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  1. Spock

    Anyone interested in writing?

    Book 4 is on Google Docwand, right now, has to be read there. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7gkeHH7RMlOWTJscUhYem5aR1E?usp=sharing
  2. Spock

    Anyone interested in writing?

    Again, thanks. I just tried to upload a non-fiction piece, "Binary as Applied to Games", but found that all my so carefully laid out tables were borked in the upload, even though I used a DocX upload. Since I can't upload it there, perhaps someone here might get some use out of it: Binary Applied to Gaming.pdf
  3. Spock

    Anyone interested in writing?

    Thanks. It isn't much but I tried to make it a complete story.
  4. Spock

    Anyone interested in writing?

    I just officially published my first story. It's really short, but I thought I should at least get something out there. If anyone is interested: https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3335099/1/The-Greatest-Game-on-Earth
  5. Spock

    Currently Watching...

    Doesn't look like something I would want to watch. There is already enough horror in the real world without making up more.
  6. Spock

    What was your first RPG - Action?

    Hmpf. The reason I got a computer so early was because I majored in computers for my Undergraduate Degree. I was supposed to get an Electrical Engineering Degree but took so many hardware and software courses that I actually asked if they would give me a Computer Science Degree instead. At the time I was seriously planning on purchasing a PDP-10 as my first computer but I had a wife and two children and was still in the Navy. It would have been awkward to move a PDP-10around the world with us and you know I would have left the furniture ... I did a little research and found the Apple ][e had recently come out and decided to go that way. I even took it with me onboard an aircraft carrier on a cruise once. I used it to maintain Divisional records and helped our Maintenance Department keep logs on all the aircraft. There was another junior officer who had brought his computer with him and I gave him a copy of the database program I had written and he used it to keep track of pilot landing statistics. Those were 'fun' days...
  7. Spock

    What was your first RPG - Action?

    What? You mean everyone in here isn't as old or older than I?
  8. Spock

    What was your first RPG - Action?

    Somewhere, but I have no idea where at this point. I bought my first Apple ][ in 1977. [Added] How can I change my edit options? I want to be able to SEE the BBCode so I can make corrections easier, but cannot find where to make the changes.
  9. Spock

    What was your first RPG - Action?

    Not sure it should earn any respect, but I still have all the Ultima games as well as a computer I can play them on. Three actually, because my iMac and my PC will both play them in emulation while I still have a working Apple ][c. My Apple ][e needs a new power supply. I really need to get it fixed so I can access everything I have stored on its HUGE 20MB harddrive.
  10. Spock

    What was your first RPG - Action?

    Umh, Ultima 1 on the Apple ][?
  11. podgie_bear, I have survivors guilt almost every day. Why have so many of my friends died while I'm still here? Of course, if I had died, neither of my two beautiful daughters would be here either... something they have told me more than once. Early on, I remember feeling absolutely suicidal, but that has passed with the years. In your case, I'm sure the guilt isn't as strong, but your concern and your care for your wife shows your true feelings. She is first and you wish it had been you. Just continue to care for her and do your best to sort out the mess left by someone who shouldn't be allowed to drive anymore. No matter what happens, as long as you and your wife have each other, nothing else matters. In a few years, you both will look back on this, hug each other, and remark, "You know, it could have been so much worse." Give yourself time to get to that point. I'm not religious, so I can't pray for you, but I can hope that everything turns out for the best for both of you. I had a new car for three months when I got rear-ended much like you were. Unfortunately, in my case, they didn't total the car, the 'repaired' it. It never felt the same ever again and I ended up trading it in at a huge loss a few months later on for another car. Now I look back and realize that killing the other driver probably would have been a mistake, no matter how much I wanted to. Now I realize that continuing to live well and being happy that his insurance dropped his policy is the best revenge. Good luck!
  12. Hmm, just got a 4K UHD home theater setup ... piecemeal. I got the 4K TV and the 4K Blu-ray player first, but my old 7.1 receiver just wouldn't handle the load, so I ended up getting a 5.2 4K UHD capable receiver as well. I would post images but would have to leave my dungeon to do that and I'm in the middle of something right now. If anyone really cares, I will post links to the manufacturers' website with specs rather than images. I went with 5.2, because the room the system is located in is really too small for 7.x. Now I have two extra speakers I can use elsewhere.
  13. It has been a long time since I've played Sacred 2. I would have to make sure I had all the same Mods loaded as the rest of the players, but would be interested in joining in if it is determined there is stila way to play co-op.
  14. I cannot speak about the legality of the card in heaven or hell, but I do know that Hasbro sent him a cease and desist which he was successfully able to ignore because the card is a parody of the Monopoly game card.
  15. I used to work retail years ago and found some cards that helped me ignore most of the idiots. I can't give you a card (I order them by the thousands!), but I can give you the link I order them from. Perhaps just seeing the front AND back of the cards will help a little: goohf.com Hope you enjoy them.