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  1. Understood in General I can play with these two forces and not worry! And this is still a question can't you manually change the colors of the falling items or gold, for example, make brown items purple?
  2. @dimitrius154 good evening, tell me if I use the character editor to change some skills to those that are not in the list, for example, Seraphim does not have the skill combat training, or protection from spells, I added them to myself. This won't cause any bugs?
  3. Dear developer, good evening! Tell me if you thought potions and buffs to display a separate line, as a line of buffs, it would be very convenient? And tell me this question in the latest versions of the Addendum, the character appears when loading in the nearest settlement or the monolith is not in the same place as before, this feature was removed?
  4. Yes, I used a package from rutracker. Now I downloaded a clean gold version, rolled CM Patch 1.60, then put elite textures and an Addendum on top, then finished off the file in the registry for correct Russification. The game throws to the desktop without an error after 2 minutes of the game. Logs were thrown off in the message earlier.
  5. I have the latest gold version of the game ready with CM 1.60 already installed. I'm already putting an Addendum on top of it. Small mods only change the fog of war and armor textures + 4 rings and two amulets.
  6. Installed the game from scratch, put your mod and a few small ones, the game throws without error, just on the desktop, after 30 seconds. In the system log it looks like this: https://transfiles.ru/7c5v6 I can't play, please can help me?
  7. Good day. Tell me when installing the mod Addendum of the latest version, in the mod folder, in the locale folder, from the ru folder you need to transfer something to the En folder? And do I need to delete the Extra folder or can I leave it? Добрый день. Подскажите при установке мода Аддендум последней версии, в папке мода, в папке locale, из папки ru нужно что-то перебрасывать в папку En? И нужно ли удалять папку Extra или можно оставить?
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