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  1. I just checked and I still have a copy of FF VIII that works on a PC as well as the PS2. I might try it again ... since I still have both systems.
  2. Then I guess it's up to gogo to move this further. I also trust the DM crew to preserve your intentions. Personally, I think it would be advantageous to have 'mirror' sites. I would remove all trace of external links so your site copy would no longer be directly accessible from my web site but the underlying code would still be there to preserve any external links as long as possible. If I simply deleted your site from my web site none of the existing links would work. That will eventually happen when I am no longer able to maintain my web site but hopefully by then DM will become the preferred site.
  3. Thank you. Your thoughts are appreciated. Since you are here, how do you feel about Dark Matters becoming the host for your old website? I know you have given permission for the transfer previously, but an explicit approval now might help speed things up a bit. If I had not recovered your sight might have been harder to recover. I have a feeling that Dark Matters will be around longer than my site. I will host your site as long as possible but there is no one else to take over my site if it goes down. Perhaps a 'mirror' site arrangement would be even better for your fans. Please let me know soon.
  4. Thanks for the good thoughts. I don't plan on giving up quite yet.
  5. Welcome, jokuni. I'm sure that you will discover this to be the premier location for all your Sacred needs. I think it's beyond time to actively transfer all the files I'm holding in trust over to Dark Matters...
  6. Sorry, I haven't been around much lately but I had a stroke 10 June 2019. I was in two different rehab centers with another short, week-long hospital stay near the beginning. I have now been discharged (about 20 Sept 2019), went through in-home therapy after that as well as outpatient therapy at turned out to be one of the best places to be. Funnily enough, my last outpatient therapy ended just before the big Covid-19 scare really took off. I still do not have full use of my right (primary) hand, but I am ... hopeful. My posts may be few from here on out because of being forced to use the "Columbus Method" of typing with my left hand. I will try to visit at least once a week or so, especially since we got a stairlift going down to my dungeon. I hope everyone here and those closest to them continues to be well. Peace and long life.
  7. The Dwarves looks like an interesting game. Is there any way to get a hard copy of the game? I much prefer to have a CD/DVD/Blu-ray of a game over a digital download.
  8. Just found this on Gamespot and thought I'd share: Q&A: Blind Guardian on Music in Games
  9. Book 4 is on Google Docwand, right now, has to be read there. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7gkeHH7RMlOWTJscUhYem5aR1E?usp=sharing
  10. Again, thanks. I just tried to upload a non-fiction piece, "Binary as Applied to Games", but found that all my so carefully laid out tables were borked in the upload, even though I used a DocX upload. Since I can't upload it there, perhaps someone here might get some use out of it: Binary Applied to Gaming.pdf
  11. Thanks. It isn't much but I tried to make it a complete story.
  12. I just officially published my first story. It's really short, but I thought I should at least get something out there. If anyone is interested: https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3335099/1/The-Greatest-Game-on-Earth
  13. Doesn't look like something I would want to watch. There is already enough horror in the real world without making up more.
  14. Hmpf. The reason I got a computer so early was because I majored in computers for my Undergraduate Degree. I was supposed to get an Electrical Engineering Degree but took so many hardware and software courses that I actually asked if they would give me a Computer Science Degree instead. At the time I was seriously planning on purchasing a PDP-10 as my first computer but I had a wife and two children and was still in the Navy. It would have been awkward to move a PDP-10around the world with us and you know I would have left the furniture ... I did a little research and found the Apple ][e had recently come out and decided to go that way. I even took it with me onboard an aircraft carrier on a cruise once. I used it to maintain Divisional records and helped our Maintenance Department keep logs on all the aircraft. There was another junior officer who had brought his computer with him and I gave him a copy of the database program I had written and he used it to keep track of pilot landing statistics. Those were 'fun' days...
  15. What? You mean everyone in here isn't as old or older than I?
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