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  1. Thank you. Yes it's quite the journey for us as well. Most of us never did a game close to LifeLeech's scope. So it's even interesting to see how it progresses to our self. We had a lot of ups and downs and we are currently on a huge upswing, I think you can tell from the last video. It starts to feel like an actual game. Still a long road ahead of us before we are confident enough to look for further financing, like a Kickstarter. But it's now pretty clear to us, that the game is actually happening, one way or the other.
  2. We had another play session with a new build.
  3. We had our second play session with the team. Well this build has a lot of problems, for example no damage numbers showing, but we will have another play session soon with an updated build. Fixed most of the issues and added some stuff like blood effects.
  4. Here is a code example if you want to see how to code for UE4. This is a function of our custom action system, it starts the execution of a action performed by a character in the game, be it a player or AI controlled one. You see that the function exits out if it's a pure client side action. This is because this code actually only runs on the server and never on the client. We use UE4's authoritative server model for cheat protection. // Starts the action. void ALifeLeechAction::Start(APawn* InitiatorPawn, AController* InitiatorController, AActor* TargetActor, FVector TargetVector) { // Don't execute if this action is only running on the client side. if (PureClientSide == true) { return; }; // check for cooldown if (CooldownLeft > 0.0f) { return; }; // check if another action is executed if this action is not allowed to overlap another one if ((CanOverlap == false) && (InitiatorController != nullptr)) { ALifeLeechGamePlayerController* Controller = Cast<ALifeLeechGamePlayerController>(InitiatorController); if (Controller != nullptr) { if (Controller->ActionInProgress == true) { return; } else { Controller->ActionInProgress = true; }; }; }; // Set initiator and target variables for later use. AcInitiatorPawn = InitiatorPawn; AcInitiatorController = InitiatorController; AcTargetActor = TargetActor; AcTargetVector = TargetVector; // Call OnStart event for BP override. OnStart(); // Mark action as started. Started = true; // Mark action as in progress. InProgress = true; // Activate tick, if action should tick. if (TickAfterStart) { PrimaryActorTick.SetTickFunctionEnable(true); }; }
  5. What do you mean? To make the game? We are using Unreal Engine 4 with C++ and a number of tools to create the assets, but I am not very familiar with them. I am just a coder. ^^ Who do you want to meet?
  6. Still pretty early in development and still using lots of placeholder. But thats the current status of the project.
  7. I spoke to a developer who worked on Tincat. I also wrote a mail to the actual copyright holder of Tincat without a response. I did this a few years back but don't remember the name of the company anymore. Well you don't need to worry about Sacreds network protocol to much, As I understand it Tincat is only responsible to negotiate between the client, lobby and server. It's not responsible for the actual game play. It's only for the game lists, chat rooms, etc. all the old Ascaron.Net stuff. I am pretty sure after the negotiation for joining a game of the list, the client and server take over and communicate directly. It would make sense at least. Apart from chat messages to friends, which need to be send via Tincat. Well I tried to understand it way back for Sacred 2 but I didnt really, so I am not of much help and since I work on my own game I don't want to sacrifice the time, as I think it is actually a lot of time required to reverse engineer it.
  8. Thank you so much for the kind words of support you persistently give us, since the start of this project. It's very much appreciated.
  9. It's time for another update. This project is still very much alive and actively worked on. But as always in life things rarely go by plan. Unexpected things are happening, private life getting in the way of a project. And I think it's time to better explain to you the current status of the project, what wend wrong so far and how we will proceed: In my last post I already said that the old team is no more. Thats very much true. It didnt worked out. I don't want to point to someone specific. I also made my fair share of mistakes. The matter of fact is, it didnt worked out that way and we needed drastic change, if we wanted to make this project a reality. So I cut every payment. I did pay some people working on the project. Now the whole team works on voluntary basis and contribute time end effort by their own terms. The only two people from the original team, still remaining on the project are me and Johnny, our game designer who joined only a few month before break down of the team. However since then the team grew bigger and it's now bigger and more diverse than ever before. Still some key positions are missing but we can now progress into areas we couldn't before because we missed the talent. One of that areas is level design and custom 3D assets. We started to finally implement the actual playable area of the world for the prototyp and start to create custom 3D assets for it. A 3D designer, who is also an architect joined the team and does some amazing work on the buildings and village/city design and works closely together with our level designer to build the terrain of the world and make it believable but also unique and special at the same time. Thats also the reason I don't show videos, because we basically only use place holder assets for now and they are not up the look, feel and quality we want to have in the game and are comfortable with showing you. I actually have 13 private videos on youtube, just as internal demos for the team. Showcasing working game mechanics and multiplayer. The one video I shared in my last post, was also supposed to be private but I thought I have to give you some proof to show you, this project is not dead. We are actually not that bad from the code side of things. And I also want to add some proof to my words and share some concept drawing made specifically for LifeLeech to find the look and feel, we want to have in the game. Thank you for still believing in us after not meeting any deadline. We learned and are still learning and will not tell any dates until we are sure we can meet them. If you are interested to contribute to the project. Please contact me, or just join our discord, all contact information is in the first post.
  10. Thorium

    Backdrop - New Game by Sacred Devs

    I and the LifeLeech team wish you all the best for Backdrop and shared the link everywhere.
  11. Yes, thats a viable possibility. And thats why I asked the guy for the documentation. But sadly he can't disclose it as it's copyright protected and he is not the kind of guy who has it on a USB stick by random chance and just forgets his USB stick on the table. You know what I mean? I really tried if there is a way for the documentation to "surface".
  12. Just a reminder that this project is still worked on. We did a soft-restart of the project with a new team, some fresh ideas and a new concept. Still most of the work done carries over to the "new" project. But the team needed a big change, things didn't go as we wanted. As a little proof we are working on it, here a small video with me testing a dynamic attack cone. Everything inside the cone is hit. when attacking. The cone does not go though walls, that's the dynamic part. ^^ All graphics and animations are just placeholders. So excuse the poor animation and model quality.
  13. I actually asked the developer of TinCat (network lobby library used by Sacred) if he could provide the community with a documentation so we could build our own lobby server and get Sacred back online without need of a VPN service. Unfortunately he can't provide the documentation for legal reasons but he said it's a very simple design and it would not be hard to reverse engineer it and recreate a lobby server. So if anyone is willing to take up the task, I am sure there are still players enjoying Sacred 1.
  14. Yes, the remake is a great game. It was on kickstarter and I was a baker on it. ^^ I had the original for every platform and 2 variations for Atari ST, so 4 versions out of 8 existing. ^^
  15. And the next batch of auctions is up: Forbidden Forest C64 Sealed Summer Games II C64 Epyx Sealed Turrican C64 Rainbow Arts Sealed The Great Giana Sisters Atari ST Goblins Highlands Computer A2-FS1 Flight Simulator David's Midnight Magic Odyssey The Compleat Apventure Beneath Apple Manor Scott Adams Adventure Series Limited Gold Edition Sealed The game is a jump&run very similar to Super Mario Bros. It was so similar that Nintendo made pressure and the game was retracted from the market. This is why the game is rare. It was released for C64 and later for Amiga and Atari ST. The C64 version is more common than the other. It was developed by a german company named Time Warp, which later became Factor 5. In my opinion the game is very good. One of, if not _the_, best jump&run on the C64. It's even bedder than Super Mario Bros. It takes all the basic elements but adds more to it, like more power ups. Some people prefer Mario, I prefer Giana Sisters.