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  1. I hope this build works for you in Niob. You are for sure pushing your limits with no buffs. GR and RE are just to godly to not have. Since you wont be in the shadows full time GR pumped up would save you from taking any major critical spell hits. RE would work to reflect the physical damage your going to take which is going to be alot. Which would free up Combat Reflex and Spell Resistance (which is not needed) 90% of damage done is physical. I am running a level 123 Shadow Summoner "Tomb Raider" in Niob and am glad I have my three skeletons along with what ever I raise. I can tell you this when I seen "Range" in your description I was stoked thinking it was a range build (2H gun). Good Luck
  2. Ranged Astral Shadow Warrior Questions

    I have made the same build for xbox 360, since I already have a pure summoner. The final two skills I have picked were devine Devotion and EP. As far as becoming unveiled it can happen only two ways if you have it modded correctly as a buff and 100% undetected: 1st being you hit a Combat Art before it has fully regenerated and 2nd if in the shadows (somethinking like that) is below 1800. It must be 1800 or higher you can tell this by looking at the Combat Art. I dont use skellies since I use 3 buffs already. Instead for fodder I use RS and have it modded so they can infect others they kill. Your going to use DB to kill bosses and the rest of the time I use FR just make sure to keep the regen time low, mine is at 1 second and dont have a problem coming unveiled.
  3. Hard Core for Consoles challenge

    Scrapped the Shadow Warrior. Went with the wrong sequence of skills. Started with Armor and focuses then concentration and tactics. Starting over in reverse order. Been here and am doing it right now. level 117 Summoner Shadow Warrior (Tomb Raider) -No deaths only gear I have found which is alot maxed EP running Orc Cave. Doing about 200 xp per kill should finish Niob shortly just need to max Ancient Magic which should make it a done deal up to Orc Land as we speak. If I were going to do it a again but not Shadow Warrior then it would have to be BFG Seraphim with Bargining and EP.
  4. I will get right to the point. Will I be hit with a regen penalty on Nether Alliance if I went over the Astral Focus highest spell level? Or does this work like Grand Invig does for HE where I can eat as many as I want without regen penalty? Thanks in Advance
  5. What is actually broke with Blacksmith skill? If you have it mastered can you place jewlery in the bronze sockets?
  6. Update: Ka243, to help you out, any equipment you find other than sets that have open silver / gold sockets. Shop for regeneration per hit (example regeneration .03 sec per hit) place these in those slots this will help reduce regen times of any CA you use. Now I can say EP works although I did not take this skill until level 18 and only have 1 hard point into it, it works. By the time I reached level 19 I found Endijians Armor and Boots along with several 3 star weapons. At that time I only had +3 total to all skills from 3 +1 skill ammy/rings. Once I hit level 25 I had several left over +2 skill rings/ammy's from stash and placed these in the endijians and upgraded the ones I was wearing. I am now level 30 took out the 1 st dragon in seraphim island. I have not found anymore set items for seraphim's but I have found at least 4 to 5 more set items for Dryad, Inquistor and Shadow Warrior plus a 3 star ring (dont remember the name, I think it is Isrils sp?) it has regen time .07sec per hit with a second mod along with several more 3 star weapons. I have not tried to run any mini bosses at this time. So does EP work compared to my old level 74 seraphim with no EP. Yes as I indicated level 74 only found 3 set items in 40 mini boss runs and none from elites ect.
  7. If you have read this: That's how item drops work, now onto EP... EP gives a bonus to Magic Find that affects all item drops from monsters, despite the tooltip not displaying it until you reach the Mastery (& yes, I've posted that as a tooltip bug). EP Mastery gives you a better chance to find nice stuff from chests/barrels/magical hiding places (as it says that's the "find a hidden compartment" bit in the description). EP (apparently) helps to uncover invisible foes from a closer distance, though the only ones I'm aware of are in the Unique Mount quest. EP does not affect the quantity of item drops (it lets you find better stuff, not more stuff, that might be why they moved the "is an item dropped at all" bit out of #2) & it does not help you find more magical hiding places. As we all know White Griffon, Boar, Dark Prince are all great farming places for set pieces. I can say this My level 74 Seraphim without EP taken has only found 3 set pieces in about 40 runs orc cave included. I even looked to see my MF with out two 10% rings on I had .60 (uncovering the map). I found nothing only when I had this 20% on did I find any set items. So having none compared to having EP does help along with how quicly you can kill them is also taken in to account. Which I had no problem doing quickly. Now my level 55 Summoner Shadow Warrior has EP at level 55 and finds sets in chests along with those mini boses along with orc caves more often than my Seraphim. His killing speed is slower than hers. So does it matter and I say yes having high MF compared to having none gives you a better chance.
  8. Make sure you take Tactics Lore next then Concentration. You want to get Tactics up to your level asap, good sorce of damage and allows you to mod Battle Stance, Pelting Strices etc. These are the Combat Arts you are going to use. I started remaking my Seraphim last night she is level 12 or 13 on silver and only took the direct path (quest line) and has reach Stone Golem, I am not there to fight him but get the mount quest. Dobri, one more question if I may. Which Tiger should I chose for mount?
  9. I went dynamic last BFG I made as you see followed what you said in taking those two skills out and she was a beast. The only problem I had was finding the upgrades of set items. I see where mitigation comes in very handy. I even fought my friend which is the same level tank SW and dropped him with ease.
  10. I also play on xbox 360: My Seraphim level 74 following this build except taking out Rev Lore and Warding Lore and replacing with Riding and Bargin. I am wearing: Helmet of Seraish level 45 Garment of the Celestial level 60 Niokaste's Shoulder level 35 Wristguards of Dusk level 60 Greaves of Justice level 49 Endijian Wings level 60 Endijian Sash level 45 Endijian Boots level 90 All items I am wearing I either traded for or a friend gave me (Endijian items). I did not take EP under the thoughts it is worthless and set items will drop doing White Griffon, Boar, Dark Prince and tons of orc cave runs. With about 10-12% to find valuables from rings/ammy's and running these bosses that I can take down quickly in silver/gold. I did 20 runs in silver 20 in gold and I got the grand total of 3 set items. 2 Armors from the Justice set level 60/75 and the Helm for Niokaste's set level 75. With this thought process I am now going to restart a new BFG Seraphim and take EP. as far as damage out put no needs to worry mobs were dead before they could reach me thanks to death blow 60% and thats even with subpar gear which could have been way much better. I was jumping game to game trying to reach level 75 for Warding Energy buff so I could use my save portal to the 4 nameless on Platinum. Just make sure you keep adding points into Rev. Focus it really depends if you use AW or not but would allow you to eat more runes in Warding Energy. The question I have for Dobri is Battle Stance do you go dynamic or lazy style. One has Evade and the other reduces regen times for two of your Combat Arts which kill quickly for you?
  11. Hey Kat, What do you socket in your bronze slots in set items? or use forge?
  12. Hey Kat, What about Ignis Magica for the death blow? or Officer Saber over Tinwora's? Also is there a animation time for each CA? If so do you know the break point?
  13. If you drop revered lore wpnt you ne gimping your damage? why not warrior focus
  14. Great Looking guide you can tell you have spent some time making this, now my only question. What if this is someones very first character and they want to take the Bargin skill which two skills would you drop and why?
  15. Great Guide Katran, I started making this Pyro HE but then read Ice was much better because it can go toe to toe, which it can. My Ice He is 82 level (xbox360) but I ran into another Ice HE and realized I made a hugh mistake for taking EP instead of combat discipline 1800 damage per shard without and 4200 per shard with. So instead of re-rolling I am picking up where I left off on the pyro. I am taking Combat Discipline and dropping DAL. Here is my question so is knock back better than total or high evasion (90%)? Your right I do not want to get hit and die even if I am HC or not because survival bonues is very import not to lose because it will mess up your stats and drops. If knock back what percentage should knock back be at?