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  1. Thanks ! Like I said, I wish we didn't miss the game back then 'cause it looks like everything we enjoy. ^^ I've been reading and am starting to get around the basic mechanics of the game. It's quite complex and overwhelming but the freedom of builds is just super impressive ! After reading many guides, I think I'll be loosely following this one here: The guide is a little vague but sounds like you can't go wrong with a Devout base, and I like how he describes going Source later on. Should allow me to adapt depending on how things work out with my bro's build and what th
  2. Hi everyone, I'll start with a little bit of context about me. I'm an old time gamer in my early 40s and a happily married dad of 2. Most of my now dearly precious gaming time is spent playing games online with my brother who's got a similar profile. We play almost exclusively RPGs and often miss the games of old, and decided to dive into Sacred 2 which is a title we missed back in the days. Just typing this to apologize in advance if my request for help sounds lazy. I would absolutely understand and get where you veterans are coming from. Anyway, we picked up the game and dove
  3. Hi everyone, Thank you so much for your efforts. It's great seeing communities gather together to keep old games alive. Me and my brother are currently trying to play but neither of us can join each other's games following the instructions in OP. We both have port 7011 open and matching campaign/difficulties. Taking any ideas, recomendations.
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