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  1. Yes it did. We want the game to be gory and brutal but still have bright overworld environments. That's something Sacred inspired.
  2. And another progress update. Showcasing new gore system, rain weather and much more.
  3. I think the most important parts are that we got one guy making custom 3D models for us and he is very productive. He made all the house interior models in a pretty short time. He also reworked the day-night cycle and added moving cloud shadows. Other than that, we mostly progressed our ability and item system. As showcased by the new abilities we can have protective covers in specific arc's and we can not only attack with the weapon but also with the shield. There was a lot of internal work required to make this work. But it turned out nicely and the functionalities will be needed for mo
  4. Hi :-)

    ich würde gern die Sacred-Charaktäre in 3D drucken, komme aber einfach nicht in diese blöden .pak-Dateien rein :-( vielleicht kannst du mir helfen?


    Viele Grüße

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    2. Ragnar1989


      Vielen Dank für den Tipp. Leider kann ich mit dem Link nix anfangen. Ich bin zwar bei Discord, brauche aber glaube ich eine Einladung in den Channel oder?

    3. Thorium


      Das sollte eigentlich ein Einladungslink sein. Was passiert, wenn du ihn clickst?

    4. Ragnar1989


      Da komm ich nur auf Discord, wo mir gesagt wird, dass der Link nicht funktioniert.
      Ich hab's aber hier im Forum gefunden. Hab Zerisius schon angeschrieben & ein Tool von ihm bekommen.
      Nur leider kann ich mit den Daten die da rauskommen auch nix anfangen :cstars:

  5. I didn't even knew, so I checked how big it is and it is smaller than it feels when playing. The map is 1 by 1 km and the playable area is about 500 by 500 m. That is big enough for the prototype but of course only a very small part of the overall world we will have in the finished game.
  6. It's not a bug. Enemies in the staring area do not respawn. It's only after you cross the bridge with the guard warning about dangers that enemies start respawning.
  7. Here is a screenshot from the dungeon. It's not in the perspective you play in, but it's from the actual dungeon.
  8. Well in addition what I said in the video. Fairly soon we will have a new map, which looks much better and features a much bigger playable area and will contain our first dungeon. I will probably show it in 2 weeks. Also we are approaching the a state we feel good about releasing a playable demo/prototype. I don't want to give you any dates now but we are thinking about a date right now.
  9. No, she is not my daughter. ^^ Just someone I know from real life and she likes to draw and wanted to contribute something to my project. The only children I got are my cats and LifeLeech.
  10. Here is a short video from our youngest artist, who shows her work: https://www.tiktok.com/@keksbit/video/6823325281852460293
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