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  1. Hello. Im sure this has probably been asked million times over but im too lazy to go through all 38 pages of posts. Please forgive me my laziness. Anyway, I'd like to install this CM patch but what I'd like to know is that will I still be able to play on the Closed Net servers after installing this patch?
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    Sorry for this offtopic question but, how in earth do you get your camera on that kind of angle?
  3. Greetings fellow sacrediers! or is it sacradiers? Anyway, I've been rambling all over the lands of ancaria for about a week now with my mighty shadow warrior and I somehow managed to beat silver difficulty thanks to the thousands of health potions I went through Im now hoping to move to the multiplayer (closed net) scene to experience this wonderful game with other sacred players. So these last few days I've been heavily reading through forums and sacred wiki to better understand this game so I could build up a strong and balanced character that I could take all way up to the higher difficulties. My plan is to make a seraphim that is fun to play and has lots of things to do. By this I mean having something to do instead of just 1 button smashing through hordes of mobs, its mind numbingly boring as watching paint dry on a wall. I've gone through several of the popular seraphim builds. The melee heavy builds aswell as the BFG builds. I also saw sariels build(and variations of it) which I liked since it seemed rather solid and fun build but it was created like 6 months ago and Ascaron has patched the game up several times since then and things have changed alot since those days. Im worried if the build is viable at all, mainly due to the change to divine protection move which I think was one of the key factors on living through bosses and such. So I'd really hate myself if I went with that and later on find out that im getting devoured by champions and bosses in platinum. Also having bargaining and enchanted perception seem to be a really must have (atleast on one of the chars) so that the gear of the character is as good as possible. I've tried to squeeze those two in some of my build makings but my results have been bad since it leaves weak spots in my build which could be devestating in the long run. I'd really appriciate any help on making a nice build that can withstand even agaisn't the mighties foes of ancaria. regards Mon