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  1. Hello everyone who still remembers me from years back. Had to come here to say hi and ask for simple question, do I still need to remember my old account names and everything to play this game on open network? I had two accounts on underworld closed hc, but those servers are gone for years ago so is there even any reason to remember what those names were? do they care or can I just create new one? Someone replied on my old ranged gladiator video on youtube and there I got spark to install the game again and try to get my wife to play it with me. Just got it running on this laptop and I hoped t
  2. It's better to get something cheap for first car as young drivers often get dings and scratches on theyr cars at least few times before they master driving and parking well enought. And as used cars are really cheap in Germany (atleast compared what you have to pay in here) it should be easy to find a decent one. That Caddy looks lot like what old people drives so I don't know how "cool" it would be drive it when you are 18 even it has that nice camping feature. I think WW golf/passat variant TDI would work better as it's better looking. Removing backseats when going on trip will clear enought
  3. I think it's way too early to say anything about S3 as all I've seen is 5 pictures and lot's of rumors what is going to be. If the game doesn't have things that made sacred so great, but still has the feel of sacred, it could be fun game to play and good purchase. Just thinking as I remember when Bethesda released first info about fallout 3, most of the fallout series fans (including me) were really upset for going 3d and more action based gameplay. I really hated those first pictures about the game and had really no interest of buying it as I thouhgt they ruined everything good fallout s
  4. Good thing I don't need to worrie about the prices anymore, just beaten Diablo on Inferno. It was lot easier than I thought.
  5. Yes, I have been greedy to look Strenght, vitality and all resist on every armor piece. It's so hard to balance vit and strenght when they are not on the same item and lowering my all resist is not an option. Still going to try that tip, will be lot of math work, but if can save few million there, would be great. On weapon side I haven't been so greedy anymore as realized I would never find a weapon of my dreams whit amount money I can collect. Here is something I'm looking for.. 1h weapon whit more than 900dps, +600 life on hit and more than 100 strenght and still the cheapest listed was
  6. Anyone else thinking those asking prices are way too much on act3/act4 inferno gear? I understand that the best sets and legendarys are realle expensive, but even the average rares are way too expensive. Prices should go down on SC as the gear never leaves from the game like they sometimes do on HC, so there should be rapid decline on prices, but haven't seen one happen. Somehow it feels like the prices has gone up. On normal and nightmare you would get good gear for 5k buyout prices and 20-50k on hell. First weapon I got for inferno cost about 200k and all the other gear around the
  7. Still playing solo on SC. Some time ago took every character thru normal after my monk got stuck in hell act 2, gettin killed all the time. I did find barb so much fun to play so kept on playing. Now currently at 60lvl (+2 paragon level) on inferno act 3. Still can't even get pass of the first monster packs, so back to AH improve something. Not going to do any grinding because I haven't needed to do so far and that's great. Let's see if barb can make it thru inferno. If it requires farming, not going to do it. I think it's good enought score to even get trhu act 1 and 2 on inferno. Then it's j
  8. I have seen this happen on some rare items and even how long you wait, it allways gives that error. Tried to put those items to auction house for 3 days and then sold them to merchant as everything else was going up for auction but not those rares.. no big deal when value would have been 2000-3000 gold.
  9. This makes me feel really incompetent now haha, I'm having a tough time on normal in some places Heh, I think it depens what character type is playing and what gear you have found more than skill. Just finished the game on normal playing as monk 17h 48min and only 3 deaths. 2 of them was in 3act just because I was rushing too much and killing monsters in wrong order. Got surrounded by new type of monsters. Last death in 4act was something I couldn't do about much. Sun shining on a LCD screen and fighting in totally darkness. So I got stuck in a corner while fighting some mini-boss. Overa
  10. huh, this was good tip, didn't even know it's possible to do..
  11. Only legendary item found so far is this belt http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-witching-hour which is worse than my random rare belt. Likely to give away to a friend that plays wizard as it's useless for my monk.
  12. Hello to everyone, Haven't been on this forum for a long time and just thought maybe I could pop in and see what people think about D3. I think D3 is much better than expected. First few pictures and videos of the beta was awfull and I thought "not going to buy that game ever". Worst thing was the 3d view which I hated on Sacred 2 also and stopped playing after few hours. Good thing they fixed that and improved many things from those first looks. After playing it more than 12 hours I find it still really good game and better than I expected. Really addictive, time flies when you
  13. Has anyone allready died in nightmare, hell or inferno and seen what happens if you die? D2 on normal was the same as D3 is, you lose some money, big deal. On nightmare and hell you started to lose xp also.
  14. Playing on softcore, as I did also in D2, even tho D3 seems really easy on normal. Just playing it first time thru "singleplayer" and then see if there's any point of playing it on hc. Level desing is really much like constant running on narrow paths and fighting, don't know if it would be even interesting at all whit more players than 2 or 3. But time will tell if the game gets better after many hours spent on it.
  15. Just came from theather and must say 3d is lot more impressing than I've seen so far. Really improves the movie experience and makes it easier to get deep into the plot and characters. But still.. it's not fully 3d, so there's still much to improve, before it feels real. But the movie.. I must say I was shocked to see K13 (allowed kids over 13 years old) on it.. as it is not movie for children. Shooting people, slowmotion death scenes, blood and lot of violence. Made me sad to think that as I was watching it. But overall the movie is okey.. maybe 3/5 stars, not going to buy it when it com

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