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  1. Mmmm level 4 was a doozy, but level 5 is even tougher, I've been stuck there for a while. Yes, multishot is great! But I think that the extra arrow skills may reduce damage per arrow to compensate for the extra arrow although damage still increased.
  2. Welcome (back) to the forums TSP! I hope you find our humble digs enjoyable
  3. Dragon Brother

    Question regarding modding the game

    Awesome, works a charm now!
  4. Dragon Brother

    Question regarding modding the game

    Extremely helpful list of tools Flix! I noticed that your link to the global.res editor isn't working though.
  5. rikki tikki tavi => snake
  6. I finally managed to beat stage three, but now stuck on 4 - the last boss is a tough one! Yes, the boomerang is crazy, although I'm liking the scythe at the moment - has a decent chance to headshot low health monsters if you get one with a modifier and it hits hard!
  7. I got to level three last night too. Also by the skin of my teeth, that last boss blowing cyclones would have had me except I got an extra life from a devil so got to keep going! Yep, got a boomerang. Also got a laser bat just as I finished up which I haven't used yet. I find the third stage very dependent on the abilities you get in order to be able to kill off the waves fast enough before more creatures spawn...
  8. I must admit, I have ended up with this installed on my phone and am quite enjoying it. I'm not very good at it at the moment, but made it through to the second world after a few tries!
  9. the table => round table
  10. infinity => complicated
  11. Einstein => relativity
  12. entertainment => music
  13. Dragon Brother


    Nice work Flix!! I love the idea of standing in the middle of a pack with this on and just seeing all the life leech lines streaming into the character!
  14. That does look quite addictive!!
  15. painful => pleasant
  16. star trek => space odyssey
  17. olympus => mountain