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  1. Nlovaes Voodoo, Baby! Build

    Nlovaes Voodoo, Baby! Build Heya folks! And greetings to everybody I know! First to say: To get a look at my Builds just visit www.Sacred2.net Ladder and search for the charakters name. This is a Bosshunter Build, but it also levels fast with dust devil and vines. And here a unskilled 200 OpenNet Dryade for you to test.
  2. Just finished my level 160 Trader Doll, I go gold now with my level 97 TG and start a new Dryade - Nlovae [Handel] Voodoo, Baby! - later this evening. So jumo in and enjioy.... Big THX to Barris, gave me Boot of Dark Path ! ! Awesome Mate ! Also big thx and succes with last level to ponpon3 who gave me a great unique axe level 204 with 20,2 xp and 2 gold slots!! Great Hardcore Community!! Go on!
  3. Going on with My level 158 Dryad Niob.... Ponpon3 is also there jump in
  4. Dryad - Viperish Disease Questions

    Heya all! Guys this is no Build or mean CA! Its a Bug, or better to say it is an exploit, there was a lot of trouble with that in pc version and communitysize decreased during that time. At the moment it seems to work on consol version. So donĀ“t follow the Idea to Build an Exploitcharacter! I hope for all the console users they get it fixed soon. PS: Lobby is working, cya ingame! comments removed, let's stay on topic ^^
  5. hey all! doing bossruns on niob with my level 156 Dryade, jump in and join ! Sunday Lunchquesting (Sidequests Niob Shadow Campage) from about 14:00 - Openend - I will post here cya ingame...
  6. Still questing, 130 Quests done (2 hours)
  7. Server is running.... open by level 15 Char
  8. Its now Frydis, LordKun and me, startin in 30 Minutes Shadow Campagne Server on Niob
  9. Heya! just died with my level 97 Dryade, doing Bossruns on Cinister Prince on Niob. I will now continue my level 150 Dryade, cos there is no motivation to start a new one. So Freydis and me will do some quests on Niob in about an hour. Servername "Questing Free 4 All", jump in and have some fun with us
  10. Playin Gold now with my 75 TG
  11. Heya! Going Platin, to finifh campagne. Later slay some mobs on niob with my level 90 dryade or get my level 70 tg up. Join!
  12. Comeback time!

    Welcome back
  13. I had 2 drops, both at Nameless Guardians. Dont forget this is a ring with CA/skills, ther is no other ring with this combination. Greez And I cant remember if I skilled EP or how high my MF was
  14. Middnight Action Party Server

    nice bday action bdaypresent: they came and toke my shoulder of time!
  15. Heya! Just another bug, whitch realy frigs me up! We were just partying on my Bday server as my connection to the server broke down, hmm just another exe, ok I though and rejoined, on the server I registered my dryade has naked arms, so I opend my inventory, to see I have no more arm armor and my shoulder of time got lost too!! I just dont know what happend, this is my 3 shoulders of time I lost through a bug!! This realy makes me sad, I think im going to take a break from sacred 2, cya all!