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  1. Seems to me I used to be able to play on a LAN with someone on the same network. It's been so long since I've played, though, you might be better off waiting for someone with more recent information. I'm posting mainly because I'm also interested and want to be notified when someone replies.
  2. Spock

    RimWorld 1.0

    So, how aggressive is the AI? Will it wipe me out if I sneeze at the wrong time?
  3. Spock

    RimWorld 1.0

    RimWorld sounds like an interesting game, but I'm a bit wary of on-line gmes that leave my carefully crafted settlements open to ravaging fanboys who are just in it for the plunder. That's probably why I've switched almost exclusively to SP games where I don't have to worry about some other player stabbing me in the back.
  4. Thanks Hooyaah, I already found the link, as mentioned in my post above.
  5. I understand that your site has switched to Halloween colors, but I'm still using my Mark 1, Mod 0 eyeballs and they've developed cataracts. That makes it harder for me to see anything, much less faint, tiny text on a dark background. I am supposed to get some retread eyeballs next month, but, until then, will continue to have problems. The first place I looked to change the theme/style was the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, I could not find any link there or at the top that would allow me to change the theme used on my browser. I even looked under settings for my account ... still no luck. [Added] I used my mouse and highlighted the entire bottom of the screen and finally found the "Theme" link. It was hiding in the dark!
  6. Hmm, my screen has suddenly turned dark and is much harder to read. I am developing cataracts and need to use a light background with dark text to be able to read easily ... at least until I can get some retread eyeballs. How do I change the style now? I used to know how, but cannot find the proper location with the new host.
  7. Thanks. I have now "Liked" the page. Hopefully that will allow me to at least find it again ... Of course, as little as I know about computers, I may be wrong.
  8. Hmm, didn't know "we" were on Facebook. I just searched and found two "DarkMaters" and a "Dark Matter". None looked like this site. Would you post a link, please?
  9. Spock settles down behind his sofa to wait out the apocalypse and starts working on his book again.
  10. Oh, were you guys down? <Ducks behind sofa to hide from thrown objects.>
  11. Spock

    Thank You For This Forum

    Hmm, why did I join this forum? To easily get information and share findings. Why do I stay? It seems like the logical thing to do.
  12. Spock

    Sacred 2 character editor?

    Went here and got a warning that this is now a suspect site.
  13. Spock

    Sacred 2 Save Game Files Editor

    The website in the original post is now dead.