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  1. Oh, coffee with cream, of course! ;P Ben & Jerry's OR Baskin (&) Robbins ?
  2. I'm not sure if the rules forbid this (as it is not Danish and I have made no prior contributions to the thread -- mainly because both puzzles have been solved ^^), but If I may: "Schlag mich Baby noch ein Mal!" Have fun! nat
  3. I was busy at some point trying to find another way through to the human region (hoping we'd been lied to about Dragonmaw Pass ^^) when I reached the "Old(?) Dwarven Pass", the farthest north I could get in the Elf region (in range of the trader symbol at Prisoner's Camp). I entered the cave at the end of the pass, and inside the compact room right in the middle was a switch gleaming its interactive shine but unable to be switched. What prerequisites (if any) are there for that switch? And (more importantly) what in the name of [CENSORED] does it do? I googled the location and came up with 3 hits, so I'm not expecting a flood of answers. In fact I'm curious as to whether anyone knows at all. ^^ Greets to all, nat
  4. A lot may have changed in three years, but my BlacksmithSkillForDiff reads completely differently from yours, Ayeso. My BSFD tuple reads {1,20,60,105,150} and I'll bet those are level thresholds for forging items from the respective difficulties (e.g. BSlvl 60+ to work gold diff. items). I'm also pretty sure that the following values are not percentages but levels or level differences: Spawn_OffsetLow = {0,0,40,70,110}, Spawn_OffsetHigh = {0,35,80,120,175}, RuneLevel = {1,1,20,35,50}, (item level value of runes, I.e. Niob rune is a level 50 item) LevelCapDiff = {60,100,140,180,200}, (upper border for difficulties applied to player) BlacksmithSkillForDiff = {1,20,60,105,150}, (see above) LevelMinForDiff = {1,1,60,100,140}, (lower border for difficulties applied to player) AllEnemy_lvl = {1,10,20,200,250}, As for the other three (offsets and allenemy), I have no concrete ideas. For the Offsets, the numbers look *almost* like opponent level caps. (the OSLow, I'd believe, but not OSHigh.) And AllEnemy_lvl is a bit beyond my imagination at this point... I'd be really interested (and grateful) to hear what people have to say on this. I'm toying around with the balance to try and 'extend' the difficulties (Bronze~Gold, ... Niob~Niob+2) and it could help a lot to understand better what it is I'm changing. Also, it would kinda bite to start a bronze game full of level 10 or level 35 monsters. Greets to all, Nat
  5. I read around a bit. r00ster and Llama8 say that the skills (Spell Resistance and Combat Reflexes) work, and that the benefits of skills in general aren't shown in the sigma tool-tip. So, that's what they say, you say at mastery SR makes all the difference... So I took it. I guess it's a little better (4 pts hard, 23 pts soft). Thanks for the advice, can't wait for mastery. ^^ Only one skill slot left now! I'm between Concentration and Shield Lore I think I'll decide once I hit Niobium. I don't know right now whether I'll need another defensive skill or whether I'll be able to spare the slot for an aggressive one... I think I'll wait for Armor Lore, Toughness, SR and Constitution to hit Mastery before making any rash decisions. I'll write up / post screenshots of a summary once I hit 75. nat
  6. I've always been reluctant to take Spell Resistance because I've heard it was buggy - or at least some aspect of it was. Is that wrong or has the problem been fixed? nat ps: Furian, thanks for the advice. I'm trying to get to niobium asap, so I can see how and what I need to skill.
  7. Well, he's 66 now, just defeated the Carnach in Gold, and has two skills he has no idea how to pick. He needs nothing... I must say, though, with only two attacks gameplay itself is a bit . . . Regen is great: 1sec Mind Blast, 1sec Energy Blaze Resi is great: 5000+ phys, 2500 relic resistance, 800 other HP is great: 8000+ mounted, 6500+ on foot Damage is OK: 2000+ gross for Mind Blast (1000+ net), ~1000 + 400/hit gross (~500 + 200/hit net) for Energy Blaze. But he's holding up just as well as in silver, killing mobs at a moderate pace, bosses more slowly. I'll get to platinum as soon as possible.
  8. Thank you for the inquiry! I was starting to think no one cared! *sniff* I've had to take a break (university y'know ^^), but I've just begun playing again and he's 64 still in Gold and still steady as a rock. I've decided to level a bit in the Seraphim Only Hunting Zone to up my "damage against ...: +XX.X%"'s Will work more on the build and I'll keep you up to date! nokka
  9. Is anyone else as tickled by that name as I am?
  10. Small update: My Mentalist is now level 60, just having entered Gold after a very boring and tedious end-stretch from Silver. In the end, all the bosses I've fought killed me just as slowly as I killed them. There were even some where I didn't need a single health potion (thank god for runes of protection!). Safety-wise, he seems stable enough: I could stand inside a mob (of almost any kind) and clean up my inventory leaving only half my attention on the mob. I swear to God, he has way too much physical resistance and way too much block... I can easily say, the fight situation where I was most on edge was with the last guardian (not the other three): He hit hard even through RoP and I was always concerned with one thing: "If he hits me 9 times in rapid succession, I'm dead." But even with him I could just stand there and take it and didn't need to kite him... In short, he's 3:1 Defense:Offense, and (given enough time) can stand his ground well enough against just about anyone --so far. I'd like to be able to keep it that way. I guess for HC it's okay to stress safety to the point of absurdity and consider killspeed a luxury. As long as he gets the job done, he's okay in my book. ^^ On through Gold to Platinum! (can you rush difficulties in Closed?)
  11. hrhr.. First off, I can't believe I get to be the first to answer a question once in a while! RpH: Regeneration per Hit (measured in sec), meaning - if you don't already know - every successful weapon hit makes your regen timers jump by however many sec's of RpH you have. Means if you have 0.5s of RpH and two successful hits per second, a Combat Art that would normally need 14s to reload (not cool down) would regenerate 1s faster per second, so twice as fast, so 7s. Hope that helped, if you didn't already know what it was. . . Maybe my always being too late on scene to attempt an explanation is a good thing. v.v As for a HE with all three aspects, ..., If I had to choose one, I'd take Focus over Lore, as you could take Ancient Magic and Combat Discipline for damage and try, I guess, to find enough +Crit and +CastSpeed items to compensate ... But there are no items for +SpellLvlWithoutPenalty in Sacred2 now are there? (or did I miss something in Ice and Blood?! ) Although, frankly, I'd wait for other people to answer this question as well, as any advice from a player who has yet to see MaxLevel should be taken with a grain of salt... ;P
  12. Added formula paragraphs to 'Breakpoints' section of all skills for all bonuses except: Damage Lore (Effect chance), ~Weapons (Double Hit chance), Warding Energy Lore (Damage Absorption), Bargaining (Special offer chance) Pacifism, and Constitution (I need testing for high levels and to check if there's a mastery switch) Now I'ma turn off my head and watch anime with coffee! ^^
  13. Finally added all formulas I was comfortable adding to the wiki. Only ones missing are: Damage Lore (Effect chance), ~Weapons (Double Hit chance), Warding Energy Lore (Damage Absorption), Bargaining (Special offer chance) Pacifism, and Constitution (I need testing for high levels and to check if there's a mastery switch) and (strangely) Combat Discipline.
  14. Sorry for the loss of momentum with the wiki updates... I've known for about 10 days now that this particular week(end) would be packed. Don't give up hope, though! I'll be back to finish the work over the next work-week! ^^ nathaniel
  15. I've added the example for lvl75. As for how I got the numbers 3000 and 4500 I didn't read them off of any file - if you know which file btw pleeease tell me! The short version is "curve fitting tool" The long version: I assumed the function to be of the form a*(x+b)/(x+c), then copied in the full chart data to let a curve fitting tool run on the problem, expecting relatively round numbers. When I saw the values were very close to 3000 and 4500, I assumed Ascaron wouldn't be so masochistic as to take a value like 2997.5 to be their limit and called it 3000. I let the curve fit run again with the variable replaced by 3000 and wrote down the values you see in the fraction (by the way, that 100 is actually a 100.1 for example). I hope this answers your question.
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