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  1. Same as Tim, only ever done the story. I tried it long after Sacred online was down and out so never even considered MP!
  2. Oooh! I loved the first 1, haven't tried 2. Might have to keep an eye on this.
  3. It's like my sixth sense ;)
  4. Goodness Spock :O I'm so glad to hear you're doing ok, I hope you're continuing to recover well. I've had my own health scares over the last few years, perhaps that's what brought me back here? Those things you miss in your worst moments are what are worth it and you guys definitely count as worth it
  5. Ooooh! I haven't played around much with the horses in Sacred 2 as even I struggled to get them to be very useful, though class mounts were a different matter. I'm still determined to make them work. I'll definitely give this mod a go at some point! Now I just need to get it to patch up properly....
  6. Hey Tim! Good to see you're still around
  7. I may have found and rewatched that video this morning ;) I'm sure I'll find more weird and wonderful things to trample (though I do remember a patch making it tougher to do) Hi Bel! Looks great, loving that newer, more polished UI, I'm assuming that's all part of reborn? I think I'll definitely be downloading that later. I rarely did much with anything other than WE or BM so really bug fixes for set items are not something I'll notice, despite having all the item details on my site I was a complete novice with most of them. It feels good to be back Forgotten so much though, time to swot up on the fantastic wiki.
  8. I'm just messing around in 'vanilla' for a bit. Can I import a char into Reborn? Meet Lacrimosa. Took me about 5 mins to get back on a horse ;) Just doesn't feel right on foot. I still have old save games from LAN with set items and runes galore but for now I'll enjoy the feeling of being utterly helpless! I forgot undead don't die unless you use a potion of undeath or smack them for a stupid amount of damage.
  9. I saw that Modimus Prime, will definitely have to check it out! Needless to say it's Sacred that I'll be playing initially, never could get into #2 properly. That's what beta testing does to ya haha. But maybe now with a few years gone I'll get past that and finally... complete a playthrough :O Gogo... I had to come back. I love you guys! Can't believe how long I've been away. Popped back into the DA forums earlier but it looks like it's been dead a couple of years And I'm gutted SIF is finally completely down. Obviously I've already decided to get back into some weird and wonderful horse builds. Anyone else done many in the last few years? Might finally get my Vamp Knight up and running. And of course write up some guides. I'm very ashamed to say that my Disc 1 of UW is missing though, I used to have a bad habit of not putting discs away so lord knows where it is! Luckily I own it on Steam and GoG though haha.
  10. Oooh a project, intriguing! Sure, go ahead, and if I can help at all let me know
  11. I think the best "gold mystdale warhorse" was patched out in underworld, you could no longer buy a horse then have a saddled version instantly spawn to buy. I don't think I ever finished researching what the new best one was
  12. I am indeed! Thanks for your welcome, both Never was a community like that for Sacred, best one around
  13. First of all, gogo, I can't log into my old account (pevil) and don't think it's on a current email of mine. Anything you can do to help out? Now that's out of the way, hi everyone! I got incredibly nostalgic for Sacred this morning and did some random searches. I miss the community so much and am ashamed to have been MIA for 8 years Probably time to reinstall and dust off those horses. Maybe even do a full playthrough of #2 one of these days! Cider_steve should be aware I've seen his multiple disses about horses and words will be had *casually slaps whip into hand*
  14. - banner coming when I find where the heck I saved it Pevils Place is an English fansite thats been running for a few years now with the aim to aid fans of Sacred. It's always being worked upon and currently includes a forum plus information on: Character skills and combat arts Set items Easter Eggs Mounts Hints and Tips Multiplayer Fun and helpful videos Item modifiers Sacred 2 preview information and more!
  15. hehe well I hope to see you in-game then Good luck!
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