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  1. Hey, thanks man. That puts it in the right context.
  2. Reflect (Forens) is good for any character. I agree with others that Testa is the way to go. Combat Discipline + Purifying Chastisement with the bronze mod set for magic rather than fire damage. On the 1 weapon vs two weapon argument. You get more slots with two weapons, so even though there is no % lifeleech (which I agree is pretty great), I think the amount of damage a well planned inquisitor can dish out is impressive.
  3. Soooooo... I really cannot say for sure, but I believe it does. My current Temple Guardian I didn't take Constitution. Charged Grid seems to be enough to keep me alive in Niob, for the most part (I died vs. Grunwald Dragon). Usually by the time I've cast Combat Alert, Firey Ember and Charged Grid, the baddies have taken over half of my health. Since the Alert is high enough that I rarely get hit after casting, Grid usually pops me back up to full health in about 10 or so seconds. (My total HP is 10k, so CG is healing about 500 HP per second?) HOWEVER, against champions and elites, it really isn't enough by itself, and I wish I had in-combat health regen PLUS Charged Grid. Food for thought. Most notable to me was that I took the damage mod, not the healing choice for it! I had taken the defensive mods on Icy and Firey, so I was making the Grid my damage option. so, two questions: 1. Is the damage increase on charged grid worth it? (the output seems so low...) 2. if you didn't pick lore which would you go with?
  4. thanks! I asked about Lore, not Focus. Expulse lists a "banishing potential" - this is the ability to stop CAs, and buffs from working inside the circle. I want to know of focus increases this value uh, what? I am taking Combat Discipline. I expect this will raise damage significantly. If CD + the gold mod can raise the fire damge to useable levels, then that would be a great way to deal with mobs at a distance. Heck - if I can even get JUST the fireball to do decent damage, it will be a win... I am at level 60 right now, and have not selected the gold mod, and not gotten CD yet.
  5. I have a melee high elf and even after months of playing sacred, I have questions. Maybe you guys have the answers! Console is my platform 1. Just to confirm: Ancient Magic does not work on Magic Coup, but Combat Discipline Does? 2. Does Delphic Lore increase expulse magic on console or NOT? 3. Putting Magic Coup in a combo does make attack speed the relevant stat? Or does Magic coup still use casting speed? 4. For the last mod on Incandescent Skin, will Fiery Ardor make damage of fire spells usefull for mobs at high levels? I only want to soften them up/draw aggro
  6. What am I looking for? Easy XP? Good drops? Specific drops? Am I trying to accumulate mentor potions for XP runs later? For easy XP my run goes like this 1. Teleport to Tylysium run noth, and kill the swams of poison elementals (they give greatXP, and they die fast (instantly?) 2. Teleport to the midway point between the grunwald dragon, and the gar colossus, run towards Gar - but cut left towards the Norplat border wall. Hordes of highly wimpy orcs 3. Teleport to Za'zuruik - run south east out the gate, then immediately head north. huge swarms of beasts, and weak orcs (though stronger than the orcs by Norplat wall) 4. Teleport to El-darrag, you are immedaitely given a bunch of XP, and can do a quick chain quest for a boat load more. 5. Teleport to the archeoligists camp, that is east of the Garthropod (giant scorpion), this is panthers, and humaniods...this leg can eb heavy damage, but no tricks - if your def + armor + hp is up to the task, then you are all set...no stun/life leech/crazy CAs to deal with. 5. Continue down into the Ceria Delith - kill the demos - they have great XP, but this is the most dangerous part of the run. Several of these runs can incorporate boss kills iff you wish - or no boss kills if you are underpowered/underleveled. With the exception of item 4, you can repeat this loop getting vast amounts of XP for each circuit. With mentor pots, and at keeping the difficulty "challenging-but-not-impossible" I usually gain 1 level per run (which is 30 min to an hour depending on inventory space (you rack up a lot stuff that don't want to get rid of right away)
  7. Quick question for you guys: In lieu of bargaining, wouldn't EP function as a ghetto replacement? Even if you don't get the exact drops you are looking for, it's is a cash generator, and so an early EP might be worth investing in. Also, on the inquisitor front - if your first 3 skills are Armor Lore (1), GI Focus (9), and DD (1), you should be able to use testa - god ability (gathering a bunch of mobs, then unleasing testa). Hit the Testa statue by Sloeford over and over and you can get the god ability to recharge in about 5 minutes (rather than 20). During your downtime, use an unmodded levin array+clustering should be able to kills weak mobs while god ability is recharging. Too bad inquisitors can't use EP.
  8. I mean that the bullets do neat things (I think they wrap around the screen if they go to the end?) or somehow take advantage of the multi-damage-type from those bullets to proc multiple status effects on enemies, or just finding super neat-o pistols with unusual powers, that work well because of ranged mastery + your particular character selection/CAs.
  9. http://sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacred_2:...28One-Handed%29 This scepter looks pretty badass...but I have never seen one drop...do hey exist in the console version? Is there any place I should be looking? (and area of the game where enemies are more likely to drop weapons?).
  10. This is for console: I would like to see a temple guardian that uses Primal mutation as the boss killer. Not deathly spears, not dedicated blow. If any other combat arts are used, they cannot inflict meaningful damage (however they can be used defensively) I would also like to see a character that uses energy pistols as the primary weapon, and really leverages them. Finally, I want a build where the the testa god ability a primary focus for the character - that means divine devotion MUST be selected.
  11. That's because there is a bug. When you go over 75, they formula changes for the bonus you get. HOWEVER...you need 75 hard points (mastery), to get get the formula change. SO what is displayed, and what you get are innacurate.
  12. The Feel Cold mod on glacial thorns IS broken...sort of. If the damage per thorn exceeds a certian amount (I can't recall whether this is 5K or 8K or 10K) the spell stops working - the damage 'self nerfs' two ways to overcome this: MORE thorns (rather than MORE ice damage) on glacial thorns and/or select Focalise. I did both. However I did not select CD, which limited the build's damage potential very seriously.
  13. I am quite thankful to get such a wonderful reply, gogo! I thought, when I posted, that lacking the HTML skills to build a very attractive guide, fewer people could relate to it. Happy to get positive feedback!
  14. numbers that make sense for a focus skill 1 - Assumes high +all skills/+focus 5 - Unlocks other skills 9 - Focus onl,y complete modding for 1 12 - Assumes Lore, 75+12= 87 mod point 14 - Focus only, mod point 22 - Focus only, mod point 31 - Focus only OR Focus and Lore, mod point. I believe 31 is a an excellent place to leave a focus 42 - mod point 55 - mod point 75 - MASTERY Investment beyond mastery is not a good option until level 125 or higher. Too many other skills to master, or bring to 31
  15. I'd say a fire elf. They kill very quick. If you don't have a bargainer 02-Arrant Focus 03-Armor Lore 05-Delphic Focus 08-Concentration (1) 12-Bargaining 18-Arrant Lore 25-Constitution 35-Shield Lore 50-Ancient Magic 65-Enhanced Perception, Ride, or Combat Discipline Master Arrant Focus, Ancient Magic, and Bargaining by 75 Leave Combat Discp, Shield Lore and Concentration at 1 for a looooong time
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