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  1. Nice to know it worked all right in the end. It is somewhat strange, that the launcher was able to see the en_UK values of the registry, while the patcher obviously read those too (there would habe been a waring about unsupported languages else) but forgot to store the value in the language session variable. There is no need to run the patcher manually with admin rights (right-klick->run as admin), because it was set to demand it anyway. Since it got fixed by the reinstall I guess sth. was wrong, but I cannot tell what exactly. XD Czevak will be ready when the new version of the patch ?
  2. Migilis

    New Model Content for Shadow Warrior

    Completely agree When will this new byde added''Doom Guard''armor set? Will byde added a new patch or mod for the game?
  3. Which region is the new quest "Dark Rituals"?
  4. From Nemeless Guardians are there likely to leave part of Kanka's Relics set?
  5. Is Anybody found Kanka's Relics set of Shadow Warrior?