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  1. Yes, but I don't know what numbers to input to mimic niobium. Or if I should edit the second slot thing in the balance txt, bc someone made a post once saying that if you don't, the changes won't be applied to the character. Further, I'm not even sure how exactly smithing values have changed with the community patch( + addendum). Smithing arts have lost their value, + speed values don't behave as they should and I have no comparison point for rings/amuletts. Specifically, I'm not sure yet if the broken +casting speed is a bug or a feature, or if casting speed would do anything for the ser
  2. This seems great, but I worry about overpowering my current character. It definitely opens up options for many more creative builds.
  3. I'll definitely be using this! Crystal skin is okay enough on a frost/fire elf, but it covers up the rather nice armour sets.
  4. I'd like to mimic niobium level smithing in silver for a row of experiments. Unfortunately, I have no idea which values to input. The goal is to try seperate builds for my melee seraphim with strong depence on specific stats like crit or attack speed.
  5. I've chosen concentration for the sixth slot, since it starts out with +10 from gear. I stopped using weapons altogether and went into pure casting. That left ancient magic over defenses. Combat discipline at level 25 to integrate Raging nimbus into Glacial Thorns, but that is overkill almost always. (But lets me spend almost all on int). Incendiary shower is the default bosskiller. I had no idea how much damage the first dragon from the main quest might do, so I ran around like a headless chicken and left it to melt in nimbus. Still a lame fight since the HE is impossible to chase d
  6. I`m assuming 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 18, 25, 35, 50, 65 hold true, but what about the new slots? I`m planning my first toon and would like to know for planning :`)
  7. Background, why ask now? I`ve kept the full ice/fire sets from before downloading the community patch +addendum, using a random mix of what rolled the best stats. It looks surprisingly good since I got very lucky. Prior in vanilla, slapping on smithing arts was enough. (esp. since my highest level toon was below 30 and only found one star of artamark.) So, the level 15 set gear will last a while. But weapons? Not so much... And then I got lucky with a life per hit blade. Together with spamming ice shards, my toon is currently near immortal. I`d probabl
  8. Okay, thank you! I'll try it and see how it goes.
  9. Sort of edit: I`ve read trimmed textures should fix the issues found in the original, which lead to the errors. Should I install it on my rather slow device? Is it enough to disable a mod in generic mod manager if problems arise?
  10. No bugs, no issues. My laptop is just slow enough to not run much beside D3 or Sacred 2, which is enough for my student self among some strategy games. However... before the patch and addendum, the game would frequently lag. Badly enough to not complete quests in the cities, since they cause it. (Specifically, the ground. Invinsible triangles and the like. Textures would just dis- and reappear.) This issue is thankfully gone. But, well. I read the texture pack could cause lag, worst of all in the cities. Installing it seems inprudent, but maybe I'm wrong? Are these issues direc
  11. Updated. The bug is minor (annoying), not game disabling. I'd just like to know if there are a few lines that might fix it quickly. Edit 2: it is not a rare issue.
  12. I had opportunity to play the game again today. 3 kobolds respawned, the others were remembered as killed. I'm not positive, but I think there was an invinsible mob? I'm not sure if it's related as the bigger ones, too, are invinsible until I get close enough. They take damage, but can't approach, making it neat exploit. (I have no idea whether that's new at all or related to the patch. My laptop is a bit of a potato.) But anyway, I was standing right in front of that one. The bug doesn't seem able to permanently mess with a quest, but it's there.
  13. I`m not sure if it was right to make a thread instead of only commenting, so please delete it if it`s unwanted. Some of the mobs flee the map, presumeably to Skyrim. This is an issue insofar that it makes targeted killquests occasionally incompleteable. The bug itself is quite rare.
  14. Is there anything I can do as a player to decrease the chance of my targets escaping?
  15. Sometimes floating enemies like to reappear or float in a circle with comparable bugs. These do not. They disappear at a certain distance and the quest circle returns to where the mob ought to be, but isn`t. I can`t really think of anything more...
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