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  1. It has been a long time since I've played Sacred 2. I would have to make sure I had all the same Mods loaded as the rest of the players, but would be interested in joining in if it is determined there is stila way to play co-op.
  2. I cannot speak about the legality of the card in heaven or hell, but I do know that Hasbro sent him a cease and desist which he was successfully able to ignore because the card is a parody of the Monopoly game card.
  3. I used to work retail years ago and found some cards that helped me ignore most of the idiots. I can't give you a card (I order them by the thousands!), but I can give you the link I order them from. Perhaps just seeing the front AND back of the cards will help a little: goohf.com Hope you enjoy them.
  4. I'm just glad it didn't actually cost six million! Yeah, I've even been driving recently which makes my wife happy and seems really weird that I don't have to wear glasses anymore. It is a bit annoying that I now have to wear glasses to read or use my computers, though ...
  5. Encouraged to see that my initial post seems to be having some positive effect on others. Best of luck, gogo.
  6. No financing. Had to pay the difference up front before they would operate. Evidently, they got stiffed once too often. Them: "Pay us." Patient: "No, what are you going to do, take my eye back?"
  7. I have had one-day and one-week after surgery visits for both eyes. When I go in for the one-month visit for the right eye, they will check them both. I haven't heard anything about needing any further visits, but will try to remember to ask. For the amount they charge, they need to make sure I'm happy. Evidently, my left eye could handle a partial focus lens, but the right had to be fixed, though I was hoping to get a fully focusing lens for both eyes.
  8. The surgery cost $3,000.00 for my left eye because they used a special lens that allows me to focus a little more than a fixed focal lens. The right eye was $1,700.00 since they could evidently only use a fixed focal length lens. This was AFTER insurance paid their share. Luckily I'd been saving towards it, so wasn't too worried about it. I will now always need glasses for 'close' work, but a pair of 'reading' glasses can be purchased over-the-counter almost anywhere for $1.00 a pair. I'm going to get a prescription pair of reading glasses next year though. My insurance allows me to get a new pair of glasses once a year, so I may as well.
  9. I've had both my eyes 'sand-blasted' to remove cataracts and I went from 20/400 vision to 20/20. My vision is also a lot clearer. From being a dirty grey/yellow washed out tone, the entire world is now bright and clear. I started calling my left eye 'Bleach' after the first operation, since 'the whites were so much brighter and clearer'. I'm a little disappointed. I told the surgeon I wanted 20/10 vision just like I used to have when wearing glasses and flying. Ah well, at least I don't need to wear glasses when driving anymore. Unfortunately, I now need to wear 'cheaters' when reading or using my computer. The doctor wanted to give me long distance vision in my left eye and short distance vision in my right, which would have allowed me to go without glasses for most applications. Unfortunately, my right eye is the one I aim with ... I must say, the procedure was a bit uncomfortable. They wanted me awake while they operated on each eye, so I was completely aware of what was going on the entire time. The first thing they did was insert plastic retainers which kept my eyelid and any surrounding eyelashes out of the area. I couldn't have blinked my eye if I had wanted to. Fortunately, they operated on one eye at a time or I would have gone bonkers! Hopefully, this will mean that I'm online more, even if I do need glasses now. If anyone is contemplating laser surgery, I highly recommend it if you can manage it. It's an outpatient procedure and everything completely heals up within a month. I was comfortable seeing as soon as I got home and the dilation wore off.
  10. Spock

    Schot's Sacred 2 Maps

    Too bad there isn't an English version of the larger map. Someone went to a LOT of trouble to generate it though. I, for one, definitely appreciate it.
  11. Welcome back again. I just tried to login a little while ago and couldn't and then saw that you posted on Facebook you would be back in an hour ... one hour ago. I tried again, and here I am. Hope it wasn't anything serious.
  12. Seems to me I used to be able to play on a LAN with someone on the same network. It's been so long since I've played, though, you might be better off waiting for someone with more recent information. I'm posting mainly because I'm also interested and want to be notified when someone replies.
  13. Spock

    RimWorld 1.0

    So, how aggressive is the AI? Will it wipe me out if I sneeze at the wrong time?
  14. Spock

    RimWorld 1.0

    RimWorld sounds like an interesting game, but I'm a bit wary of on-line gmes that leave my carefully crafted settlements open to ravaging fanboys who are just in it for the plunder. That's probably why I've switched almost exclusively to SP games where I don't have to worry about some other player stabbing me in the back.
  15. Thanks Hooyaah, I already found the link, as mentioned in my post above.