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  1. Oh man, ik was so happy that this game finally runs perfectly for me. But now I read that a lot later on you can still come across problems.
  2. I remember your name. now that I think of it, I think I already had an account here on the forum. Or was it another? I also just remembered I bought sacred 2 on xbox 360, but was dissappointed with the graphics and performance compared to pc. (didn't crash though) I'll check the diablo 2 fallen. Thanks! But having fun with sacred 2 also. feels kinda new because I hadn't played in ages.
  3. Oh yes, does anyone know what happened to the former Ascaron employees? did they form a new studio or worked at another game?
  4. Bought the game at launch, but my pc back then couldn't handle it. After a few years I had a new pc, but it still had tons of crashing issues. Despite the constant crashing, I kept playing the game for many hours. Eventually I switched to other arpg's, with Grim Dawn being my absolute favorite. Recently I saw it sitting in my steam library and nostalgia made me install it again. Installed the CM patch 1.60 and skimmed elite textures and it runs great (fingers crossed it stays like this). For a 12 year old game, it still looks pretty good. The combat misses impact/oomph, but I forgot
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