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  1. all good time of the day, looking for help in the runes. how to throw them in correctly and in what quantity? some say in their builds to throw in 1 rune, while others say to keep it at the level of the penalty....take an example
  2. good evening, can you tell me why there are so many unused caves in the game? do some of them have hidden tasks or Easter eggs? (I remember on the island near Tir Lysia, there is a cave with cultists where the fisherman's murder is performed...but that's all)
  3. Part of them, how I can upload screens?
  4. When it was 2.4 I did the same and all was working good... So, I did it with 3.0, but only items have this bug
  5. Yes, I pasted files from RU-ru to EN-uk cuz language was English everywhere. I did anything wrong? How I can get russian itemnames.cvs?
  6. Good evening, I opened .csv file in locale and... Its english, all on english... Another files on russian, only itemnames.csv on english
  7. Ok, I'll do it tomorrow (dont have my laptop there)
  8. In menu and another (dialogs, settings and quests as well) I have russian. But only items in inventory (oh sry, not only in inventory, when u move the cursor on that items it doesnt work). So its like first name of item write on English and then its write on russian... I noticed this bug only in new version 3.0a. So its only with items....
  9. hi I have a problem translating on the latest version of the mod. half of the items are translated and half of the translated items are mixed (half of the English, half of the Russian items) is there some kind of bug fix?
  10. Hello, I installed Enhanced Edition and everything seemed to be fine ... But I have a problem, my character sometimes stumbles out of the blue and refuses to go. Well, there is an animation of walking, but it does not go. This is especially the case with nearby NPCs. This is how to fix it?
  11. that's the problem, I have already completed the game for one hero on the community patch. and I met a lot of different bugs, inconsistencies and just silly mistakes. I want a fix bug and a minimum of modifications, like community patch 1.17.0
  12. And ... it was always interesting, what determines the chance of a drop of this or that item, and how does it affect the barrel, chest, etc.? That is, what are the chances of finding something useful in this or that chest?
  13. So, u highly recommended use sacred 2 enhanced edition? Uhh, I wanna play the game I love... Not mods as well, I like it, but im not sure if im ready))
  14. So, where I can download dimitrius's CM patch? Can u give me a link?
  15. Hi, I have been playing this game since childhood, now I'm hooked on it. I decided to download and install patches for a more logical game. What can you recommend for me? Interested in bug fixes and minimum interference with gameplay
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