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  1. yes I have already downloaded steam version did so a few months ago. Extremely bad move on my part
  2. So as stated many months ago I joined the PC players however not having ice and blood hindered that move greatly. Now that I am able to get it I am wondering if anybody knows how to get it to work with the sacred 2 version from steam?
  3. TRADER! I is the jealous. Now you get access to such niceities as black smithing, free set gear a properly working paralyzing dread and the goodness that is Ice and Blood. The very sparse console online community will miss you. not quiting the online community ill still hit it up just for my amazing bfg seraphim
  4. ok thanks for clearing that up. and no worries some time this month ill get it
  5. sadly due to budget I couldnt purchase ice and blood, and am wondering if I would still be able to play with you guys on the server without expansion?
  6. thanks for the help schot much appreciated
  7. us since it was the only option it gave me this morning. and thank you for the welcome. now if the download would only hurry. Edit: went back to steam website to re download for uk version only to see that they don't offer it
  8. as of today I have purchased sacred 2 for the pc from steam and am slowly awaiting the moment I can get on and enjoy the online play.
  9. I'm not a inquisitor expert but my opinion would be to try and find a different area since from what I have heard inquisitors aren't that good in their. But u can try and gather a huge mob with soul reaver and see if that works?
  10. bought this game last year in may got burnt out on it, But starting back up so if you want to game with me my GT: soul takrs hart
  11. ive decided to take the challenge. starting it tonight with a summoner Shadow Warrior or a BFG seraphim not sure yet. Wondering anybody out their wana start it with me or am I soloing the good fight?
  12. I would also like to know how to power level on the console as I didnt think it was orignally possible.
  13. are you talking about life leech or %life leech? however im not really sure it works on any platform, but theirs a good possiblity that im wrong.
  14. Hi im new to the sacred 2 community on pc and was looking into modding the drop rates a bit. problem is I'm not sure which one means what and was wondering if anybody could possibly inform me to which is which? ZRareExpectation15 ZRareExpectation14 ZRareExpectation13 ZRareExpectation12 ZRareExpectation11 ZRareExpectation10 ZRareExpectation09 ZRareExpectation08 ZRareExpectation07 ZRareExpectation06 ZRareExpectation05 ZRareExpectation04 ZRareExpectation03 ZRareExpectation02 ZRareExpectation01 ZRareExpectation00