chestpiece for the Gladiator so that it optically fits for the Andiell's Malevolence Set? Something red-evil-demonic-ish? Doesn't matter which chestpiece as long as the Gladiator can wear it
  15. That would be great if it was true, but you wrote: You clearly stated that for you a "casual player" is someone who doesn't have a good understanding of game mechanics and play the game only once. If you consider that "casual", then it is badly connotated because the the very meaning of "noob" comes from "somebody who is new to it". But then you say: So for you everybody who prefers exploring is a casual. That is the line you draw, and that is what I don't like. There are people who like exploring the game and pushing characters to limits, and I gave myself as an example.
  16. Yeah big sorry for that, I don't know why I wrote that. Please take my apologies, I mean it. My point is, please don't draw that line between casual and core players. First your comment made me feel like I need to prove my game knowledge, and I don't want anybody to feel the same way, ever. I like to play both ways and I like your and your Clans mod, I have the same opinion here as SupremeJoker, what you were able to do with just hex editing and stuff is awesome and I get to like ReBorn more the more I play it. But I don't like that you consider everyone who also likes this
  17. I see. And I was afraid you would say that. Let me eplain: The thing is, I want to eventually mod everything. Not just one or two items, I want a complete overhaul. My goals are pretty clear and inspired by other games, mostly skyrim: make every item highly costumizable. Most items should not have any stats on them besides armor and four sockets. Socketables and set items are the exception. higher tiers have more elemental armor/damage higher tiers have higher armor/damage rating and higher tier sockets maybe introduce more socket types hav
  18. That's true. What I would call a balanced role playing game is a game where every build possible is also viable without any huge differences. Every build should be somewhat equally good at mob- and bosskilling. Sure some builds can be better or worse at certain tasks, but everything should still be possible. It doesn't make sense if the game offers you to play with RBoL+ Lightnig Bolt seraphim in Silver only to later find out that Bosses become way off scale and it is not viable in Niob anymore. In ReBorn it's sometimes even worse because bosses become immune to some damage types, so if you d
  19. Finally! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NsBemZ92eOJ3TirrdYpIHcR-ypKveM1I/view Somehow Google drive tables always mess with the formatting of .ods, so I'll only upload as file. EDIT: Do you have that list? I only need to know which player characters are and aren't DEFAULT other than the high elf. That would be most helpful.
  20. turns out it wasn't so easy afterall. I wanted Wearergroups to have an individual Column each. Unfortunately in openoffice you can't drag selected cells if they have unselected cells inbetween. This requires me to sort the file by the wearergroups. Turns out Wearergroups are not sorted at all, they probably once were alphabetically sorted but at some point the developers probably gave up, especially the dragonmage is just slapped all over the place. Unfortunately I didn't notice so I wasted a whole lot of time, once I noticed I had to write a lua function which sorts all the different weargrou
  21. That is super friendly, but I build all my mods around S2EE and I needed to develop a method that is applicable to multiple files anyway I do it in three stages, first some lua code added to the txt file that converts it into something more modular, then using the openoffice converter for txt files and third making everything look more pretty and readable. The code is the same for every file, I just need to expand it depending on the entries of the blueprint which is not really complicated but can take some time, especially if you're like me having tons of typos If you're interested I can sha
  22. Hey Quick Question: Where can I find the soul thingy FX from the Terus area in the gamefiles? I want to make a CA out of them https://I.imgur.com/CEOTFmS.jpeg https://I.imgur.com/C6Lfz3q.jpeg
  23. Personally I don't mind that it drops twice, given that it's a 1h weapon and lore-wise as you said a drummer uses two. But I thought it could have been an unintentional oversight, so I replied
  24. Well following that thought, doesn't a drummers set contain more than one cymbal?
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