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  1. Listed two more games: Pipe Dream Lucasgames Oldorf's Revenge 4 games sold so far and all exceeded my expectations. I knew they are valuable but I didn't thought they would go for _that_ much. Much more to sell but I want to get the games out slowly, I think this will be a better strategy than putting them all out at once.
  2. Downloading a game, which is not free, is not stealing in the same sense as stealing an object. The difference is: If you steal something, the owner does not have it anymore. That's not the case if you download. You do infringe on the copyright, but that's different for the law. That said, the game you search for is in fact abandonware: http://www.abandonia.com/en/games/306/Faery+Tale+Adventure+II+-+Halls+of+the+Dead.html Abandonia is a serious website, which is around for decades. They can be trusted for their classifications as abandonware.
  3. I have started the process of selling my game collection. If you don't know, I was a game collector for years. My collection is around 800 games from various systems. I specialized in early RPG's from the time frame 1978 to 1982. Pretty much any RPG from that time is very rare. I started to put some games up on eBay and this will continue in the next weeks and probably month. As it takes time to sell of a collection piece by piece. Even if you are not interested in buying, maybe you are interested in just looking what is traded. Some of the games are seriously rare, not the kind of rare that is just expensive, but you can get it easily. I am talking about the kind of rare that is sold on the open market only once in a few years. So it is very hard to predict for what it will go. So far the auctions run better then expected and some of the money, I can put into my own game project LifeLeech. Akalabeth Dungeon Campaign 1st Release Maniac Mansion 1st Edition C64 US Sealed Wasteland Apple 2 Sealed The Great Giana Sisters Amiga Pipe Dream Lucasgames Oldorf's Revenge
  4. I am glad Darkmatters is back. I was worried for a moment. ^^
  5. Nice to see one more familiar face on this thread. Don't worry about time to play. The release of the prototype will only mark the beginning of a more open and community driven development of the project. It will take years to complete it.
  6. Someone came to our discord server with a question and left the server before I saw the question. Since this person came from Darkmatters, I want to answer the question here. The question was: "I have a quick question. I saw on Dark Matters that your prototype won't be Kickstarter ready til next year. Do you guys know whether or not you're going to releasea downloadable demo?" We will release a downloadable demo with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, currently planned for early next year. We may give access to the demo to people who express interest beforehand. Since the demo should be finished one month prior to the Kickstarter launch. In other words, we plan one month preparation for the Kickstarter after the Prototype is finished. The prototype itself will be the playable and downloadable demo. It will only have a very small part of the map but will feature full multiplayer and even comes with a dedicated server to host your own servers.
  7. To keep you guys updated some news about the project: First of all, we are making progress, but much slower than we have hoped. So we decided the prototype will not be Kickstarter ready this year and will be pushed to early next year. Nevertheless, we do make progress. It's now in a state I would call "roughly playable". Players can run around the map, fight and kill AI enemies and collect items they drop. Best part is: This all is fully working in multiplayer. Yesterday we had our first real play session on a dedicated server and the multiplayer worked flawlessly. Was fun killing some enemies and collecting loot to get stronger and then kill each other. ^^ Also a musician joined the team, who is currently working on the theme music. Check out his work to get a idea what we are aiming for on the music side:
  8. Thorium

    New Mod: Sacred Reborn

    That would be a controversial change. When I first started playing Sacred I did not liked the respawn, it was for the same reason you want the change. but I grew to like it. You can just keep on farming without restarting the game. Also there is a way to mostly clear out. If you solved most of the quests in a region, it gets pacified. That means much less enemies spawn in that region.
  9. Thorium

    New Mod: Sacred Reborn

    You can comment on the YouTube video. And at least one of them is on my Discord server under the name MetaL. https://discord.gg/9NCRNpE They are from russia but MetaL's english isn't to bad. He is also doing community management for the russian community of LifeLeech and is one of our biggest supporters right now.
  10. Thorium

    New Mod: Sacred Reborn

    Well there were a few. Other than texture swaps the first one was Veteran Mod and then there was Darkbloods and Ravenrock patch. Thats about it, I think. It is a hard game to make mods for and I can only imagine how much time they invested to create Sacred ReBorn.
  11. A new mod for Sacred Underworld was just released. I think the guys that made it are not on Darkmatters, so I post it here because it's really cool. Download Changelog
  12. Thorium

    I have my own Discord Channel!!

    Sorry to hear your Discord server wasn't accepted well. I think the biggest misconception people have about Discord is that it's a social media platform, which it is not. It is a communication platform for direct communication. I like it because it's very modern and old school at the same time and it gets more and more accepted. It's also great for business, like customer support. And we even use it for all our internal team communication.
  13. There are some questions and discussions about our project LifeLeech and our relation to Sacred and Unbended. I compiled a little FAQ about our project, which will answer these questions and some more: https://www.catbit.biz/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=494
  14. Thx. It's probably to technical and dry for many people but I just wanted to show that we are actually working on this and we do make progress. We also have a basic model of our first character with some basic animations and texturing, but it hasn't reached high enough quality to show it to the public. Also we are still missing graphics artists and next month we will buy a lot of assets from the Unreal marketplace, so we can get the level design going. There is no way we can make the prototype with custom assets. We are just missing the man/woman power. Hopefully we get enough funding to pay artists to make all the assets we need. There are quite some artists interested in the project, but they don't do it for free. ^^ If there are no news for some time, that does not mean we are not working on it. I just don't want to show things that don't have a certain quality standard. This video is also not meant as advertising but more showing progress and maybe getting a few more people interested to join the team. We also got another game designer to join the team. He is a professional from Russia and does game design for a pretty big company and game. After we will work together for a few month we will tell who he is. ^^
  15. We got the first public video about the project out. It shows and explains how item generation works in LifeLeech. It's pretty technical and kind of dry, but if you are interested how things like that work in our project, take a look.