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  1. No, I don't surf. However, where we live is right near the ocean in a popular surfing area so bubs may end wanting to some day in the future
  2. Thanks Gogo We think she's pretty dang cute too, but will admit that we're a little biased!!
  3. Good to see the forum still here! I've been away for a little while with the birth of my daughter a month ago - babies sure take up a lot of your free time!
  4. deep fried => chicken It looks like cottage cheese is my first thought. Quickest dough recipe I know is roughly equal parts greek yoghurt and self raising flour.
  5. Thanks gogo! Not here yet, due date is first week of August so still a few months left to prepare ourselves!
  6. I can't imagine how crazy things must have been for some of you around the world. I've had such a busy year (marriage, honeymoon, buying a home, pregnancy, work) I've barely been on this site, but reading some of these posts makes me feel very fortunate for how minimal the impact / risk has been in Australia other than some (admittedly at times painful) lockdowns... Best wishes out there for everyone who is hopefully, gradually returning to normal with the help of vaccines and can see friends and family without fear.
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