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  1. William Shatner is the real messiah. If a tree falls in the forest and my wife is nowhere around, am I still wrong?
  2. *bakes some cookies and shares with everyone except for that person who's name rhymes with "Mareos Mantras"
  3. Ranged Aiming Woes

    For instance: for my dryad to do a better job with Endaphic Lances, I put it in a combo with Tangled Vines. That aids in targeting. Granted, I stand still for a good 5-10 seconds afterward on my PS3 as the various enemies make these red numbers jump out of my character. That's just the price I pay for being inept. @Helterskelter - I have to break the target lock quite often when my Dryad is doing her best to run across the screen to kill someone on the other side of the map while I have a long line of undead chasing me and my dear wife asking "where are you going?"
  4. I hope that instead of an expansion for the PS3, they pool their resources and invest in a pause yes a pause I'm not the hardcore Uber player like so many of you savant type peoples. le sigh
  5. Patrick Swayze Dies

    he will be missed RIP
  6. *blames the game for being too buggy and clasps left shoe to chest while yelling "Oh God, why me?" *shares Wierd Al Yankovic collection with Mister Rantras*
  7. Looking for a AoE Build

    please share build details thanks
  8. 1. character staying still for five seconds after using tangled vines 2. character staying still randomly and will not move unless I teleport - changed from blowpipe to bow and the freezing character stopped. Now, when character targets someone far away, she runs and controller does not respond and she runs across most of the dungeon. This was not fun when we were escorting a few companions. I call this our "buggy sessions" that our PS3 sometimes has. I had this problem with TES Oblivion too. am not looking for a solution, just informing the community
  9. PS3 My wife and I started out in Bronze and leveled up to 25 in bronze. This is campaign Then we started a new campaign in Silver with our existing characters We are both now level 38 after three days playing in Silver. The little mrs died 4 times but it was our fault for needing a pause.
  10. Turtle Took My Mojo!

    thanks for the heads up thus far, my wife and I haven't died due to combat
  11. My Intro

    welcome cabby2299 I'm from PA too.
  12. pompadour |ˈpämpəˌdôr| noun a man's hairstyle in which the hair is combed up from the forehead without a part. • a woman's hairstyle in which the hair is turned back off the forehead in a roll. verb [ trans. ] [usu. as adj. ] ( pompadoured) arrange (hair) in a pompadour. ORIGIN late 19th cent.: named after Madame de Pompadour . Pompadour |ˈpämpəˌdôr; -ˌdoŏr; pô n päˈdoōr| |ˈpɑmpəˈdɔ(ə)r| |ˈpɑmpəˈdʊ(ə)r| |ˈpɒmpədʊə| Pompadour, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de (1721–64), French noblewoman; known as Madame de Pompadour. In 1744, she became the mistress of Louis XV, gaining considerable influence at court.
  13. Thank you for thanking me so thoroughly, gogoblender. May I call you Mister Blender? We all agree that I'm beneath notice and hardly worth the effort. That is a given. I can do naught but tremble in abject consternation at some of these online battles that you titans have experienced while I struggle to thumb wrestle assorted dyslexic kobolds in the lower left portion of the map. My "toon" has training wheels and I struggle with my Fisher Price Kingergarten Toon kit. I saw some of your tremendous exploits on the Ascaron forum, Mister Blender. I know that you are a savant in this game. It was you that was curious and leveled up a Dryad with naught but a sharpened spoon and one of your many level 100 characters. Thanks for answering my many many questions and for sharing nuggets of wisdom such as "buy diapers" I know now that real men don't pause. Please know that I have a new hero this week though and its a Mister Schot. PS Thanks for noticing me PPS If a tree falls in the forest, will my Toon die soon after?
  14. Currently Reading...

    Salvatore rocks! I've read all of his Drizzt books over the years.
  15. District 9

    be honest will it be scary? I tend to scream like a little girl and gesticulate at the screen while yelling "Oh Lawd, ah don't know nuthin bout birthin no babies" when I got scared. My wife then escorted me out of the theater and I can't watch "A Bug's Life" again.