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  1. Hey Sercan I have a ton of deut ready to ship any where in the universe. PM me in game @ Highlander. I'll trade at 2:1:1 Thanks a million
  2. OK Borg, you get to guess...here are some clues: The #1 Song in the year I was born was... "How much is that Doggie in the Window" DDE was elected for his first term in office The Academy Award for Best Picture went to "The Greatest Show on Earth" Albert Schweitzer won the Nobel Peace Prize The Summer Olympics were held in Helsinki, Finland The NY Yankees won the World Series. How Old am I?
  3. Oh no. I go away for a couple of days and the world as I know suddenly changes. Cycs it's been honor to have played with you, you are a great player and an inspiration. I wish you health and happiness. And I wish to say thank you for the help you gave to me early on when I first took over Indy's account; it made all the difference in the world to me. As Gogo said, the time is getting short for Universe 9. The only reason I still play is for this community and I've though long and hard about whether to continue trudging along or have the courage to do what Cyclops has done. A tip o' the
  4. Well he's had that account for sometime now and he's never once probed me. He seems to stick pretty close to home. I did notice when he first took over the account that he built some fleet, which was quite a change from the previous owner, who seemed happy just mining and building some defense. I'm not sure what's he's all about, but being with Jin Roh maybe too much for me to completely trust him. But, I would like to get to know that blond that was holding his dog, however.
  5. Your account was a blast to play. It's rated in the top 100, has 2 moons, jumpgates, lunar phalanx's, RIPS, a top 100 fleet and pretty good mines thankfully. I've done about 25 HoF's with it. Unfortunately Universe 9 is dying a slow death with only about 2,700 players [and 1/2 of them are banned, inactive or on vacation]. There's not much left for raiding or crashing. It's too bad really. I just accumulate rez and build mines, getting a little boring.
  6. Holy smokes, the legend returns... Welcome back Indy13, sure is nice to hear from you again. Are you playing OGame again? and if so, where [what universe] ?
  7. Super duper! Gratz on reaching the milestone...
  8. Hi ya neighbor Good to see you here and welcome to the coolest forum in the gaming world. Enjoy...
  9. How sad. Another loss for Universe 9... Best of luck to you Anestty and please do stop by here and say "Hi". Beers on me...
  10. I'm seriously considering retirement now that GameForge has added this element to the game. I'm convinced that it will do no good to the game and will create a very unbalanced player structure. Too bad... they lose...
  11. There is a very interesting discussion going on in the OOF about a test on Portugese servers of a new feature called "officers". Officers Discussion Thread Here's the skinny from the post by Amakir: We will be introducing *Officers* to OGame Portugal. The first country where this will be tested is portugal and official activation will be on thursday. *Officers* are 4 new features you will be able to purchase seperately to take full advantage of them. So you are free to get 1,2 or all of them for a certain price. These are as follows: *The Admiral:* The Admiral provides
  12. Gogo, you are a mind reader. I was sorting out a few of the screenies while you were posting this and here they are: Bree at Night: The Moon over Weathertop: And a little bug: These are clickable.
  13. Yes, Tim I sure did. No feedback to date on the issue, but what I've heard there is something cooking to revamp the crafting economy, but no one knows how or what; of it could be just one of those forum rumors.
  14. I hate to admit it, but >6 hours average per day so far. And more on the weekend days. The game is very good and I'm drawn back in because there is just so much to do. I hit Level 20 with my main toon last night. This is a milestone for character development - many of the 2nd tier skills become available which I purchased [trained for] last night and I can't wait to try out my new "Rain of Arrows" skill. So, once again I'm drawn back in for a while today and really looking forward to it.
  15. A couple of additional thoughts and an update... The LOTRO servers have been down for scheduled downtime since 7:00 this morning. The presumption is they are updating with a new patch [unconfirmed]. I tested a few more things and found out that there is in fact a personal storage area called a vault. They exist in 3 of the major towns at this point. I tried using it when I was in the stress test, but nothing happened and I had no idea what it even did. There's a NPC called the Vault Keeper standing in front of a Bank. When I clicked on him all he did was turn to me, but that was it. I
  16. Well, they finally lifted the Non-disclosure Agreement, so I'm free to discuss the game and my experiences here with you. First thoughts: The game will cost about $50 US and will also require a monthly on-line fee [initally for those that pre-order @ $9.95, but I think it goes up after release to $14.95]. This will probably keep many away from this game, but I figure it's cheaper than going to a movie once a month [which I rarely do]. I was interested in this MMORPG because it's Lord of the Rings. As some of you know, I am Celebrimbor in both Sacred and was here too. Celebrimbor w
  17. The combination would give a total of 21-22, depending. This would put D.a.r.k. at about the same membership level as PA, MOB, Jin Roh, and many others. I wouldn't see that as a mass aliiance at all. I feel good about this...
  18. So, how many members are actually in the wing and active?
  19. I for one think it's a great idea... United We Stand!
  20. I checked in this morning and noticed that Sphenodon was not on the leaderboard. I went to the OOF and looked in the Pillory and found this: Sat Feb 3 2007 2:14:18 nubby Sphenodon Tue Jun 20 2034 3:14:18 As Discussed. Contact Me. What's up with that:)
  21. Not to worry, those were planned moon shots [on my part]. I had left an even 20% on both planets for a long time and I'd get probed on occasion, but no takers. So I figured if I upped the ante a little I could entice someone to sweep in an give me a moon chance [that didn't look like a deliberate moon chance] and Xual took the bait. You're right cycs, she's a little arrogant and if the mods only knew this was planned they'd close those threads. Oh well...
  22. Well, I just completed all the paperwork and sign-up stuff. I have to download the software which I started about an hour ago --- It's huge. It's been running an hour now and I'm only at 2%. Probably should have started it before I went to bed. The whole thing starts at 7:00PM EST and will last all weekend. I will provide as much info as I can...
  23. No, not so weird... Those two MOB guys lost their entire fleets in the glitch that happened on Tuesday. Those fleets were restored yesterday by the programmers to their original status. So those guys dropped a lot on Tuesday and gained it back on Thursday. I guess we should be grateful that the programmers figured this out and made the players whole again, except it was MOB.
  24. Oh erialc.... What a great idea. I sure am gettin' ready for some new gaming experiences and Sacred 2 is high on the list. This kind of internal planning and development will spur some excitement with the veterans of the game and certainly some interest in those who haven't experienced Sacred/Underworld. There's much to be said about having representatives or ambassadors to the other fan sites and/or clans. Gee, I think that's where I first met gogo as he was the diplomat from WnX to Clan DA. Maybe we could start with a new background here - something from Sacred 2, if it's available
  25. I saw the ad on OGame and signed up to be a beta tester about three weeks ago. From what I could learn at their forums, the chances were pretty slim to get any action as a beta tester this late in development. But today, I received the e-mail inviting me to beta test in their weekend stress test event. I'll get to see what this great sounding game really looks and feels like, even though I'm sworn to secrecy about what I see, there will be a way to communicate my experience to you all and stay within the bounds of the non-disclosure agreement. I can hardly wait!
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