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  1. Thorium

    Diablo IV

    It looks pretty good. Like the best of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 combined. Looks like they have learned their lesson with Diablo 3. The style is much more like Diablo 1 and 2 but the battle system like Diablo 3. I am sure it will be a great game. I am also a fan of Diablo 3 since Reaper of Souls. It has come a long way since release and redeemed itself from it's horrible release version. And again, D4 looks like they learned their lesson.
  2. I think it was called QuallityFour or something. It was based in Potsdam (near Berlin, Germany). They opened this up while developing Sacred 2, it was not existing in the times of Sacred 1.
  3. The problem with modding Sacred 1 is. It was never meant to be modded and there are even intentional barriers put in place to make modding harder. Some of which have been removed with our unofficial 2.29 patch. Then you got no source code. No plain text scripts like in Sacred 2. And tons of bugs. The biggest issue we faced, when making the VeteranMod was the amount of effort and time required to reverse engineer Sacred to be able to only make small changes and fixes. What the ReBorn team has achieved is beyond awesome. It's not only a matter of having people who want to contribute but to have people who are willing to put insane amounts of time into reverse engineering and seeing only small progress for long periods of time. Some of the stuff the ReBorn mod does, I didnt even dream about. Like fixing damage replication in multiplayer. I am glad if our tools helped in the creation of ReBorn, but the team did so much more than just use existing tools. I don't even want to know the number of hours wasted debugging. Well, LifeLeech is on the horizon and as metal said, he is actually part of the LifeLeech team as well. LifeLeech is no Sacred, but the most similar to Sacred since Sacred 2.
  4. We made a new Dev Demo Build to showcase the current state of the project:
  5. And the next video in our dev tutorial series:
  6. And the next video in the dev tutorial series:
  7. This is a tutorial video intended for internal team training. But I thought it may be nice for some people to get some infos about the development of LifeLeech, especially for people who think about joining the team. So here you go: Warning, very technical and dry. ^^
  8. No we are not. LifeLeech is our only game project. CatBit is my company and I am also the only employee. I had employees in the past, but it didn't worked out. CatBit's source of income is actually not in the gaming industry, I hope to get a source of income with LifeLeech. However as it stands now the source of income is custom development work, mainly for natural stone industry. The CatBit team consists of the CatBit company (me) and voluntary contributors to project LifeLeech. All people marked developer on our discord are contributing to LifeLeech. The guy you see playing Zeromancer is Johnny, who is our game designer as well as art director and also does some level design lately. And yes, he plays a lot of games. ^^ As for what Zeromancer is, I personally don't know, but you are free to ask him yourself on our Discord.
  9. Just a reminder that this project is still alive. ^^
  10. Thank you. Yes it's quite the journey for us as well. Most of us never did a game close to LifeLeech's scope. So it's even interesting to see how it progresses to our self. We had a lot of ups and downs and we are currently on a huge upswing, I think you can tell from the last video. It starts to feel like an actual game. Still a long road ahead of us before we are confident enough to look for further financing, like a Kickstarter. But it's now pretty clear to us, that the game is actually happening, one way or the other.
  11. We had another play session with a new build.
  12. We had our second play session with the team. Well this build has a lot of problems, for example no damage numbers showing, but we will have another play session soon with an updated build. Fixed most of the issues and added some stuff like blood effects.
  13. Here is a code example if you want to see how to code for UE4. This is a function of our custom action system, it starts the execution of a action performed by a character in the game, be it a player or AI controlled one. You see that the function exits out if it's a pure client side action. This is because this code actually only runs on the server and never on the client. We use UE4's authoritative server model for cheat protection. // Starts the action. void ALifeLeechAction::Start(APawn* InitiatorPawn, AController* InitiatorController, AActor* TargetActor, FVector TargetVector) { // Don't execute if this action is only running on the client side. if (PureClientSide == true) { return; }; // check for cooldown if (CooldownLeft > 0.0f) { return; }; // check if another action is executed if this action is not allowed to overlap another one if ((CanOverlap == false) && (InitiatorController != nullptr)) { ALifeLeechGamePlayerController* Controller = Cast<ALifeLeechGamePlayerController>(InitiatorController); if (Controller != nullptr) { if (Controller->ActionInProgress == true) { return; } else { Controller->ActionInProgress = true; }; }; }; // Set initiator and target variables for later use. AcInitiatorPawn = InitiatorPawn; AcInitiatorController = InitiatorController; AcTargetActor = TargetActor; AcTargetVector = TargetVector; // Call OnStart event for BP override. OnStart(); // Mark action as started. Started = true; // Mark action as in progress. InProgress = true; // Activate tick, if action should tick. if (TickAfterStart) { PrimaryActorTick.SetTickFunctionEnable(true); }; }
  14. What do you mean? To make the game? We are using Unreal Engine 4 with C++ and a number of tools to create the assets, but I am not very familiar with them. I am just a coder. ^^ Who do you want to meet?