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  1. Many thanks again for these servers. The game is crashing again on server join for my entire group as of today. Could someone please restart the public servers? This time it is Silver / Vanilla / Campaign / OpenNet
  2. Today my entire group of 3 people is having the problem that the game crashes right after the game tries to join the OpenNet Bronze Vanilla Server. There is no error message, just a crash to Desktop after a short moment of displaying full screen art. The 3 weeks before it was working fine. Nothing was changed on the client and it is happening to everyone the same way. Edit: Problem still existing today, three days after the post above
  3. I am just having the exact same problem again, public servers seems to have broken again after having too much continous runtime and need a restart
  4. After I had lots of problems getting Sacred2 Multiplayer to run with VPN connections (tried ZeroTier One), I found this and its just amazing that someone relaunched Servers using the old official domain! Many thanks! But now there seems to be a problem with the preconfigured servers which appear in the list on the default domain eu2.sacred.net. I can walk around and see the other players moving, but the enemies do not move. I can't damage them and they do not inflict damage to me. I tried "Vanilla" on Bronze Campagin and Silver Campaign, both have the same issue. Up to last week, everythin

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