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  1. Sacred Wiki - Latest Updates

    Added Mud Snapper Champion and Hydra to the Bestiary. Replaced the Weaving Spider Insect entry with the Champion adding the individual page. If a non-champion does exist I'll capture new images and separately add those at that time.
  2. Sacred Wiki - Latest Updates

    Exactly... good question... As GIR would say when asked what the 'G' stands for, "I don't know" (Invader Zim). It may be a bug. I suspect the health bar is accurate. Or not... I just defeated a Hydra and was poisoned as the Stats indicate, although the health bar indicates magic attacks... Added Lich and Moldered Lich King to the Bestiary.
  3. Sacred Wiki - Latest Updates

    It's been a busy past week. I bought and downloaded a half-dozen new games. Played one to completion... twice (Defense Grid). So I have been side tracked for awhile. But before that I downloaded and evaluated a half-dozen video editors and chose Cyberlink PowerDirector. I captured dozens of movies of the Moldered Skeleton Mage and edited several. It takes hours of trying just to capture the right video... I was unhappy with all of the results and a little discouraged but I will share them here. Also, while I had completed the code for the Moldered Skeleton Champion and Moldered Skeleton Mage, I only just added them to the wiki. Now for the movie. First I found that PhotoBucket transforms any movie type to FLV. Furthermore, the transform process clipped the end of the movie. The link is also kind of hideous. Hell playing the video is not even intuitive and seems to require a separate player. Am I doing something wrong? Why won't it play in the browser? After all that time, I am so dissapointed in the Original MPG. Here is the PhotoBucket FLV.
  4. Sacred 2 - Quest Research

    I want to add the same questions about the Family Ties main quest. Is it a Light path only quest? Is it only for the SW? I mean do all classes have no name?
  5. Sacred Wiki - Latest Updates

    Wow, that was crazy. Asui'thaz is now on the map, uh wiki. My first "place". Who knew there was so much data and images to gather and pages to create. Well, you guys of course. This litle village is what spurred me to create the many monster wiki contents. While all is not perfect it certainly is a good starting point. I found that many of the quest images I had captured were unsuitable for the NPC pages, so the NPC quest givers don't have floating question marks above their heads... I'm learning.
  6. Sacred Wiki - Latest Updates

    Just added the Mud Snapper, Mudsucker, Swamp Rat & Swamp Rat Champion to the Wild Animal Bestiary. We also have four new beasties in the list of Monsters. They are Strong Blind Olm, Swamp Olm, Swamp Olm Champion and Toxic Elemental. I even captured some CA moves.
  7. Ancaria Map & Bestiary Details

    Oh well, I'm certainly no master. I am still playing my first character, a SW, so I have no idea of other character CAs.
  8. Sacred Wiki - Latest Updates

    Hey everyone, I have added several new Undead to the Bestiary. I have a few more to add but there are enough for you all to judge worthy or not. Or maybe you'll find some mistakes. There's plenty more to come.
  9. Each place page has a link with coordinates on the Ancaria map. How do you determine coordinates? The Bestiary. How do you identify attacks other than physical damage. For instance, a Swamp Olm threw some kind of fire ball (?) at me. Another caused a dark cloud to form around my head having an unknown effect, probably some kind of blindness.
  10. Sacred 2 - Quest Research

    I have been using only High Quality Settings. I play @ 1600x1200 with no anti-aliasing (way too many dropped frames, even @ 1280x960). The resolution allows me to capture images that can be scaled down with little or no loss. I just captured a Molderd Skeleton Warrior for the Bestiary. When you look closely you can see how anti-aliasing might help. Settings were changed to Very High detail and 4x anti aliasing then this was captured. Unfortunately the game is just not playable in this mode. Finally, here is a Very High Render and Ground detail w/o anti-aliasing. Doesn't look any different from the default High detail settings... to me. The game is playable so I'll keep this setting but turn Ground detail down to High.
  11. Sacred 2 - Quest Research

    Thanx everyone for your comments. It's good to know all that time I was goofing off at work, uh, my mad image skills are proving useful. I have just added another side quest to Chapter 6 titled A Feast. Now this is cool the quest giver dropped a piece of set armor that I didn't have. It wasn't part of the quest reward so I think I just got lucky.
  12. Sacred 2 - Quest Research

    OK, I just added The Other Trophy Hunt side quest and updated the Light Family Ties main quest with maps and a Note. Check 'em out. I think the maps for the main quest are particularly cool but that's just me.
  13. Sacred 2 - Quest Research

    I edited the above post and am including the Poacher quest link here. I can understand how using the category listing feature is convenient. A second custom page would mean adding links to two separate pages and could be slightly more work. It might be easy to forget to add a new quest to one or the other. Personally, I would prefer to see the list of quests without the category, it's redundant. I would also volunteer to create the new page although I know little about wiki editing. If we were to vote, I say a new separate page and a book on how to create a Wiki for dummies.
  14. Sacred 2 - Quest Research

    Easy? Well OK, alphabetical? Yes ewww, ahhhh. You know I did a comparison but I missed that, I'm getting old or need new glasses or both... thanx OK guys the Poacher quest has been updated. Let me know if the large images (size and resolution) are OK. Or if there is anything else you would like to see changed.
  15. Sacred 2 - Quest Research

    I'm talking about the list of side quests found on this page. They are all preceeded with "Sacred 2". The chapter 6 Poacher side quest is completed on the Wiki. Here are all thumbnails with image links to the full size: Edited by gogoblender EXAMPLE CODE OF SNIPPET TO CUT OUT: Code with advertising snippet is this: Example First code is this: Code with snippet taken out is this: By editing this post you can see the difference. Delete everything from the = to the ? and it will display without advertising.