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  1. Salutations

    That is most aggravating that you could never get the game to install. It's probably too late to try going to the developer now to get them to at least help you get it installed ... Seems to me there was a standalone reset option available for when this happened, but I may be just thinking with low oxygen levels. I'm currently finding it hard to breath. Not due to smoking, but due to the cold I've been fighting since the 9th.
  2. Greetings

    I', having a blast reading all the quotes from the graves ad being reminded of all those personalities I met through the game. Unfortunately, I've yet to make it to Orc country again. Can't wait to see mine.
  3. Greetings

    Welcome to DarkMatters, X02Wyvern. I helped Beta Sacred 2 and was one of the first to try out the Dragon Mage. I've been away from the game for a number of years, but recently dusted it off and started playing with the Cpmmunity Patch installed. My Dragon Mage lives again! I hope you find everything you will ever need about Sacred 2 here. This is a great community.
  4. Hmm, right you are, but => HERE <= are the keyboard shortcuts for Sacred 2 and they are just as incorrect. It plainly states that "A" collects all drops, but the default for the CM patch is "Q". "A" turns to the left. I tried selecting the Default option, but that totally messed things up!
  5. NightWolfe's Webpages ... on my website. I have since found out that a lot of the commands are incorrect, so it needs to be corrected. Perhaps they changed since published? I know that the "DEFAULT" commands are not even the ones that are set when CM 1.60 comes up.
  6. I'm not familiar with Bethesday, but I have been to Bethesda when I had to go in for surgery there at the Naval Hospital. It's not that far from where I live. Found the Keyboard commands BTW. I just did an Internet search on "sacred 2 keyboard commands". Came up the first hit.
  7. Actually, I'm in the state of perpetual confusion, but Maryland is close ...
  8. I'm running it under Windows 10, 64-bit if that helps ... [Added] OK, it is working now. I noticed an icon on the bottom of my screen that showed "Overwolf" when I hovered over it. When I right-clicked on it, it came up with two games I had played and Sacred 2 Gold was one of them. I ran S2G (unmodified) using Overwolf and it started fine, so I modified S2G and tried running it through Overwolf and it worked! In fact, after using Overwolf, I was also able to run the game using the icon. No idea why it happened that way, but I don't care, it's now working. I started a new character just to make sure there were no problems. It's been so long since I've played, I now need to re-learn how to play all over again! Anybody remember the keyboard command to pick up dropped loot?
  9. Greetings ... again ... Earthlings. I have finally finished most of a big project I was working on and decided to finally try out CM 1.60 since I've been hearing a lot about it. I have Sacred 2, v2.62.2 from GoG and the same from Amazon. I ran both copies and they started fine without the patch, but after installing the patch, the game refused to start. I obviously missed a step somewhere, would someone please step in and "give me a clue"? [Added] The version number for Sacred 2 Gold from Amazon is v2.62.1
  10. Sacred FanSite - Wolfe's Lair

    Can I get you to at least take a copy, even if you don't host it right away? I dread something happening to my site and being unable to transfer the content.
  11. Sacred FanSite - Wolfe's Lair

    If you are willing to lavish tender loving care on her content, I would love to turn it over to you. She has already given her permission for me to do so, some years ago, last time I hear from her. I would want to make sure you had everything on your website before I took it down from mine, though.
  12. My link reads "Unread Posts" and I check often enough that I don't know how far back it goes ... Gogo, why does that Studio II icon seem to be cropped incorrectly? It looks like it says"Studio I"
  13. Controller for pc

    I have a Logitech F310 and wouldn't have a wireless controller. I hate having batteries die on me at the most inopportune time ... I also have a Logitech G900 mouse for my iMac and am thinking about purchasing another for my PC. It's both wireless and wired. The rechargeable battery inside isn't all that heavy and gives me about 32 hours of real use out of a charge with all the bells and whistles turned off. A little notification pops up in the upper right corner of the screen when the battery level reaches 30% and I can just plug in the charging cable and keep right on using it as a wired mouse as the battery charges back up.
  14. I usually check in every day, but also failed to see this post. Do you have a link to the original image? I would like to see if they have anything else to say.
  15. Greetings to all...

    Welcome, DiagrisKkor. It's nice to see another Ancient Mariner on the boards. I cut my teeth on Lord British's Ultima series games on the Apple ][ back in the lat 70's. I had to buy myself a computer after bonding so closely to the computers at college, so I got my first Apple in 1977, shortly after I graduated. I used to love to mod Diablo and still have my original games. I have multiple copies of DII as I used to host LAN games. I just realized, I haven't played any computer games in months! I've been concentrating my time on writing a FanFiction book. The latest chapter is getting the better of me, though.