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  1. I allowed my iMac performed an update last night and I can now respond using Firefox. I will eventually get around to checking out Safari as well but there is no rush. Beware, I'm back!
  2. When I try to enter any response, be it a post reply, a new post, or even an edited post, the main text field is simply a thin line with no place to enter any text. Fortunately, I have more than one computer, so I am posting on my Windows 10 PC. I first discovered the problem with the 'Birthdays' topic. I couldn't enter my birthday. After I gave up, I then tried to send someone a PM with the same problem. I finally tried my PC and at least have a means of typing in a message. I will wait to see if this posts before trying to remember what other information I was going to try to post.
  3. This would be cool but don't use my phone often enough to be really useful. https://www.amazon.com/Star-Generation-Bluetooth-Communicator-Badge/dp/B0777S47VQ/
  4. When I first got my cell phones, I couldn't even get service when inside our house. I got weak, one bar service, if I waved the phone around outside our back door. After I complained to the service provider, they came up with a cell repeater that hooked into our Internet service. Now we always have full service ... unless the power fails ...
  5. Fascinating. I appear to be the worst lurker here ... or perhaps I'm just too lazy to post.
  6. Surprise, surprise, the books are better than the movie and they differ in quite a few instances so they are well worth the time and effort to read them. The biggest difference is that 'John Smith', Number Four, is the one who is flame resistant, not Number Six. Now that they have teamed up, their 'number immunity' is no longer valid ... I didn't want to wait for our library to get them all, so I purchased them all at once. I will probably re-read them, so it was worth it.
  7. We watched 'I am Number Four' somewhere and I promptly got the video. Then I learned it was based on actual books and I have gone through eight of them so far. Only two more to go for the main series.
  8. Welcome, Curios. I hope you find everything you need in here. Could it be that your cookies have been mangled somehow? I remember having a similar problem a couple of decades ago. I deleted all my cookies and my login started working. The only problem was then having to remember all my multitudinous passwords. Fortunately I remembered most and got the rest ... in other ways. I cannot guarantee it will work but it is an option.
  9. Isn't the main advantage of a forum the ability to maintain a history of what is posted? That history is best kept where everyone involved can peruse it. Yes, every once in a while someone will rudely post into what someone had felt was a 'private' conservation but that is often a plus as it gains new perspective and possible solutions to problems. If there is a real need for private conversation, why not have restricted forums that are only visible to specific groups? I have used hidden forums as part of a 'spam trap' for many years. It keeps spam and porn out of the rest of the forum un
  10. I just checked and I still have a copy of FF VIII that works on a PC as well as the PS2. I might try it again ... since I still have both systems.
  11. Then I guess it's up to gogo to move this further. I also trust the DM crew to preserve your intentions. Personally, I think it would be advantageous to have 'mirror' sites. I would remove all trace of external links so your site copy would no longer be directly accessible from my web site but the underlying code would still be there to preserve any external links as long as possible. If I simply deleted your site from my web site none of the existing links would work. That will eventually happen when I am no longer able to maintain my web site but hopefully by then DM will become the pr
  12. Thank you. Your thoughts are appreciated. Since you are here, how do you feel about Dark Matters becoming the host for your old website? I know you have given permission for the transfer previously, but an explicit approval now might help speed things up a bit. If I had not recovered your sight might have been harder to recover. I have a feeling that Dark Matters will be around longer than my site. I will host your site as long as possible but there is no one else to take over my site if it goes down. Perhaps a 'mirror' site arrangement would be even better for your fans. Please let me kn
  13. Thanks for the good thoughts. I don't plan on giving up quite yet.
  14. Welcome, jokuni. I'm sure that you will discover this to be the premier location for all your Sacred needs. I think it's beyond time to actively transfer all the files I'm holding in trust over to Dark Matters...
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