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  1. I just stopped in to say "Hi". It's been a long, long since I had the time to surf around. So glad I was able to navigate back here. I did a google search and misspelled a word and saw in one of the responses "Ogame". I immediately thought of the great times in UNI 9 and now I hear there's going to server merges. It took longer than I thought. Just for giggles, I found DARK MATTERS once again [at least 3 computers later] and read through the Eleanor thread(s) - those were the days! Hoping to find all of you prospering in your current endeavors. I've been playing LOTRO pretty solid
  2. Holy smokes, I thought broccoli was pretty bad. Those poor ducks. Isn't the best part of eating the tasting of the food? I can't imagine anything else, even for ducks.
  3. Hey Gogo Check this out for news on the sequel: Avatar - The Sequel Gotta love the irony! Avatar will be profitable and that's what will drive this new franchise.
  4. Cool thread and very interesting responses. For me it have to be The Wizard of Oz. Certainly not my favorite movie, but as a kid growing up it seemed this movie was on network TV twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. As I grew up and had kids of my own and a VCR player, it was The Wizard of Oz that seemed to be the most viewed, like once a week. Now that I'm even older and with grandkids -- you guessed it -- they love The Wizard of Oz, now on DVD. I guessing it gotta be over hundred times already, I've watched the darned thing. Something about those flying monkeys kee
  5. That was the best way to start off my Christmas Eve. Thanks for finding that BHJ. And from all of us here to all of you...Merry Christmas and may the Spirit of the Christmas Season be with all year long!
  6. Wow a topic dear to my heart: Fat Tire Amber Ale - made in Fort Collins, CO by New Belgium Brewing It's the best...but, very hard to find on the east coast.
  7. Hey thanks you all. I did have great day; and yes Italian food FTW.
  8. Gogo Yer just gonna love it. And what a great deal you got - super planning and execution as always. Can't wait to read the live review once you get it home.
  9. Wow!! Steak Braciole! I haven't thought about this dish in years. There was a super Italian restaurant in my hometown whose specialty was Steak Braciole. The chef made the small finger-sized variety stuff with a filling of creamy (pureed) and spiced olives laced with some wonderful Italian sausage. The steak itself was melt in your mouth. It was served with a mild marinara sauce over the top. Too bad that old restaurant is out of business now. Such wonderful memories! Enjoy that recipe Funk!
  10. Turbine has been updating LotRO with a free upgrade about every two months or so since the general release last April. We are scheduled for the next one real soon, it was rumored to be coming this month, but time runs short, so possibly in February. These usually take the form of expansions to the land area, character skill tweaks/nerfs (depending on who you talk to, lol), more quests (EPIC, solo, fellowship and raid), new gear, enhancements like player housing, crafting options and the like. There are rumors of a paid expansion to the game in the future, but no date has been announced. No one
  11. Hey all Yeah, I'm still playing Lord of the Rings online and still loving it. It is a little like WoW but without the kiddies - the community is much more mature, 6 different characters to choose from: Loremaster (crowd control), Champion (Area of Effect DPS), Captain (Buffer, dps), Hunter (single target DPS), Burglar (Trickster, dps), and Guardian (Tank). Character build is set on virtues and traits which you earn through exploration, killing (grinding) mobs and using your skills. Level maximum now is 50 and it should take a casual player many weeks of playtime to achieve - it took me fro
  12. Claire, thanks for the cool video, Christmas time is pretty special! Wishing all of you and yours a joyous, happy and healthy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!
  13. Howdy Old friends and new - I have not disappeared from the face of the earth. I did want stop by and wish all of you the greatest of Thanksgiving Days (and for my friends in Canada... errr ... um... Happy Thursday and belated Happy Thanksgiving). Since I retired from OGame a while back, I've busy with real life things. As you may remember, I was awarded a contract to provide interim management services to a long-time client right here in my home town of Raleigh, NC. I was thrilled that I didn't have to engage the skies as a road warrior any longer. It was so refreshing not to have to

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