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  1. My college age Grandkids never buy from Amazon so who's to say if Amazon will rule the future shopping world. JC Penny's was poorly managed as was Sears. Stores like Costco, TJ Maxx and Apple are thriving. And around here, Mom and Pop stores are doing well. As for grocery stores offering online shopping with delivery (or drive thru pickup), that's a convenience that's long overdue. With commute times stretching into hours rather than minutes, there just isn't time left for shopping.
  2. Graphics wash out

    Thanks for trying It's weird and only happens when I hit a patch that 'glows'.
  3. Graphics wash out

    Sacred 2 is the only time this overly bright screen happens. The game looks fine until I reach a really bright area like snow and then the entire screen gets completely washed out. And I didn't mean the gamma settings. One player said that changing glow=1 to glow=0 in the options file would solve this problem.
  4. The new FireFox ... so fast?!!

    Oooooooo I didn't know that trick. tks FF doesn't have that delay that Chrome has before jumping to a new topic. It does seem faster.
  5. The new FireFox ... so fast?!!

    Thanks gogo Did you run the ookla test? The new Firefox 54 Mbps and Google 65 Mbps The new FF sounds like it has some nice new features tho... Plus, when my cable co came out to fix their broken modem, they charged me $45 for using Google instead of FF. Said that's why their lines were so slow.
  6. Whenever I play an area that is especially bright, my monitor graphics turn almost white for the entire screen. I checked the options file and glow is set at 0 so I have no idea how to fix this. I remember it happening on my old pc too.... just don't remember how to fix it. I just finished the Christmas quest and some frames were nothing but white.
  7. During the past week, we've had up to 5" of rain in the valley and 3' of snow here at beautiful Lake Tahoe. The lake rose by 3" and the ski resorts opened for the season. This link shows Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Heavenly Valley and Mt Rose are also open with several feet of fresh snow. Kirkwood will open next week. The temperature in Reno will be 70 (21c) and sunny during the Thanksgiving week. The entire Bay Area (San Francisco area) is expected to come up for the holiday. https://squawalpine.roundshot.com/squaw/
  8. Thanks gogo. You've done wonderful things here at Dark Matters and it's exciting to see it thriving after all these years. Appreciate the effort to merge my ancient account with new info as that old email company doesn't exist anymore. It's two in the morning and I just spotted this thread.
  9. Haven't gotten that far yet. Ashamed to say, but I'm just trying to find my way around the map/game again. It's been about six years since I've played and I've forgotten a lot. With all the wonderful mods you all have done here, it's like a brand new game. cat
  10. How do you do bonusgroups in blueprint.txt?

    Thank you very much I have a list of codes and their meaning from postings here and the Blueprint file that will help in deciding which column to use. I'm just going to tweak a few items.
  11. How do you do bonusgroups in blueprint.txt?

    Thanks gogo... nice to be back Is there an excel file showing all the bonus group codes ? Czevak had a file that might have done that but it's no longer available for download. It looks like there are some 900 of them
  12. I'm late to this conversation but I love the patch and it's graphics. Please don't ever go back to that awful blue based design.
  13. How do you do bonusgroups in blueprint.txt?

    Hi Gogo I'm that purringcat from Clan Da and the login name is purringcat. Nothing I tried worked to revive that account. It's nice to play Sacred 2 again... missed the game and all the people I played with. Thanks Flix I've enjoyed all your posts on making the game more fun. Have an awesome level 2 trader now.
  14. How do you do bonusgroups in blueprint.txt?

    Does the dmgvariation change the damage done by a weapon? And if not, how do you change the damage done by a weapon? And what does minconstraints do? If I wanted an item to change from every 20 levels down to 10, would this impact it? I tried just using lvljump but it still kept the old levels. And I'm not new here, I just couldn't log into my purringcat account. dmgvariation = 0, minconstraints = {10,13,0},
  15. Wet Danger Quest

    I uninstalled the game and started completely new toons - two of them to make sure things worked. It solved the issue at least in freeplay. They both have mounts and the gate was open. There were a number of smaller issues with quests (the gray circle didn't change spots when it should) and those are gone too. I really thank everyone for their advice and your website is great. I tweaked my balance file so the toons run faster and that's a joy.