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    New project: Getting a DW seraphim to Niob

    I assume you're loaded up with regen per hit socket somewhere to keep your CA regen manageable? That made a huge difference in I&B for melee builds and for something like pelting strikes probably provides more bang for your buck than chance to halve regen time. Otherwise looks like solid build to have a lot of fun with!!
  2. hippopotamus => platypus
  3. kind hearted => generous
  4. space-time continuum => gravity
  5. Dragon Brother

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Seems the simplest solution, unless some form of damage multiplier is desired for any of the spells in question.
  6. Dragon Brother

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Because either way its a multiplier of approximately 100 (base damage*(1+1000/10) = base damage*101 vs base damage*1000/10 = base damage*100. It's because the bonus is so large relative to the reference multiplier (*1) in the additive damage formula. If the bonus was much lesser (e.g. 10 and not 1000) you would see a bigger difference between the output of each formula: Additive: base damage*(1+10/10) = base damage*2 Multiplicative: base damage*(10/10) = base damage *1
  7. equivocal => ambiguous
  8. Dragon Brother

    Problems editing the global.res

    Actually, it looks like he's trying to run the tool in Windows/System32, whereas the game is installed in C;\Program files\etc... Hopefully following the below instructions is sufficient to help him out.
  9. Dragon Brother

    Making Ancaria great again

    One thing you guys might want to keep in mind is that there is likely to be a much greater interaction between these files than you think and by creating many modules (bug fixes / CM items / CM quests / CM whatever / etc) you create even more combinations which, wherever they overlap on a specific file, would need a version of that file to be created for that specific combination of modules. If they overlap on multiple files, then multiple files need a version for each combination. Furthermore, decoupling the bug fixes from the additional content is likely to be an extensive endeavor in and of itself given the magnitude of changes made by the CM patch. To split all the changes into separate modules would have to be an order of magnitude more extensive (especially considering the point above). Given this is something Flix does in his spare time around work / personal life / etc. I think it's amazing that he generates as much content for this game as he does, but to find the time and muster the energy to do all this is asking quite a lot. I think it would be great for those purists who just want to play the base game with bug fixes if a CM lite version is created, but definitely don't expect it and would sure as hell be extremely appreciative if one is created. We wouldn't want to burn the poor fellow out when he has done so much for the game and potentially could do so much more if he still enjoys his time spent doing so!
  10. Dragon Brother

    Everything About Pizza!

    You might actually find making the dough is easier than you think, especially if you have a KitchenAid or similar mechanical mixing device. Even so, the recipe is usually quite basic (flour, yeast, oil, salt, warm water) and requires not much more than mixing / kneading and then being left to rise. And it tastes sooooooo much better than a pre-made partially cooked base you might buy at your supermarket.
  11. The groove theme!! I remember the first time I browsed to FDM and saw the groove theme I thought I'd taken a wrong turn somewhere - bright colours and whatnot everywhere!! Back then I was a lurker, not a poster so had no idea about the quirky nature of things here...
  12. Dragon Brother

    Hi there, Sacred fans!

    Hi Mare!! Welcome to the forums