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  1. Our major inspirations are Diablo, Sacred, Path of Exile, Torchlight and a number of other ARPG's. I would say it will be a diablo-like but in it's own niche. Similar to Sacred, focusing on a open world to explore instead of linear dungeons. While we envision Fallout 2 like quests, which fits an open world very nicely. The main focus will be on action, loot and character progression. Also it's a dark fantasy setting. So it will be brutal, but not always dark, as you are also playing outside in the sun.
  2. Thorium

    Sacred Underworld 16:9. Thoughts.

    When you work with coordinates in sacred. Entity coordinates are relative the the middle of the screen (player characters position). Basically instead of moving the character, the world is moved around the character. That has been done to prevent glitches by floating point inaccuracy on far corners of the world. Maybe that info helps a little bit. Edit: Maybe coordinates is not a good word for it. More like render translation.
  3. Thorium

    Sacred Reborn: Dwarf Tales

    Yes, I use Greed. It does make your character more squishy, that's true. But even without it. Once you get +100 magic find from Blacksmithing it adds up quickly.
  4. Thorium

    Sacred Reborn: Dwarf Tales

    Because of the Blacksmith skill, it's a must have character. You can use him to Blacksmith for other classes. Since ReBorn includes the unofficial 2.29 patch, you can run sacred multiple times at the same time and join your own server with two characters. So you can exchange items between them and use your dwarf as a blacksmith for all your other characters. I recently played the dwarf as well and it's magic find it incredibly overpowered. Getting 2000 magic find, is easy by level 60 and sets and uniques drop like candy. ^^
  5. Thorium

    Unofficial Sacred Patch

    Yes, ReBorn includes the unofficial 2.29 patch. If it doesnt start, it's probably anti-virus preventing it to execute.
  6. How awesome! Now we need this for Sacred Underworld, pretty please. Imagine Sacred 1 with ReBorn mod on a closed net lobby.
  7. Yes, the mask can drop randomly. I know it for sure because I used it a lot back in the days on my Jason Gladiator. I think I never got the machete to drop, but the the mask definitely.
  8. Thorium

    Sacred online via Steam

    The problem is, if you replace Sacred.exe, it removes the Steam integration. And that probably also removes the ability to play LAN over the Steam network. ReBorn depends on changes to the .exe. A way around it would be to use Steams version of Sacred.exe as a base for the mod. Also 2.29 would need to be ported over to this version.
  9. Thorium

    Diablo IV

    It looks pretty good. Like the best of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 combined. Looks like they have learned their lesson with Diablo 3. The style is much more like Diablo 1 and 2 but the battle system like Diablo 3. I am sure it will be a great game. I am also a fan of Diablo 3 since Reaper of Souls. It has come a long way since release and redeemed itself from it's horrible release version. And again, D4 looks like they learned their lesson.
  10. I think it was called QuallityFour or something. It was based in Potsdam (near Berlin, Germany). They opened this up while developing Sacred 2, it was not existing in the times of Sacred 1.
  11. The problem with modding Sacred 1 is. It was never meant to be modded and there are even intentional barriers put in place to make modding harder. Some of which have been removed with our unofficial 2.29 patch. Then you got no source code. No plain text scripts like in Sacred 2. And tons of bugs. The biggest issue we faced, when making the VeteranMod was the amount of effort and time required to reverse engineer Sacred to be able to only make small changes and fixes. What the ReBorn team has achieved is beyond awesome. It's not only a matter of having people who want to contribute but to have people who are willing to put insane amounts of time into reverse engineering and seeing only small progress for long periods of time. Some of the stuff the ReBorn mod does, I didnt even dream about. Like fixing damage replication in multiplayer. I am glad if our tools helped in the creation of ReBorn, but the team did so much more than just use existing tools. I don't even want to know the number of hours wasted debugging. Well, LifeLeech is on the horizon and as metal said, he is actually part of the LifeLeech team as well. LifeLeech is no Sacred, but the most similar to Sacred since Sacred 2.
  12. We made a new Dev Demo Build to showcase the current state of the project: