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  1. Quick update, finally dropped this S.O.B. Thanks for all the help guys! I was level 26 and used that "Good Address" for gear and the two Sloeford quests for XP grinding. However a bit of research turned up two big things that made a huge difference. First, was reading that Battle Extension has a passive double hit built in. So I put it in a combo with Dedicated Blow and set as my "1" attack. As long as the was my selected CA even my left click attacks would double hit. Obviously this was a huge uptick in DPS. Second, I was using the wrong mount. I've always chosen the mount that lowers regen for my main CA tree. I didn't ever notice that the neutral one contains a huge (%29.5) bonus to shield regen. This was a key survival factor. With those two things plus fighting on the platforms and 30 or so potions he went down. Again, thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks all for the replies and my apologies for the delay in getting back to this thread (busy weekend). I'll bump my CA's a bit (up to 5 to start) and try again. I put on a couple levels (really hoping he's locked at 20) so I'll try again tonight or tomorrow. I'll check that "Good Address" quest out, thanks for that. I'll be sure to let folks know when I get the S.O.B. down.
  3. Howdy, Played this years ago and recently picked up on Steam for $4 and have been having fun with different characters. So I decided I needed a utility character (bargaining, blacksmith, and enhanced perception) and found a build in the sites Temple Guardian section. Everything been going okay until Gar'Colosuss. I can get the shield down (although it takes forever) but then can't dent him before shield goes back up and he heals. Meanwhile he pounds through my shield and health while I slam through potions. I've tried switching to a ranged weapon but then I do even less damage. Hit and run with Dedicated Blow doesn't work. Icy Evanescence isn't slowing him down. Untouchable Force's stun isn't stopping the rage pounding in close. Eleven attempts, four death, 70 potions and one mount later I'm nowhere but frustrated. I'm only playing on Silver ffs. Any ideas on how to beat this S.O.B.? Is he level locked? We're both level 20 now, can I do some leveling and come back with him still level 20? Here's my character so far. T-Energy Shroud modded Power, Recharge, and Reflection Combat Alert modded Defensive, Repair, and Permanent
  4. Grats on 200!! Thank you very much for the guide. For my personal tweaks to the build I plan to skip DA Lore, then all other listed skills move up in order and take Enhanced Perception as my last skill. Also, I took the root-breaking bronze mod on Shadow Step as that rooting thing seemed like it could be a major roblem down the line. Thank you again, having a fiery blast with me pyromaniac elfishness, banditCK2