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  1. Mmm sun down here for sure. Last week we had a few days in a row of 40°C+ (104°F) across a large part of the country with a fairly large proportion of that hitting 45°C (113°F) and some hitting 50°C (122°F). Fortunately, along the coast where I am it was much more pleasant (30-35°C / 86-95°F). I can't imagine what a blizzard like you describe would be like Gogo, I've been to the snow at some of our local mountains, but I've never actually seen it snowing so it's quite incomprehensible!
  2. So is the plan to use Hamachi per Schots thread or Radmin VPN per Azazin suggestion in the thread you linked? Edit: Just managed to connect to Schots Hamachi server.
  3. Well, for $2.78 Australian I really couldn't say no could I... The game is downloading now!! Now to work out the instructions from that thread you linked above...
  4. Ahh Sacred Gold - such nostalgia. Sacred 2 was great for many reasons, but in my opinion it never quite recaptured the visceral, fast paced nature of the original, it just felt slow in comparison. Are you trying to see if people are interested in grouping up again? I'd be keen I think, but as ever time zone differences make it difficult, especially since I'm now working and not a student with lots of free time like when Sacred 1 & 2 were at their peak.
  5. Dragon Brother

    Home AI - Google Mini, Amazon Alexa... anyone got this yet?

    I have a couple at home although only one is setup at the moment, but my girlfriend and I find it very useful for shopping lists, timers, playing music and more. We've moved house in the last couple of months and with a busy Christmas period I haven't got everything running properly yet, but before moving (and once it's all setup again) we can also use it for controlling our chromecasts (e.g. "Ok Google start playing show X in the loungeroom" or similar) without having to turn on the TV etc. ourselves - it's all done by google (which I'll admit is a little lazy...). I also have a google home mini and amazon echo spot for the study, but the study is a bit of a mess and is definitely not setup properly since the move!
  6. Welcome to the team Theuns! Pleasure to have you in the ranks. And a very happy birthday too, I hope you didn't have to work!
  7. Dragon Brother

    Guide on how to re-skin a Set

    It's been a while since I played around with these files so my memories regarding the process are a little faded, but a few thoughts are: If you are extracting the files from the paks and saving them in the correct file structure you should be able to delete your modified version and the game will resort to the default unmodified version. Some significant changes will still require a game restart, but shouldn't need a reinstall. Regarding the glow, I believe it has something to do with the dds file type / any alpha channels they may have. You may need to play around though.
  8. Dragon Brother

    Guide on how to re-skin a Set

    EDIT: Actual Guide part here. Well, it seems that lately I've been messing around with skinning items in this game more than actually playing it after getting a taste for it when coming up with a few ideas for the dual wield set suggestion. Anyway, this is what I came up with for a "Dark Seraphim" style Niokastes that I wanted to do, no actual changes to the design, simply the colour scheme, anything else would have been a tad too complex to do on a laptop without a drawing pad or something (plus my skills, or lack thereof, wouldnt have allowed for it). So yeah, I was just posting these pics for people opinions on the looks...Like I said, I was after a darker look (which is why she's holding a red lightsaber in some of the pics...), but had trouble making things look too dark without losing details so yeah...what do you guys think about how it turned out? What do you think of the skirt too?
  9. Dragon Brother

    I am Speedoom, nice to meet you

    Welcome to the forums Speedoom. I hope you have a great time with us here
  10. Dragon Brother

    Guide on how to re-skin a Set

    Nice work for a first try Lussbhel. My guess regarding losing the lighting effects is that you need to either modify one of the secondary image files (_d, _dx, _do) / alpha channels of those or the base image. Refer to some of the discussions between Dimitrius and Lolli further up for some insight.