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  1. Well I like Sacred Citadel. It is a beat em up and really just set in a period in the Sacred universe so that did not bother me. I am worried about Sacred 3 now though since it seems the open world has been axed...
  2. So nothing on this game yet?That is suppose to come out in the next 8 months? Not a good sign.
  3. Sacred Citadel - This Game is AWESOME - Issues

    I am playing it on the Xbox 360 and so far it has been fine.
  4. Is Sacred Citadel any good

    I really like this game. No it is not Sacred as we know it. It is a beat em up with RPG elements. Golden Axe with loot is a nice way of putting it. It is fun if you like these kinds of games. It is nice teaser to the upcoming Sacred 3 as far as character types/setting.
  5. Awesome. I had no interest in this character at all until I read this thread! I am having a good time modding this guy! So I should pump Stamina and Vitality? No points on Dexterity?
  6. Thanks for the great music and the ambient sounds in the game. I have a question though. I want the flute sound for me cell phone. Please? Anyone?
  7. PS3 - Pause Game

    I warp to a town.
  8. I hope for updates. I hope for the add-on. I am not holding my breath on either one though.
  9. I am lucky that I have a regular group that is my brother and 2 of our mutual friends. I did play some public games once and all everyone wanted to do was boss runs and some kid kept asking for ridiculous items.
  10. Shadow Warrior Build Help

    I went with a Death Warrior with Duel Wield. Tactics Lore Duel Wield Death Warrior Focus Armor Lore Sword Lore (for when I want to wield a 2 hand sword.) Malevolent Champion Focus I cant remember what the others ones were but I put most of my points into Tactics,Duel and Death Warrior. I put most attribute points into strength 2 to 1 over dexterity. I beat Bronze without dying and only died in Silver trying to do an all boss run and the dang Mist guy got me!
  11. Well I lost my survival bonus! Playing Free World Silver with some people on Xbox Live and during the boss run I died at the Mist boss. I hate that guy!
  12. I beat the game on Bronze at level 32. I got the acheivement for not dying! Now on to Free World at Silver Difficulty and soon another character to play. (I am thinking Dark Aligned Dryad!)
  13. Yea I want the same thing because some of my lower level toons need money and the higher level ones I barely use have a couple million I am still doing really well. I am in the Dryad land and am level 30. No boss too tough yet. I think I have almost died once but I drank a potion fast enough. LOL. I have a ton of gold too! Almost a million. I find lots of good weapons and armor and therefor seem to sell more than buy.
  14. PC vs console

    I am playing on the 360 and I love it. So far it seems they are equal really and just go with what you prefer.
  15. Sacred 2 - Xbox Gamer Tags

    XBL= MilkManX Level 9 Shadow Warrior (restart from a 29)